Oasis Crescent (Ireland) Financial Indicators Patterns

We recommend you to use Oasis Crescent Glbl fundamental analysis to find out if markets are presently mispricing the entity. In other words you can utilize it to find out if Oasis Crescent Glbl is indeed mispriced or if you can make any profits on it by purchasing it and then waiting for the market to recognize its mistake and reprise the security. We found fifteen available financial ratios for Oasis Crescent Glbl which can be compared to its competitors. Use Oasis Crescent Last Dividend Paid, Equity Positions Weight and the relationship between Minimum Initial Investment and Cash Position Weight to make sure your decision on pricing Oasis Crescent Glbl is adequate.

Chance of Financial Distress

Oasis Crescent Glbl Medium Eq has less than 1 (%) percent chance of experiencing financial distress in the next 2 years of operations. More Info

Oasis Crescent Last Dividend Paid vs Bond Positions Weight

Oasis Crescent Glbl Medium Eq is currently considered the top fund in last dividend paid among similar funds. It is currently considered the top fund in bond positions weight among similar funds creating about  281.56  of Bond Positions Weight per Last Dividend Paid.

Oasis Crescent Market Fundamentals

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Oasis Crescent Glbl Medium Eq is currently considered the top fund in net asset among similar funds. Total Asset Under Management (AUM) of Islamic Allocation - Other category is currently estimated at about 24.45 Million. Oasis Crescent totals roughly 11.35 Million in net asset claiming about 46% of all funds under Islamic Allocation - Other category.
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