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There are many different metrics used in detailing how a company is doing and one of the most common, if not the most, is revenue. This is essentially how much money the company makes from their sales. You want to see a company have a positive and growing revenue and if there is not, you may want to look deeper to understand why. Revenue is also used in many different ratios to help compare apples to apples in the market.

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Income for a business is important and net income can help by eliminating taxes and more, giving you a true total of income. For example, if you make $10,000 and tax is 10%, your net income would be $9,000. Net income also goes by other names such as earnings or profit attributable. This number is used in the EPS or earnings per share calculation that allows investors to compare apples to apples.

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Candlestick patterns are great ways to alert yourself to potential shifts in the market. Before going deeper, this particular pattern may be easier to understand if you read over what a marubozu candle is. As you can guess by looking at the title, this particular pattern contains three candles that are similar in nature and signal a potential bearish shift in the market.

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There are many indicators and tools out there and the average true range is one of the more popular. The average true range or ATR for short, is measuring the range of a particular set of data. Normalized Average True Range is trying to normalize the data and give you a consistent stream of information to base your decisions off of.

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Candlestick patterns are a way technical analysis find points in the market where entry and exit may be ideal. For the Rickshaw Man, it is easy to distinguish among the other candles in the chart. It is one single candle that is similar to a doji or long legged doji, which you can read about here at MacroAxis. With that being said, let us dive into the structure of the candle.

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Candlestick patterns are a reliable way to help you become alerted to potential market shifts. The thrusting pattern is no different, however there are several different criterias that need to be met for this candlestick pattern to form. First, it is made up of two candles that occur in a bear market. Secondly, this pattern is to signal a potential bearish trend in the market. Now, let us dive into the details.

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With the plethora of candlestick patterns out there, some are simple and some are complex. Three advancing white soldiers is on the easier side and can really help you decide where the market is going.

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Candlestick patterns are noted to help traders and investors find entry and exit points in the market. The concealing baby swallow is no different. For the example used, we will assume the market is in a downward trend and there may be a bullish reversal near. This is a difficult pattern to spot because there are not one or two, but four candles that go into the formation of this pattern. Let us begin with the setup and what to look for.

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Rate of change or the price rate of change is another technical indicator that is used to help find momentum and the direction of the market. Whether you are a swing trader or a long term investor, it is always a solid idea to know where the market is at. Typically plotted on the bottoms of the chart, it is calculated by taking the most recent closing price, subtracting the closing price for however many periods ago. Then, dividing that bn the closing price however many years ago, multiplied by 100.

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Candlestick patterns litter the investing community and some are better than others while others are easier to identify. The objective of identifying a candlestick pattern is to signal to the trader or investor that a potential shift in the market could be near. With that, the morning star pattern is a signal using technical analysis that the market may be shifting from a bearish pattern to a bullish pattern. Morning star utilize not one, but three candles in its pattern.

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A popular data point among traders and investors alike is the standard deviation, which allows the person to gauge where the market may go for a given period. With that, there is a data set called the semi deviation, and this helps with looking at the returns that are below the mean.

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If you have are unfamiliar with the candlestick pattern doji, I highly recommend to go and read what that candlestick pattern is as it will give you insight to what this pattern entails. As the title may suggest, a long legged doji is a doji that has long wicks, indicating that the trading range is wide but the open and close were essentially the same. Easily located on a chart, it can mean a few different things.

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If you have not done so or are new to exponential smoothing, check out simple exponential smoothing. It will give you a better understanding of double exponential smoothing and what the differences may be between the two. One of the main differences between the two is that simple exponential smoothing tends to lack when the market is trending.

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There are several different types of momentum oscillators out there, and this is another one of them. Created by Tushar Chande, this measures momentum in the market you are analyzing. How this particular tool works is by taking the difference between the sum of all gains and sum of all losses, dividing that by the sum of all price movements. All these need to occur within the same period. This indicator is measured between positive one hundred and negative one hundred.

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There are a plethora of Oscillators on the market and one that is popular is the Ultimate Oscillator. This particular tool was created by Larry Williams in 1976 and the goal is to use multiple time frames in a way to eliminates what other tools may be missing. If you’ve noticed that many oscillators are quick to move and are not that smooth, which can bring mixed signals.


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