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Hanesbrands Inc retains regular Real Value of $22.23715 per share. The prevalent price of the corporation is $18.99. At this time the corporation appears to be under valued. Macroaxis calculates value of Hanesbrands Inc from evaluating the corporation fundamentals such as Current Valuation of 10.64B, Return On Asset of 8.39% and Return On Equity of 6.70% as well as inspecting its technical indicators and Probability Of Bankruptcy. In general, we encourage to acquire undervalued assets and to sell overvalued assets since at some point stocks prices and their ongoing real values will come together.

Now, let us take a look at the most recent numbers that were reported on the 8-K report. On a GAAP basis, fourth-quarter earnings per share of $0.41 increased 37 percent and full-year earnings per share of $1.40 increased 32 percent. For the year ended December 31, 2016, fourth-quarter net sales increased 12 percent to $1.58 billion and full-year net sales increased 5 percent to $6.03 billion. These are very healthy numbers and could indicate that the future looks well for the company, but more research is certainly needed to determine that.

Now, taking a look at the chart using the monthly time frame, we can see that price is coming of the highs on a steady downtrend. This might be due to a few reason that include the stock is overvalued, price does not match performance, or people are simply taking profits off the table. If you’re looking to invest, I would do the research to determine why price is falling and if this provides an entry opportunity at a discounted price. Yes the price is slowly decreasing, but nothing stands out as a red flag.

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Hanesbrands Inc is rated # 4 in last dividend paid category among related companies. It is one of the top stocks in price to book category among related companies fabricating about  17.23  of Price to Book per Last Dividend Paid.
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March 24, 2018
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Hanesbrands is not too volatile asset. Calculation of real value of Hanesbrands Inc is based on 1 month time horizon. Increasing Hanesbrands Inc time horizon generally increases accuracy of value calculation and significantly improves predictive power of the methodology used.


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Hanesbrands Market Capitalization Analysis
Hanesbrands Inc is rated # 3 in market capitalization category among related companies. Market capitalization of Clothing Wholesale And Retail industry is currently estimated at about 34.5 Billion. Hanesbrands totals roughly 7.1 Billion in market capitalization claiming about 21% of stocks in Clothing Wholesale And Retail industry.
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Hanesbrands Inc Revenue
Based on latest financial disclosure Hanesbrands Inc reported 6.47 B of revenue. This is 71.56% lower than that of the Consumer Goods sector, and significantly higher than that of Clothing Wholesale And Retail industry, The Revenue for all stocks is 34.29% higher than the company.
Revenue is typically recorded when cash or cash equivalents are exchanged for services or goods and can includes product or services discounts, promotions, as well as early payments on invoices or services rendered in advance.