DENTSPLY SIRONA Management Performance


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Analysis of DENTSPLY SIRONA manpower and management performance can provide insight into DENTSPLY SIRONA stock performance. Also an employee sentiment is becoming a valuable factor that investors can use to determine the amount of risk that may be associated with DENTSPLY SIRONA Inc future performance. See also Your Current Watchlist.

DENTSPLY SIRONA Management Effectiveness

The company has return on total asset (ROA) of 2.77 % which means that it generated profit of $2.77 on every $100 spent on asset. This is way below average. Similarly, it shows return on stockholders equity (ROE) of (10.0) % meaning that it created substantial loss on money invested by shareholders.


The company has Profit Margin (PM) of (20.33) % which may suggest that it does not properly executes on its current pricing strategies or is unable to control all of the operational costs. This is way below average. Similarly, it shows Operating Margin (OM) of 13.14 % which suggests for every 100 dollars of sales it generated a net operating income of 0.13.



Mark Thierer Interim CEO
Jeffrey Slovin CEO, Director, MBA
Bret Wise Chairman, CEO and Chairman of Executive Committee
Maureen MacInnis Chief Human Resource Officer, Senior Vice President, MBA
Ulrich Michel CFO, Executive Vice President
Rainer Berthan Executive Vice President Manufacturing and Supply Chain
Deborah Rasin Vice President General Counsel, Secretary
Nicholas Alexos Executive Vice President Chief Administrative Officer, CPA
Albert Sterkenburg Senior Vice President, Ph.D
Keith Ebling Executive Vice President General Counsel, Secretary, MBA
Jonathan Friedman Senior Vice President General Counsel, Secretary
Christopher Clark Pres and CFO, MBA
James Mosch COO and Executive VP, MBA
Robert Size Sr. VP, MBA
Thomas Jetter Lead Director, Independent Director, MBA
Paula Cholmondeley Independent Director
Francis Lunger Independent Director
Harry Kraemer Director, MBA
Michael Coleman Independent Director
David Beecken Director, MBA
Eric Brandt Independent Director
Willie Deese Independent Director
John Miles Independent Director
William Hecht Lead Independent Director
Michael Alfano Independent Director, Ph.D
John Miclot Independent Director
Arthur Kowaloff Director
Derek JD VP of Investor Relations
Derek Leckow VP, Investor Relations
Justin McCarthy General Counsel, Secretary


Mark Thierer  CEO
Interim CEO
Jeffrey Slovin  CEO
CEO, Director

Tenure Analysis

DENTSPLY SIRONA Employment Tenure
DENTSPLY SIRONA employes about 11400 people. The company is managed by 30 executives with total tenure of roughly 157 years, averanging almost 5.0 years of service per executive having 380.0 employee per reported executive.


DENTSPLY SIRONA Earnings Estimates
EPSEstimate Date
Quarterly Estimate0.54May 5, 2017
DENTSPLY SIRONA Inc normalized analysts earnings estimates for actual as well as projected forward EPS values taken as an average expert opinion over time
Earnings Estimate  

Manpower Efficiency

Return on DENTSPLY SIRONA Manpower
Revenue Per Employee 276 K
Revenue Per Executive 130 M
Net Income Per Employee 25.9 K
Net Loss Per Executive 26.4 M
Working Capital Per Employee 31.5 K
Working Capital Per Executive 12 M

Per Employee

DENTSPLY SIRONA Per Employee Growth Over Time

Net Income Per Employee

Revenue Per Employee

Number of Employees

DENTSPLY SIRONA Number of Employees Analysis
DENTSPLY SIRONA Inc is rated fourth in number of employees category among related companies. The total workforce of Medical Equipment industry is at this time estimated at about 108,262. DENTSPLY SIRONA retains roughly 11,400 in number of employees claiming about 11% of all equities under Medical Equipment industry.

Earnings Per Share

DENTSPLY SIRONA Inc Earnings Per Share
According to company disclosure DENTSPLY SIRONA Inc has Earnings Per Share of -3.45 times. This is 560.0% lower than that of the Healthcare sector, and significantly lower than that of Medical Equipment industry, The Earnings Per Share for all stocks is 250.0% higher than the company.
Earnings per Share is one of the most important measures of the current share price of a firm, and is used by investors to determine the company overall profitability; especially when it is compared to the EPS of similar companies.