Vanguard Index Historical Price Analysis

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We consider Vanguard Index very steady. Vanguard Index Trust owns Efficiency Ratio (i.e. Sharpe Ratio) of 0.1218 which indicates the organization had 0.1218% of return per unit of risk over the last 3 months. Our philosophy towards measuring volatility of a fund is to use all available market data together with fund specific technical indicators that cannot be diversified away. We have found twenty-one technical indicators for Vanguard Index Trust Vanguard V which you can use to evaluate future volatility of the fund. Please validate Vanguard Index Semi Deviation of 0.5092, Coefficient Of Variation of 821.07 and Risk Adjusted Performance of 0.06 to confirm if risk estimate we provide are consistent with the epected return of 0.0696%.
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Performance History

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Vanguard Index Benchmarks

Vanguard Index Technical and Predictive Indicators

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