Zacks Market Money Management

ZMNAX -- USA Fund  

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Break down of Zacks Market manpower and management performance that can provide insight into the fund performance. Note, an employee sentiment is becoming a valuable factor that investors use to determine the amount of risk that may be associated with Zacks Market Neutral future performance. See also Your Current Watchlist.
Symbol  ZMNAX
Name  Zacks Market Neutral A
Country   United States
Exchange  NASDAQ

Information on Zacks Market Neutral A Leadership is currently not available.

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Zacks Market Neutral Holdings Turnover

According to company disclosure Zacks Market Neutral A has Holdings Turnover of 180%. This is 2287.27% higher than that of the family, and 2288.01% higher than that of Holdings Turnover category, The Holdings Turnover for all funds is 652.51% lower than the firm.
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Investor can think of Holding Turnover as percentage of a fund's assets that have turned over in the past year. Typically, a high annual turnover ratio implies that fund managers made a lot of buying and selling. The higher the annual turnover, the higher the expense ratio for the fund.

Zacks Market Neutral Annual Yield

In accordance with recently published financial statements Zacks Market Neutral A has Annual Yield of 0.0%. This is 100.0% lower than that of the family, and 100.0% lower than that of Annual Yield category, The Annual Yield for all funds is 100.0% higher than the company.
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Small firms, start-ups, or companies with high growth potential typically do not pay out dividends or distribute a lot of their profits. These companies will have small yield. Alternatively, more established companies, ETFs, and funds that invest in bonds will have a higher yields.
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