SANO BRUNOS (Israel) Valuation

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SANO BRUNOS ENTER current Real Value cannot be determined due to lack of data. The regular price of SANO BRUNOS ENTER is 0.0. Based on Macroaxis valuation methodology, the entity cannot be evaluated at this time. This module measures value of SANO BRUNOS ENTER from examining the entity fundamentals such as Current Valuation of 1.98 B, Return On Asset of 8.46  and Return On Equity of 13.49  as well as evaluating its technical indicators and Probability Of Bankruptcy. In general, we recommend to buy undervalued stocks and to dispose of overvalued stocks since at some point future time securities prices and their ongoing real values will draw towards each other.
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SANO BRUNOS ENTER is currently regarded as top stock in beta category among related companies. It is currently regarded as top stock in last dividend paid category among related companies creating about  26.92  of Last Dividend Paid per Beta.
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