MEDIGUS (Israel) Valuation

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MDGS -- Israel Stock  

ILA 31.30  0.30  0.97%

MEDIGUS secures last-minute Real Value of 32.2 per share. The latest price of the firm is 31.3. At this time the firm appears to be fairly valued. This module forecasts value of MEDIGUS from examining the firm fundamentals such as Return On Equity of (125.98)  and Current Valuation of 15.51 M as well as analyzing its technical indicators and Probability Of Bankruptcy. In general, we recommend to purchase undervalued stocks and to get rid of overvalued stocks since in the future entities prices and their ongoing real values will merge together.
Fairly Valued
January 24, 2020
Real Value
MEDIGUS is somewhat reliable asset. Calculation of real value of MEDIGUS is based on 3 months time horizon. Increasing MEDIGUS time horizon generally increases accuracy of value calculation and significantly improves predictive power of the methodology used.
Horizon     30 Days    Login   to change
MEDIGUS is considered to be number one stock in price to sales category among related companies. It is considered to be number one stock in beta category among related companies totaling about  0.02  of Beta per Price to Sales. The ratio of Price to Sales to Beta for MEDIGUS is roughly  50.52 
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