Hermes Multi (Ireland) Financial Diagnostics

IE00BKRCN768 -- Ireland Fund  

GBp 130.00  2.00  1.52%

Hermes Multi Strat F GBP diagnostics interface makes it easy to digest most current publicly released information about Hermes Multi as well as get updates on important government artifacts including earning estimates, SEC corporate filings and announcements. This module also helps to analysis Hermes Multi price relationship with some important fundamental indicators such as market cap and management efficiency.

Hermes Multi Note

The fund retains about 55.6% of assets under management (AUM) in cash. Hermes Multi Strat F GBP last dividend was 0.02 per share. The Fund will mostly invest in contracts to repay debt issued by companies or by governments which are traded on regulated exchanges. The debt instruments in which the Fund may invest will be issued by entities that are considered to be capable of repaying the debt and by entities that are generally considered to be at risk of not repaying the debt . The Fund may invest in financial derivative instruments which try to protect the Fund from a risk of default and in derivative contracts under which the Fund and the entity with whom it contracts will agree to exchange cash payments. The Fund may also invest in shares that are listed or traded on regulated markets, in contracts which grant the Fund the option to enter into derivative contracts based on indices of shares and in investment funds . The Fund may also invest in secured or unsecured loans.

Hermes Multi Strat Alerts

Hermes Multi Strat is not yet fully synchronised with the market data
The fund retains about 55.6% of its assets under management (AUM) in cash

Hermes Multi Technical and Predictive Indicators

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