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Analysis of Zacks Market manpower and management performance can provide insight into Zacks Market stock performance. Also an employee sentiment is becoming a valuable factor that investors can use to determine the amount of risk that may be associated with Zacks Market Neutral future performance. Zacks Market employes about 1 people. The company is managed by 1 executives with total tenure of roughly 3 years, averanging almost 3.0 years of service per executive having 1.0 employee per reported executive. See also Your Current Watchlist.
  Benjamin Zacks  Executive
Fund Manager

Zacks Market Workforce Comparison

Zacks Market Neutral Institutional is presently regarded as number one fund in number of employees among similar funds. The total workforce of Market Neutral category is currently estimated at about 2.0. Zacks Market totals roughly 1.0 in number of employees claiming about 50% of funds under Market Neutral category.

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Benjamin Zacks Fund Manager
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