Yobit Litecoin (in USD) Valuation Overview

YOBITLTC -- Cryptlandia Crypto  

USD 25.19  0.05  0.20%

Yobit Litecoin USD maintains prevalent Real Value of $25.19 per share. The last-minute price of the crypto is $25.19. Macroaxis calculates value of Yobit Litecoin USD from examining the crypto technical indicators and Probability Of Bankruptcy. In general, we encourage to purchase undervalued securities and to sell overvalued securities since at some point equities prices and their ongoing real values will grow together.
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Yobit Litecoin USD Supply Analysis

Coin Takeover PriceCoin Market CapCoin SupplyCoins Mined
18.61K18.61K84 M59.6 M

Yobit Litecoin USD Price Momentum Patterns

Illegal number of arguments. The output start index for this execution was zero with a total number of output elements of zero. The average directional index (ADX) measures the strength of a prevailing trend of Yobit Litecoin USD and whether movement exists in the market. The ADX is measured on a scale of 0 to 100. A low Yobit Litecoin ADX value usually indicates a non-trending market with low volumes, whereas a cross above 20 may indicate the start of a trend. If the ADX is over 40 and begins to fall, it can indicate the slowdown of a current trend. This indicator can also be used to identify non-trending markets, or a deterioration of an ongoing trend. Although market direction is important in its calculation, the ADX is not a directional indicator View also all equity analysis or get more info about average directional movement index momentum indicators indicator.

Current Market Valuation

Yobit Litecoin USD Valuation Boundaries

Fairly Valued
December 15, 2018
Market Value
Real Value
Target Odds
Yobit Litecoin is very risky asset. Calculation of real value of Yobit Litecoin USD is based on 2 months time horizon. Increasing Yobit Litecoin USD time horizon generally increases accuracy of value calculation and significantly improves predictive power of the methodology used.
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