All Funds
Net Asset
FamilyNet Asset
Fidelity Investments3,525,074,137
American Funds29,713,091,362
Franklin Templeton Investments4,491,562,432
Dimensional Fund Advisors3,948,423,631
Angel Oak3,219,974,999
T. Rowe Price7,052,395,387
Sound Mind109,492,500
Loomis Sayles Funds3,170,209,583
Lord Abbett2,735,529,705
American Beacon1,191,172,224
TIAA-CREF Asset Management2,311,226,348
Rydex Funds104,371,354
Hartford Mutual Funds1,270,494,507
Baron Capital Group1,430,245,000
Matthews Asia Funds1,588,077,241
Davis Funds2,118,809,091
Pioneer Investments1,207,161,547
Forward Funds106,768,310
AMG Funds481,296,804
Direxion Funds48,734,811
American Century Investments1,467,768,615
Northern Funds758,011,233
ICON Funds63,771,705
Prudential Investments1,628,285,786
Marsico Investment Fund235,607,143
Wells Fargo Advantage738,515,674
Goldman Sachs1,043,467,489
Selected Funds1,252,037,500
FMI Funds2,788,310,000
Neuberger Berman932,204,050
Calvert Investments479,753,980
Turner Funds37,387,692
Litman Gregory Masters Funds586,801,111
First Eagle10,129,564,091
Delaware Investments887,302,957
PRIMECAP Odyssey Funds6,436,666,667
Guinness Atkinson39,937,500
Third Avenue844,293,000
Franklin Templeton Investment Funds7,393,293,673
William Blair552,236,481
Natixis Funds1,851,203,209
Thompson IM Funds Inc715,010,000
Wells Fargo Funds1,296,988,529
ING Funds142,522,674
U.S. Global Investors76,728,000
Deutsche Asset and Wealth Mngt766,831,144
Laudus Funds345,923,478
Ivy Funds1,389,037,679
Waddell and Reed1,298,236,579
Dodge and Cox29,637,525,000
Eaton Vance791,669,721
Guggenheim Investments395,743,121
Pear Tree Funds355,359,286
Van Eck738,166,640
Schwab Funds1,337,572,653
Morgan Stanley489,563,464
Allianz Funds448,743,789
Winslow Green Funds88,905,000
Permanent Portfolio753,905,000
Nakoma Capital Management LLC20,850,000
State Street Global Advisors (Chicago)146,827,289
FBR Mutual Funds179,848,696
Century Funds165,350,000
Hussman Funds262,745,000
Acuity Funds Ltd.16,467,342
Analytic Funds16,290,000
Manning and Napier324,207,802
Acadian Funds638,695,000
Champlain Funds819,542,500
Calvert Investments, Inc.475,636,667
Polen Capital601,127,500
Diamond Hill Funds1,417,643,714
Nomura Partners Funds28,139,643
Legg Mason1,339,626,687
Rice Hall James31,536,667
Teton Westwood Funds178,762,222
Eagle Funds762,443,860
Longleaf Partners2,900,000,000
John Hancock1,706,963,434
USA Mutuals171,567,500
Mairs and Power1,822,630,000
Polaris Funds365,330,000
Principal Funds2,396,021,992
Pax World368,619,189
Metropolitan West Funds14,507,703,500
Cohen and Steers1,161,397,500
Madison Funds111,319,661
Henderson Global1,013,560,000
Ariel Investments, LLC665,306,667
Wall Street118,700,000
Allied Asset69,750,000
Adelante Funds6,470,000
Hotchkis and Wiley889,780,384
Brown Capital Management1,049,683,333
Geneva Advisors57,735,000
Wintergreen Funds534,510,000
State Street Global Advisors67,897,288
Value Line182,812,727
Merk Funds45,297,500
GE Asset Management930,683,913
Westchester Capital3,840,000,000
AFBA 5Star Fund24,425,000
TCM Funds135,055,000
AARP Funds20,015,000
Old Mutual Investment Funds121,547,872
Old Mutual Advisor45,474,000
Heitman Real Estate Securities LLC45,880,000
Old Westbury4,698,861,250
Steward Funds192,829,000
Appleseed Fund195,470,000
New Alternatives199,620,000
Scotia Capital (USA) Inc.0.0
FDP Series Funds152,915,000
Kalmar Investments177,766,667
Yieldquest Funds3,010,000
Robeco Investment Funds208,684,118
State Farm960,239,439
AmericaFirst Funds30,164,667
Vantagepoint Funds851,461,846
Fifth Third119,099,420
Snow Capital Funds43,926,227
Stratus Fund32,742,500
Legg Mason/Western612,540,571
Pacific Advisors Funds12,740,769
First Investors335,895,487
GuideStone Funds625,422,000
Monteagle Funds19,889,412
Pacific Financial158,360,909
Kirr Marbach Partners70,420,000
UBS Global Asset Management32,010,607
American Pension Investors176,155,333
pacific funds series trust676,039,712
Stone Harbor428,438,571
Hancock Horizon155,860,323
Sterling Capital Funds293,307,634
MP 6358,390,000
Williamsburg Investment Trust26,520,000
Dunham Funds60,013,333
Wilmington Funds169,859,756
Credit Suisse (New York, NY)908,489,231
Mirae Asset Global Investments79,812,727
Pacific Funds237,456,364
RBC Global Asset Management.159,459,000
DWS Investments288,358,148
ING Retirement Funds353,648,953
Santa Barbara Group11,910,000
RS Funds375,621,861
EM Capital Funds566,080
Schneider Funds22,260,000
Highland Funds220,325,578
Thomas White Funds297,938,889
First American20,708,333
1919 Funds126,364,000
Good Harbor69,207,677
Blue Chip Investor Fund30,670,000
Manor Investment Funds6,003,333
Oak Ridge Funds704,730,602
Tweedy Browne2,550,607,500
Camelot Funds34,090,000
Wilshire Mutual Funds161,494,167
BMO Funds203,231,438
CNI Charter18,344,545
Fund X61,598,750
Credit Suisse127,855,652
Pacific LifeFunds177,756,629
Index Funds3,850,000
City National Rochdale283,385,357
Farm Bureau28,444,000
SMandR Investments40,955,000
Marketfield Funds1,101,067,143
Frost Funds231,980,323
Cookson Peirce Funds21,380,000
Liberty Street43,344,444
Brown Advisory Funds609,301,707
MMA Praxis51,615,000
Industry Leaders5,230,000
Lifetime Achievement Fund Inc52,290,000
Golden Capital Funds122,905,000
SmartGrowth Funds1,886,913
AdvisorOne Funds164,823,376
Praxis Mutual Funds173,667,692
RBB Funds2,033,333,333
Queens Road Funds97,550,000
Al Frank42,555,000
Giordano Funds1,060,000
Sextant Mutual Funds23,153,333
AlphaOne Investment Services, LLC38,410,762
Timothy Plan65,225,946
RiverNorth Funds654,302,222
Roxbury Funds76,546,667
Crystal Wealth Management System Ltd10,761,410
Shelton Capital Management95,592,917
Turner Investment Partners30,224,804
Summit Global Investments98,925,000
bp capital57,280,000
Huber Funds76,333,333
Meeder Funds155,610,000
Trust for Credit Unions431,815,000
Boston Trust and Walden Funds145,498,889
TSandW Funds57,165,000
RBC Global Asset Management (U.S.) Inc.88,830,833
American Independence52,897,705
Montibus Capital Management LLC18,480,000
MTB Group of Funds99,380,000
Cullen Funds Trust646,980,341
Quadrus Investment Services Ltd.234,923,667
Shenkman Funds203,994,000
Tributary Funds157,228,667
Pope Family Of Funds958,520
Sierra Trust443,532,727
Commonwealth Intl Series Tr10,206,000
PNC Funds169,114,737
Ave Maria Mutual Funds284,695,000
Morgan Meighen and Associates Limited0.0
PIA Mutual Funds135,814,000
Capital Management16,195,000
Oak Associates92,544,286
TD Asset Management26,048,750
ISI Funds64,814,286
WB Capital20,630,000
World Funds, Inc14,470,000
TFS Capital Funds157,623,333
Arrow Funds136,360,667
Bryce Funds4,625,000
Artio Global11,053,333
LSV Fund466,872,222
Bishop Street89,030,000
Cheswold Lane Asset Management23,120,000
Valley Forge5,410,000
Great-West Funds525,574,886
James Advantage1,097,050,000
Northern Lights Fund Tr (Winans)4,960,000
Upright Investments Trust10,420,000
Hillman Capital Management13,639,440
BNY Mellon Funds696,977,593
SA Funds476,200,000
Cavanal Hill funds70,790,000
Henssler Funds47,175,000
United Association Funds137,560,000
Pacific Capital85,402,778
ICM Series Trust799,060,000
LMCG Funds35,070,000
Rational Funds34,033,636
New Century Portfolios59,724,000
Stadion Funds101,357,647
Managers Funds159,803,514
Pinnacle Capital Management10,417,500
Firsthand Funds64,162,500
Van Kampen23,502,444
Grisanti Brown12,350,000
Target Program243,480,588
Zacks Funds58,117,500
Giant 5 Funds12,420,000
Harding Loevner1,470,695,556
AC ONE9,365,000
Marathon Funds63,400,000
Westport Funds260,540,000
HGK Fund5,440,000
Spirit of America122,975,000
Great Lakes Funds64,586,000
Conestoga Capital Advisors414,210,000
Adirondack Funds272,820,000
Dividend Growth Advisors182,820,000
CCA Funds17,218,333
Lateef Investment Management LP392,850,000
Hansberger Funds28,926,667
Dean Fund118,920,000
DF Dent Funds61,066,667
RX Funds7,657,135
Van Hulzen Asset Management, LLC16,315,000
Green Century182,220,000
Miller Investment423,320,000
Ironclad Funds252,690,000
Smead Funds1,136,065,000
Catalyst Mutual Funds201,158,115
Stewart Capital82,500,000
Arbitrage Fund616,067,000
Northeast Investors188,935,000
New Covenant266,510,000
Tilson Funds17,100,000
Salient Funds282,125,000
Freedom Funds1,050,000,000
AR Capital11,047,510
Cambiar Funds682,533,333
SATUIT FUNDS10,525,000
Segall Bryant and Hamill37,270,000
Probabilities Fund68,970,000
StockCar Stocks54,380,000
Senbanc Funds10,370,000
Community Capital Management1,462,410,000
VRM Funds2,160,000
Hatteras Funds55,260,833
McKee Funds163,110,000
AlphaCentric Funds26,183,537
Martin Capital Management LLP9,990,000
Marketocracy Funds4,130,000
Strategic Income Management, LLC17,122,000
Marvin and Palmer1,320,000
MH Elite7,300,000
Holland Series Trust31,530,000
Iron Funds148,010,000
Appleton Group LLC27,420,000
Smith Group26,943,530
National Bank Securities Inc.281,526,970
Saturna Capital18,420,000
Intrepid Funds196,727,143
Adam Asset Funds21,075,000
MT Lucas39,990,000
Innealta Capital18,306,667
Dana Investment119,116,000
Absolute Capital2,230,000
Profit Funds Investment3,322,455
Renaissance Capital9,895,000
Meehan Focus53,750,000
Autopilot Funds697,800
Adams Harkness Funds24,560,000
Advance Capital I55,157,500
Fountainhead Funds2,730,000
Potkul Funds1,490,000
Absolute Strategies585,066,667
Empiric Funds22,670,000
Mundoval Funds19,580,000
Fort Pitt Capital Funds58,480,000
Azzad Fund83,465,000
AT Funds437,970,000
Morgan Creek31,295,000
Active Passive Funds19,090,452
EAS Genesis8,920,000
American Trust21,400,000
RESQ Funds44,906,667
Sound Shore1,920,000,000
EntrepreneurShares LLC85,103,333
Matthew 25369,780,000
Armstrong Associates14,650,000
Johnson Mutual Funds89,840,833
Jordan Funds44,570,000
American Growth10,653,836
Amundi Smith Breeden30,140,000
Beutel, Goodman and Company Ltd.666,458,750
CM Advisors58,148,750
Neiman Funds23,515,000
Ascentia Capital Partners713,610
Edgar Lomax76,960,000
Acuitas Investments44,880,000
North Country Funds104,955,000
Lee Financial Group Hawaii, Inc110,850,000
AQR Funds1,105,012,614
Innovator Funds36,405,000
Flippin, Bruce and Porter Funds29,035,000
Frontier Funds189,517,500
Wilmington Mutual Funds167,146,667
PMC Funds381,985,000
Frank Funds23,380,000
Walthausen Funds251,700,000
Prasad Series Trust348,250
Caldwell and Orkin180,780,000
Presidio Funds311,560
American Money Management5,760,000
Roge Partners Fund16,350,000
Counterpoint Mutual Funds9,100,000
Paradigm Funds29,022,500
Chiron Investment Management117,840,000
Boyar Value Fund24,080,000
FCI Funds23,865,000
IronBridge Funds, Inc.176,160,000
Equity Investment Corp305,796,667
Penn Street3,280,000
Great West Life Assurance Co115,876,427
Capital Advisors44,250,000
Fuller and Thaler6,240,000
Institutional Investors41,050,000
Frontegra Funds6,114,933
Compass EMP Funds45,826,343
Empire Builder77,000,000
Madison Mosaic6,080,000
Palmer Square192,156,000
Ensemble Fund7,810,000
Biondo Investment Advisor30,133,333
Boston Partners1,307,225,357
Reaves Select Research52,575,000
Auxier Funds251,420,000
I.A. Michael Investment Counsel Ltd.94,600,000
Wisconsin Capital Management27,975,000
Counterpoint Funds3,960,000
Prospector Funds62,495,000
Electric City2,009,999
Changing Parameters, LLC67,440,000
Clipper Fund1,140,000,000
Perimeter Capital66,260,000
Purisima Funds109,688,165
Advisor Series Trust14,410,000
Portfolio 21443,270,000
Morgan Stanley (New York)456,105,000
Payson Funds76,530,000
Primary Trend9,330,000
Transparent Value Trust43,300,435
Stralem Fund176,230,000
Eurovestech plc56,550,000
N+1 Private Equity151,592,500
Lloyd Adriatico S.p.A.0.0
FandC investment business limited124,480,000
Taube Hodson Stonex Partners310,777,639
Deutsche Beteiligungs AG306,510,000
Maven Capital Partners UK LLP18,961,667
Aberdeen Asset Managers Ltd (London)26,950,000
Blue Planet Investment Mgmnt6,653,333
Henderson Global Investors358,868,500
Frostrow Capital LLP884,230,000
Shore Capital Limited9,356,667
Miton Capital Partners Limited79,460,000
Invesco Perpetual200,710,000
Schroder Investment Management Ltd.146,010,000
HSBC ETFs Plc34,755,702
J P Morgan Asset Management (UK) Ltd294,154,615
Jupiter Asset Management Limited152,973,333
VCFA Private Equity Partners IV, L.P.15,239,500
Schooner Funds25,907,500
F and C Asset Management plc117,108,923
Eventide Funds817,717,500
Rathbone Investment Management30,040,000
Encompass Fund2,390,000
Trust for Professional Managers-Grubb4,505,000
STAAR Investment Trust2,250,000
BlackRock Fund Management (Ireland) Ltd.84,526,111
Strathdon Finance Ltd2,890,000
Sloane Robinson Investment Services Ltd.50,150,000
Davidson Mutual Funds79,415,000
Horizons BetaPro ETFs3,005,144
Quindell Portfolio PLC551,690
Amundi Iberia SGIIC35,918,529
BBVA Bancomer Gesti?n SA de CV9,450,033,341
Baillie Gifford and Co Limited.587,648,783
Finaccess M?xico SA de CV2,673,617,021
Institutional Advisors LLC63,140,000
InverCaixa Gesti?n SGIIC73,920,756
AXA Assicurazioni S.p.A.0.0
Scotia Fondos SA de CV5,365,399,321
DUX Inversores SGIIC8,769,412
ING Investment Management Mex SA de CV512,085,000
Operadora Inbursa de Inv. SA de CV12,953,240,833
Fondos Banorte IXE SA de CV6,662,973,260
Actinver Financial SA de CV826,198,979
Principal Fondos de Inversi?n SA de CV2,690,529,194
Afore Inbursa SA de CV0.0
SAM Asset Management SA de CV11,871,437,509
Toews Funds104,778,571
March Asset Management SGIIC30,082,021
Lyxor International Asset Management231,460,101
Bankia Fondos SGIIC63,607,198
March Gesti?n de Fondos SGIIC25,743,793
SBI Funds Management Private Limited7,805,122,936
DWS Investments (Spain) SGIIC40,521,881
Credit Suisse Gesti?n SGIIC9,847,500
Polar Capital LLP9,597,145,093
Popular Gesti?n Privada SGIIC14,343,467
BBVA Bancomer Gestión SA de CV5,780,024,003
Afore XXI Banorte SA de CV0.0
Principal Afore SA de CV0.0
Northern Lights Fund Tr (Criticalmath)21,540,000
Bankinter Gesti?n de Activos SGIIC20,923,442
Caixabank Asset Management SGIIC355,866,708
Scottish Investment Trust (The) PLC711,130,000
Fondos de Inversion Afirme SA de CV574,392,593
Vector Fondos SA de CV2,521,537,584
IXE Fondos SA de CV1,697,557,544
Amati Global Partners Llp35,555,000
WHV Investments15,870,000
Fineco Patrimonios SGIIC10,160,800
Wade Financial1,480,000
DundeeWealth Funds9,738,325
Northern Lights Fund Trust3,408,000
Octopus Ventures Limited21,179,231
ETF Securities Ltd6,686,575
RAM Funds5,186,098
Schroders Investment Management190,125,000
Chaconia Funds39,050,000
Wentworth, Hauser and Violich24,137,570
Operadora Actinver SA de CV4,740,728,672
Prudential Financial SA de CV156,498,169
Gestión Santander SA de CV12,598,068,827
IVA Funds6,180,000,000
BetaShares Capital Ltd3,142,237
JOHCM Funds832,767,500
Jones Villalta8,010,000
GBM Administradora de Activos SA de CV2,457,776,573
SURA Investment Management Mex SA de CV940,017,548
Gesti?n Santander SA de CV2,128,554,500
3i Asset Management Ltd4,360,000,000
Preservation Trust Advisors4,000,000
Otter Creek312,380,000
World Funds10,992,000
Operadora Valmex de Fondos de Inversi?n SA de CV677,431,304
Witan Investment Services Limited1,227,215,000
Invex Operadora SA de CV1,645,114,385
UBS Gesti?n SGIIC12,952,074
Julius Baer Gesti?n SGIIC15,814,845
Afore Bancomer SA de CV0.0
Interacciones Sociedad Op de SI SA de CV2,034,575,641
Afore Invercap SA de CV0.0
Afore Afirme Bajío SA de CV0.0
VALUE Operadora de S. de Inv. SA de CV1,570,966,667
Albion Ventures LLP33,083,077
Mirabaud Asset Management (Espa?a) SGIIC8,464,017
Afore XXI SA de CV0.0
Pacti? Gesti?n SGIIC96,388,571
Peregrine Funds1,060,000
Thunderstorm Funds6,820,000
ING Afore SA de CV0.0
PSP Family of Funds477,300
Motley Fool214,198,333
Caledonia Investments PLC1,590,000,000
Operadora Mifel SA de CV51,274,720
Afore Coppel SA de CV0.0
Clear River35,110,000
Gartmore Investment Limited52,690,000
TIAA-CREF Mutual Funds558,689,231
WorldCommodity Funds731,470
Euro Pacific Asset Management42,398,000
HSBC Global AM (M?xico) SA de CV3,834,561,546
Pensiones Sura, S.A. de C.V0.0
Operadora Valmex de S. de Inv. SA de CV570,244,667
Afore Azteca SA de CV0.0
Afore Banamex SA de CV0.0
Metlife Afore SA de CV0.0
Aberforth Partners343,840,000
Banorte Generali SA de CV Afore0.0
Interesa SA de CV6,960,000
Horizons ETFs Management (Canada) Inc78,734,524
Impulsora de Fondos Banamex SA de CV12,041,227,984
JPMorgan Funds Limited138,222,222
Operadora GBM SA de CV1,538,637,619
Allianz Global Investors (UK) Ltd37,831,667
M and G Investment Management903,833,333
ICICI Prudential Asset Mgmt.Company Ltd54,657,894,870
Triple Point Investment Management Ltd7,786,965
NU Energy Uranium Corp0.0
Interacciones Sociedad Op SA de CV129,382,500
Franklin Templeton AM M?xico SA de CV692,676,314
Administradora Vanguardia SA de CV156,391,250
Vector Casa de Bolsa SA de CV256,089,999
Elderstreet Investments Limited9,007,145
Edinburgh Partners Limited227,630,111
SPARK Venture Management Limited18,260,000
Deutsche Asset Management Australia Ltd0.0
Beck, Mack and Oliver29,370,000
Principal Fondos de Inversión SA de CV1,654,921,667
Gesiuris Asset Management SGIIC12,388,889
Renta 4 Gestora SGIIC23,148,600
Aston Hill Asset Management Inc.39,367,094
Monex Operadora de Fondos SA de CV1,101,740,077
Novo Banco Gesti?n SGIIC9,296,859
Gesalcal? SGIIC7,637,179
Fondos de Inversi?n Multiva SA de CV501,210,541
Candover Investments PLC46,670,000
Urquijo Gesti?n SGIIC11,292,920
Operadora de Fondos Nafinsa SA de CV3,049,002,465
Asset Value Investors726,903,333
RNC Genter Capital Management14,840,000
Santander Private Banking Gesti?n SGIIC10,970,486
China Asset Mgmt Co.,Ltd0.0
Scotia Capital (USA) Inc0.0
Cook and Bynum Capital Management, LLC126,410,000
MandG Securities Ltd160,497,676
Lacerte Capital3,485,000
Destination Funds1,510,000
E Fund Mgmt Co.,Ltd0.0
GVC Gaesco Gesti?n SGIIC15,153,507
RREEF Fondimmobiliari SGR S.p.A.159,340,000
Actinver SA de CV194,412,000
Nm?s1 SYZ Gesti?n SGIIC4,858,000
Capital Guardian Trust Company401,932,222
Trust for Professional Mgrs(PTIA)424,035,000
Advisory Research210,998,614
Davlin Philanthropic Fund11,120,000
Castle Investment Management166,685,000
Portfolio Strategies26,814,000
Power Income Fund200,073,333
Mutual of America16,793,333
Mirae Asset Global Investments (USA) LLC7,535,000
Bright Rock134,105,000
USFS Funds27,380,000
Oand#39;Shaughnessy Mutual Funds74,771,250
Private Capital Management82,960,000
Miller Tabak522,860
SMH Capital Advisors11,020,000
Formula Investing, LLC137,151,667
CI Investments Inc.225,683,857
Sands Capital1,441,428,571
Standard Life Mutual Funds Ltd.149,987,594
Desjardins Investments Inc.524,252,336
Investors Group Inc645,542,974
Claymore Investments, Inc.1,005,000
Poplar Forest Capital402,996,667
Snow Capital Management L.P.2,750,000
MD Physician Services Inc.408,328,333
Congressional Effect Family6,900,000
Day Hagan85,846,667
Nile Capital Investment Trust13,537,140
Bretton Fund16,149,999
Covington Group of Funds0.0
GLG Inc34,600,000
Caritas Capital LLC704,960
Mirae Asset Global Investments.12,354,286
Incline Capital, LLC8,690,000
Long Short27,390,000
S1 Fund33,330,000
Gerstein Fisher170,663,333
Connor, Clark and Lunn Private Capital Ltd28,190,000
RBC Global Asset Management Inc.1,604,435,327
Dynamic Funds369,021,022
Manulife Mutual Funds103,831,734
Return On Innovation Advisors Ltd.18,530,833
iPath Canada941,600
Fidelity Investments Canada ULC973,331,672
Chadwick and Dand#39;Amato84,660,000
CI Investments Inc303,889,636
Franklin Templeton Investments Corp311,626,061
BMO Investments Inc.399,113,809
Stone and Co. Limited28,305,714
Fiera Capital Corporation49,902,500
Chou Associates Management Inc80,867,143
MD Financial Management Inc.626,792,143
TD Mutual Funds609,477,786
AGF Investments243,174,877
Mackenzie Financial Corporation97,714,875
Norrep Investments65,564,444
NexGen Financial Limited Partnership15,507,021
American Israeli2,700,000
TD Asset Management Inc1,255,046,163
Vulcan Value Partners1,320,000,000
Investment Partners6,330,000
Cutwater Asset Management Corp0.0
Bishop Asset Management2,360,000
Morgan Dempsey Capital Management, LLC18,030,000
NCM Capital Advisers765,920
Center Coast Capital Advisers LP2,580,000,000
Epiphany Funds15,778,374
Equinox Funds Trust299,741,764
Navigator Funds140,318,333
J O Hambro287,340,000
Fidelity (FIL Investments International)857,890,000
ETFS Metal Securities Australia Ltd78,434,074
WBI FUNDS23,898,750
361 Funds198,438,125
Russell Investment Management Limited346,266,449
First Trust175,453,221
State Street Global Advisors (Aus) Ltd392,980,139
Iona Capital Ltd1,823,714
Vanguard Investments Australia Ltd1,015,857,167
Australian Index Investments1,532,196
Blackstone Group LP283,702,500
Metric Property Investment PLC195,700,000
Impax Asset Management Ltd57,115,585
Excel Funds Management Inc42,306,667
Cayenne Asset Management Ltd62,725,000
TransWestern Funds343,350,000
Beech Hill11,530,000
JovFinancial Solutions Inc.0.0
AGF Investments Inc.58,993,778
Investec Investment Management Ltd1,460,000
SEI Investments Canada Company311,007,354
Invesco Canada Ltd.398,004,841
Brompton Management Ltd0.0
Boston Advisors Trust25,490,000
Mackenzie Investments392,851,805
FX Strategy Fund23,500,000
Geier Funds15,050,000
Assoc. of Public Ser. Fin. Administ35,810,000
BlackRock Asset Management Ireland - ETF1,184,954,625
13D Management LLC244,220,000
RiverPark Funds482,634,286
Neptune Investment Management Limited168,750,369
FandC Fund Management Ltd159,550,392
Standard Life Investments248,728,145
Scottish Widows Unit Trust Managers Ltd458,841,420
Majedie Asset Management Ltd881,509,250
Epworth Investment Management Ltd0.0
Eclectica Asset Management LLP (Capita)0.0
Santander Asset Management UK Limited216,203,548
Heartwood Wealth Management Ltd (Capita)0.0
SVM Asset Management Ltd39,402,736
Thesis Unit Trust Management Limited46,078,822
Henderson Investment Funds Ltd.326,395,879
Westfield Capital146,723,333
Investec Fund Managers Ltd407,096,959
Threadneedle Investment Services Ltd.447,797,805
BNY Mellon Asset Management Ltd.728,287,296
WAY Fund Managers Limited13,235,281
FandC Management Limited66,201,739
Legal and General(Unit Trust Managers)Ltd.592,716,111
BNY Mellon Asset Management120,674,118
Aberdeen Asset Management PLC469,763,274
Cloud Capital19,570,000
Invesco Fund Managers Limited1,319,333,063
HSBC Global Asset Management (UK) Ltd.201,017,310
IFDS Managers Ltd38,161,429
SmithandWilliamson Fund Administration Ltd49,417,419
City Financial Investment Company Ltd53,561,579
J.M. Finn and Co (Capita)0.0
Architas Multi-Manager ICVC II271,755,833
Skandia Investment Management Ltd.60,666,667
J.P. Morgan Asset Management (UK) Ltd.207,887,674
MEAG Munich Ergo KAG221,775,600
Source Commodity Markets PLC70,680,536
Eaton Vance Mgmt (International) Ltd238,637,597
BlackRock Advisors (UK) Limited - ETF524,942,618
Union Investment Privatfonds GmbH640,955,699
Deutsche Asset Management Investment GmbH771,655,844
UBS Asset Management (Deutschland) GmbH59,651,646
Eaton Vance Emerald Funds Plc125,253,333
Allianz Global Investors KAG mbH63,895,854
HANSAINVEST - Hanseatische Inv GmbH4,896,833
BayernInvest Kapitalanlage GmbH40,456,364
Pioneer Investments KAG mbH99,934,400
SEI Global Master Fund Plc.375,310,278
Savills Fund Management GmbH722,563,333
INKA Internationale KAG mbH85,940,136
BNY Mellon Service Kapitalanlage GmbH58,287,228
LBBW Asset Management Investment GmbH129,266,318
Landesbank Berlin Investment GmbH122,694,706
Western Asset Management Company481,084,444
HANSAINVEST - Hanseatische Inv. GmbH53,562,896
CACEIS Fastnet (Suisse) SA0.0
UBS Global Asset Management (Deu) GmbH62,681,538
ALTE LEIPZIGER Trust Investment-GmbH81,953,333
DWS Investment GmbH176,309,850
Credit Suisse (Deutschland) AG97,903,636
PineBridge Investments Ireland Ltd539,197,353
SEB Invest GmbH8,960,000
First Private Investment Management KAG120,663,159
Allianz Global Investors GmbH326,495,644
Barclays Funds and Advisory116,323,183
AXA Investment Managers Deutschland GmbH138,452,388
SEB Investment GmbH37,690,000
Pyxis Funds77,204,711
Meyers Funds1,870,000
Tortoise Capital Advisors756,706,667
Orinda Funds144,317,143
Bandon Capital Management, LLC27,747,500
FMC Funds208,975,000
BlackRock Asset Management (DEU) AG783,240,382
Contravisory Investment Management, Inc.12,240,000
River Park Funds4,807,500
Insight Investment Funds Management Ltd.87,360,000
Warburg Invest KAG1,812,652
AVANA Invest GmbH10,721,176
Metzler Investment GmbH105,451,429
China Merchants Fund Mgmt Co.,Ltd0.0
ICBC Credit Suisse Asset Mgmt Co.,Ltd0.0
GF Fund Mgmt Co.,Ltd0.0
Coronation International Limited81,903,808
Catella Real Estate AG312,962,500
PIMCO Global Advisors (Ireland) Limited4,357,231,463
BDT Invest LLP139,512,308
Dimensional Fund Advisors Ltd. (Ireland)5,026,960,923
Western Asset Liquidity Funds PLC1,980,000,000
Coupland Cardiff Asset Management LLP8,206,353,750
HSBC Global Asset Management(DE) GmbH81,280,271
First State Investments (Hong Kong) Ltd617,533,776
db x-trackers167,378,808
ETFS Foreign Exchange Limited3,906,396
UBS Global Asset Management (Deutschland) GmbH10,600,000
Universal-Investment GmbH81,942,000
Risk Paradigm Group, LLC9,545,000
BlackRock Advisors (UK) Limited879,498,611
BBVA Asset Management43,742,566
iShares M?xico142,361,765
iShares México1,517,255,385
Intercam fondos SA de CV1,387,304,033
Strategic Income Management32,090,000
IDFC Asset Management Company Limited10,529,884,549
BNP Paribas Asset Mgmt India Pvt. Ltd3,217,382,883
Reliance Nippon Life Asset Management Ltd.22,937,398,484
ING Investment Mgnt (India) Private Ltd.10,185,892,336
ICICI Prudential Asset Management Company Limited32,002,208,218
ICICI Prudential Asset Management Co.2,798,567,385
LandT Investment Management Ltd3,898,308,082
Birla Sun Life Asset Mgmt Co. Ltd10,959,754,816
Goldman Sachs Asset Mgmt (IND) Pvt. Ltd.790,984,000
Kotak Mahindra Asset Mgmt Co. Ltd1,254,117,647
Principal Pnb Asset Management Co. Ltd17,353,024,400
HSBC Asset Management(India)Private Ltd6,606,744,898
BOI AXA Investment Mngrs Private Ltd0.0
HSBC Global Asset Management893,088,333
Sundaram Asset Management Company Ltd5,223,514,763
Fidelity Fund Management Private Limited1,365,865,714
Edelweiss Asset Management Limited0.0
Canara Robeco Asset Management Co. Ltd.1,498,389,094
JM Financial Asset Management Limited5,493,880,372
UTI Asset Management Company Private Ltd2,918,869,251
Tata Asset Management Limited15,282,002,590
Deutsche Asset Mgmt (India) Private Ltd4,538,301,250
Invesco Asset Management (India) Private Ltd6,394,625,204
DSP BlackRock Invmt Managers Pvt. Ltd.8,579,909,615
Franklin Templeton Asst Mgmt(IND)Pvt Ltd7,238,991,992
Baroda Pioneer Asset Management Co. Ltd.34,013,779
Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Co Ltd37,185,070,542
Mirae Asset Global Inv (India) Pvt. Ltd0.0
Tiedemann Wealth Management, LLC171,830,000
Franklin Templeton Investments India3,624,066,667
Birla Sun Life Asset Management Co Ltd7,829,028,020
DSP BlackRock Investment Mngrs Pvt Ltd3,121,062,000
Principal Pnb Asset Mgmt. Co. Priv. Ltd.7,714,626,000
Taurus Asset Management Company Limited282,136,708
LIC NOMURA Mutual Fund Asset Mgmt Co Ltd2,476,987,291
Daiwa Asset Mgmt. (India) Pvt. Ltd.0.0
Mirae Asset Glb InvmtMgmt India Prvt Ltd0.0
JPMorgan Asset Mgmt India Private Ltd0.0
Reliance Capital Asset Mgmt Limited20,694,643,322
HDFC Asset Management Company Limited27,697,961,711
UTI Asset Management Company Ltd13,393,206,513
LIC Mutual Fund Asset Mgmt Co Ltd6,727,182,447
JM Financial Asset Mgmt Private Ltd2,508,950,333
Escorts Asset Management Limited105,622,133
Religare Invesco Asset Mgmt Co Pvt. Ltd6,888,081,852
Bharti AXA Investment Mngrs Private Ltd0.0
Sahara Asset Management Co Pvt. Ltd.244,353,474
Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Co. Ltd.30,509,693,662
Peerless Funds Management Company Ltd0.0
PineBridge Inv AM Co (India) Pvt. Ltd667,185,333
DHFL Pramerica Asset Managers Private Limited4,580,401,452
Financial Investors Trust (Aspen)261,665,000
del Rey Global6,190,000
Source Markets plc491,780
Afore Profuturo GNP SA de CV0.0
Advisor Managed Tr(Tactical)1,240,000,000
WCM Investment Management1,872,526,667
Downing LLP6,151,381
Corporate Financial Solutions, Inc63,160,000
Orinda Asset Management, LLC127,180,000
Grant Park87,172,222
HSBC Global AM (México) SA de CV7,217,678,810
Mirae Asset Global Investments Co Ltd27,951,424,428
Samsung Asset Management Co Ltd36,170,223,918
KB Asset Management Co., Ltd102,628,982,786
Invercap SA de CV150,543,867
Giralda Fund10,550,000
Tatro Capital, LLC13,160,000
Two Oaks Investment Management, Inc.26,380,000
Northern Lights Fund Trust (GPS)433,370
HNP Capital LLC1,950,000
Deutsche Bank AG3,000,000
DB ETC Index PLC43,178,127
Compass Investments de M?xico SA de CV699,535,390
Old Mutual Operadora de Fondos, S.A. de C.V.1,860,463,333
HSBC Afore SA de CV0.0
Banamex SA de CV1,505,279,165
Fondos de Inversión Multiva SA de CV344,608,235
BMO Asset Management Inc.34,823,750
Multivalores SA de CV942,468,000
Morgan Stanley Investment Mngmt Pvt.Ltd.0.0
Quantum Asset Management Co Pvt. Ltd.106,519,091
Deutsche Asset Management India Pvt Ltd9,577,625,601
Sundaram Asset Mgmt Company1,305,168,000
Cl Fondos SA de CV557,258,750
SURA Investment Management M?xico SA de CV1,385,775,703
Old Mutual Operadora de Fondos SA de CV1,666,565,714
ETFlab Investment GmbH452,225,000
Invesco PowerShares Capital Mgmt LLC11,281,222
JM Financial Asset Management Pvt Ltd.8,197,815,000
Sahara Asset Mgmt Co. Private Ltd0.0
Boston Common114,625,000
BlackRock Asset Management Ireland Ltd6,525,908,385
Chou America50,670,000
Nuance Investments337,835,000
InverCaixa Gesti?n33,128,738
BNP Paribas78,754,474
LIC MF Asset Management Company Limited0.0
Altrius Capital Management,Inc.13,680,000
7twelve Advisors, LLC1,190,000
Invesco KAG mbH2,723,815
Deka Investment GmbH205,616,886
IDFC Asset Management Co. Private Ltd10,474,434,615
Bearly Bullish Fund28,240,000
UTI Asset Management Co Private Ltd.7,537,787,601
FIL Investment Management GmbH22,325,000
JPMorgan Asset Management India Pvt. Ltd991,578,947
MD Sass110,252,000
Warburg Invest8,888,777
Compass Investments de México SA de CV420,311,884
BBVA Asset Management SGIIC63,859,353
AXA Pensiones EGFP22,574,354
GO UCITS ETF Solutions PLC9,074,000
iShares VII plc61,490,000
Bayerninvest Kapitalgesellschaft mbH73,737,143
Wall Street EWM Funds Trust79,470,000
Operadora de Fondos Banorte SA de CV373,376,667
Alpha Capital Funds12,920,000
Aviva Investors UK Fund Services Limited66,583,800
Santander Asset Management47,180,204
T. Bailey Fund Managers Limited10,832,222
Axis Asset Management Company Limited2,244,574,468
LoCorr Funds557,585,385
Northern Lights Fund Trust(Giralda)218,020,000
Yurie Asset Management Co., Ltd7,829,107,571
Degroof Petercam SGIIC14,706,377
GVC Gaesco Pensiones815,933
Northern Lights Fund Trust (SCA)48,030,000
DCI, LLC967,624,048
Copeland Capital Management, LLC189,993,333
Cathay Securities Investment Trust3,008,548,346
Paradigm Asset Management Co LLC2,935,709,697
AllianceBernstein Investments Taiwan Ltd3,034,131,286
Kiwoom Asset Management Co., Ltd.39,045,344,369
Korea Investment Management Co., Ltd29,611,739,604
Hiscox Investment Management Ltd117,870,000
Daishin Asset Management Co Ltd5,116,656,129
Hanwha Asset Management Co., Ltd.9,096,304,272
Allianz Global Investors Taiwan Ltd3,241,005,702
Abante Asesores Gesti?n21,609,998
Old Mutual Global Investors (UK) Limited406,719,206
7IM (Capita)0.0
Daiwa Asset Management Co.Ltd.0.0
Credit Suisse Fund Mgmt Co (IRL) Ltd5,747,260,909
Union Investment Real Estate GmbH6,106,000,000
UBS Gesti?n11,466,495
BNP Paribas Gesti?n de Inversiones SGIIC11,340,541
Renta 4 Pensiones116,585,000
Bosera Asset Management Co., Limited0.0
China Southern Fund Mgmt Co.,Ltd0.0
Vida Caixa21,825,299
Mediolanum International Funds Limited662,635,505
SNW Asset Management, LLC6,180,000
RREEF Investment GmbH3,910,000,000
Thames River Capital LLP34,888,850
Caja Laboral Gesti?n18,252,500
Internationale Kapitalanlagegesellschaft mbH72,930,000
Credit Suisse Asset Mgt Immo KAG mbH1,346,845,000
Credit Suisse Asset Management KAG mbH57,245,455
Credit Suisse Funds AG13,987,500
Santander Pensiones EGFP45,371,770
SWIP Multi-Manager Funds Ltd.632,120,000
Morant Wright Management Ltd (Capita)0.0
Hyundai Investment Co, Ltd.0.0
Tongyang Asset Management Corp63,213,884,745
KTB Asset Management Co., Ltd.1,581,580,175
State Street Bank GmbH28,370,000
AIG Global Asset Mgmt Co. India P. Ltd.0.0
Scottish Widows Inv Partnership Ltd274,441,538
SWIP Fund Management Limited306,920,698
Schroder Unit Trusts Limited469,667,442
Aberdeen Immobilien Kapitalanlage GmbH353,326,000
SOLIT PP Silber GmbH and Co. KG0.0
Deutsche Asset and Wealth Management Investment GmbH69,354,608
Aviva Vida y Pensiones Se. y Re.23,296,832
Cr?dit Suisse Gesti?n5,369,655
GVC Gaesco Gesti?n7,562,227
Kutxabank Gesti?n57,921,017
ING Mutual Fund1,010,000,000
Premier Portfolio Managers Limited101,940,003
River and Mercantile AM LLP154,703,033
Sbi Funds Management Private Limited7,805,122,936
MDEF Gestefin SGIIC12,006,667
Popular Gesti?n Privada14,879,676
DUX Inversores5,578,000
Imantia Capital SGIIC31,297,273
Caser Pensiones EGFP4,417,923
BNP Paribas Gesti?n de Inversiones10,982,903
AandG Fondos7,449,707
Kutxabank Vida y Pensiones Se. y Re.46,312,448
March Gesti?n de Fondos9,174,615
Ahorro Corporaci?n Gesti?n12,911,824
Urquijo Gesti?n4,809,070
Banco de Madrid Gestión de Activos7,456,667
Banif Gestión19,824,500
Insight Investment Mgmt (Global) Ltd2,478,965,086
Banif Gesti?n7,557,600
Inverseguros Pensiones EGFP3,338,196
PineBridge Investments Mgmt Taiwan Ltd5,489,806,092
PensPlan Invest SGR SpA17,808,571
Gestión Santander México SA de CV1,835,556,667
Canara Robeco Asset Management Co. Ltd272,831,429
Yuanta Security Inv Trust Co., Ltd2,773,158,458
UBS Real Estate KAG mbH60,370,000
Franklin Templeton Sinoam Sec Inv Mgmt8,157,606,111
Capital Investment Trust Co., Ltd3,654,559,841
Prudential Financial Sec Inv Trust Ent.1,863,365,116
BNP Paribas Asset Mgmt. India Pvt. Ltd2,742,000,000
Religare Asset Mgmt Compy Private Ltd182,878,000
AIG Global AM Comp (India) Pvt. Ltd0.0
Lazard Asset Management(Deutschland)GmbH60,005,000
Mirabaud Gesti?n8,351,000
CatalunyaCaixa Inversi?44,041,905
Andbank Wealth Management SGIIC13,133,406
Caja Espa?a Vida Se. y Re.15,780,434
Unicorp Vida Se. y Re.38,553,043
Previsi?n Sanitaria Nacional Se. y Re.14,229,454
Bankinter Gesti?n de Activos14,974,683
DWS Investments (Spain)9,665,308
Bankia Fondos21,346,436
Caser Pensiones9,945,422
Inter Expansion82,259,990
BNP Paribas Asset Management513,586,462
Fondiaria-Sai S.p.A.0.0
Mediterr?neo Vida8,305,000
Banesto Banca Privada Gesti?n16,778,000
Hanwha Asset Management Co Ltd45,939,858,791
Federal Finance Gestion82,271,929
Groupama Asset Management249,383,667
JPMorgan Asset Management (Taiwan) Ltd.2,611,811,020
SGSS Deutschland Kapitalanlage GmbH47,675,714
Bansabadell Pensiones94,125,000
Merrill Lynch Gesti?n15,790,000
Eastspring Securities Invst Tr Co. Ltd.8,488,847,551
First Securities Inv. Trust Co., Ltd.2,706,605,000
HSBC Investments (Taiwan) Ltd.1,702,186,538
Invesco Taiwan Limited926,310,903
Sa Nostra Seguros de Vida SA6,997,069
JPMorgan Asset Management (Taiwan) Ltd3,749,200,288
Shin Kong Investment Trust Co., Ltd.1,470,718,810
Fuh Hwa Securities Investment Tr Co Ltd3,095,600,990
SinoPac Securities Inv Trust Co., Ltd1,339,949,178
ING Securities Invest and Trust Co., Ltd1,630,836,000
Duero Pensiones EGFP28,577,222
Standard Chartered Bank (HK) Ltd0.0
Prudential Asset Management (Singapore)34,890,000
Risparmio and Previdenza S.p.A.0.0
Hua Nan Investment Trust Co., Ltd1,856,572,135
Samsung Asset Management Co, Ltd.7,685,570,962
Anima Sgr S.p.A397,931,229
Allianz Global Investors Europe GmbH11,293,333
SOLIT PP Gold GmbH and Co. KG0.0
FRANKFURT-TRUST Investment-GmbH15,200,000
Jih Sun Securities Inv Trust Co., Ltd.3,641,423,333
Deutsche Asset Management (Germany)33,870,000
Mega International Inv Trust Co., Ltd4,465,894,098
Caja Ingenieros Gesti?n20,701,429
Acacia Inversi?n11,025,000
Lombard Odier Gesti?n (Espa?a) SGIIC15,678,462
Santander Pensiones29,838,651
Gesti?n Santander M?xico SA de CV535,320,000
Alleanza Toro S.p.A0.0
Privat Bank Patrimonio4,008,889
Deutsche FE DWS Asset Mgmt Co.,Ltd736,625,444
First Financial Holding Co., Ltd.294,510,000
Azimut SGR S.p.A25,760,000
BBR Rogier12,608,000
Union Securities Invest Trust Co., Ltd3,375,351,140
Soci?t? G?n?rale Securities Services KAG469,080
RGA Rural Pensiones EGFP30,262,469
Esp?rito Santo Pensiones2,390,290
AEGON Ireland0.0
Brookfield Investment Funds576,951,458
Ingenious Ventures Limited2,460,845
JAG Capital Management, LLC34,806,667
Lincoln Financial Group8,553,077
CI Fondos SA de CV954,221,389
Rothschild Private Management Limited42,994,963
Alliance Trust Investments48,454,783
Capita Financial Managers Ltd67,127,818
Odey Asset Management Llp419,866,785
Legg Mason Global Funds Plc (Dublin)300,101,437
Amundi Investment Solutions20,245,150
Investec Asset Management Ltd.650,490,000
OnePath/ANZ Group19,215,000
Grant Samuel Fund Services Limited563,696,364
Super Members Investments Limited78,346,888
Lazard Asset Management Pacific Co274,137,000
Antares Capital Partners Ltd25,077,500
PIMCO Australia Pty Limited1,963,958,889
Celsius Investments Australia Limited24,550,000
BlackRock Australia290,992,373
Perpetual Australia321,818,509
AMP Group418,921,376
Mercer (Australia) Pty Ltd310,488,507
Australian Ethical155,477,143
Lloyd George Management (Europe) Limited4,350,000
Redmayne Bentley Stockbrokers (Capita)0.0
Kames Capital plc589,987,585
Margetts Fund Management Limited61,959,970
Ranger Funds19,096,667
GAM Sterling Management Limited158,178,718
Mariner Fund Group27,863,333
Scottish Widows Plc102,480,000
State Street Unit Trust76,216,667
Centre Funds102,067,500
Chimaera Private Limited111,875
Towle and Co77,140,000
Scharf Investments161,556,667
State Street Global Advisors Ltd.102,404,231
Kovitz Investment Group, LLC64,330,000
Indiabulls Asset Management Company Ltd.0.0
Hagin Capital, LLC495,800
Invesco Powershares Capital Mgmt LLC11,281,222
Pramerica Asset Managers Private Limited0.0
Janus Capital International Ltd.416,816,105
Christopher Weil and Company, Inc.36,210,000
Vericimetry Funds257,230,000
Brookfield Investment Management Inc.88,490,117
Hamlin Capital Management, LLC423,745,000
Rocky Peak Capital1,790,000
Ibbotson Associates Australia Limited264,259,535
Solaris Investment Management Limited408,486,667
Macquarie Bank Group265,796,701
FIL Investment Mgmt (AUS) Ltd426,206,154
Perpetual Superannuation Limited5,780,581
BT Financial Group Ltd139,089,468
Invesco Australia Limited91,541,507
Certitude Global Investments Ltd40,082,143
Triex Financial Services, Inc.1,360,000
NPG Life0.0
Grandeur Peak Funds503,218,750
Transamerica Life Canada25,435,004
CBRE Clarion Securities304,120,000
Avenue Capital Group1,080,000,000
MainGate Trust1,506,666,667
Bennett Group Master Funds205,755
UBS Asset Management (Australia) Ltd276,566,782
Clearview Wealth Limited28,658,824
UBS Global Asset Management (Aus) Ltd8,496,554
Canada Life Assurance Co85,791,372
1492 Capital Management, LLC3,303,980
National/MLC Group69,706,702
Schroder Investment Management Australia Limited1,538,487,083
DFA Australia Limited432,249,615
Ironbark Asset Management Pty Ltd175,471,429
Granite Investment Advisors, Inc.13,230,000
Counsel Portfolio Services Inc.173,218,629
First State Investments (UK) Ltd1,248,579,835
Midas Capital Partners (Capita)0.0
Urquijo Gestión3,425,000
Generali Seguros12,890,000
Aviva S.p.A.0.0
Managed Futures Solutions Fund27,372,500
Quantitative Services Group LLC (QSG)7,051,410
WDB Asset Management Limited39,926,667
GLG Partners LP31,391,807
Scottish Widows Share Classes-HIFML121,458,127
Miton Group PLC2,665,506
Linde Hansen46,025,000
LandT Asset Management Ltd6,460,000,000
NEW Path Capital Advisors42,270,000
Phoenix Fund Services (UK) Ltd174,700,013
Legg Mason Asset Management Ltd (AU)223,260,642
Cohen and Steers Capital Management Inc.21,820,000
DDH Graham Limited26,422,308
Australian Unity Limited135,765,253
Equity Trustees Ltd441,542,066
Ausbil Investment Management Limited368,128,889
GMO Australia Limited529,620,000
Plan Investment Fund135,985,000
North Star67,045,000
Thomson Horstmann and Bryant28,654,515
Chartwell Investment Partners89,232,500
Drexel Hamilton Investment Partners, LLC10,565,000
Valu-Trac Investment Management Limited10,221,214
MandG Group1,880,296,008
CNP Vida695,860
Bestinver Pensiones139,720,000
Esp?rito Santo Gesti?n15,842,713
Ibercaja Gesti?n82,895,455
G.I.I.C. Fineco12,662,972
Bansabadell Inversi?n31,711,379
Barclays Wealth Managers Espa?a11,759,286
Belgravia Capital40,405,000
BBVA Patrimonios Gestora11,373,902
Renta 4 Gestora5,057,076
Alpha Plus Gestora7,360,000
Bankia Banca Privada Gesti?n3,735,000
Reliance Securities InvTrust Co., Ltd624,477,308
AXA Investment Managers UK Ltd.121,534,130
Manufacturers Life Insurance Co314,027,909
Cove Street Capital80,580,000
London Life Insurance Company311,989,140
Afore Sura SA de CV0.0
Ventura Investment Management Ltd69,488,400
Aurora Funds Management Limited44,200,000
Select Asset Management Limited4,506,865
Challenger Ltd310,190,247
Finaccess México SA de CV1,000,000,000
APN Funds Management Limited16,998,139
Franklin Templeton Investments (UK)128,456,735
First Asset Investment Management Inc19,608,086
Horizons AlphaPro1,612,792
Matco Financial Inc.54,675,000
Deutsche Asset Management4,900,000
Miton Asset Management (Capita)0.0
Baring Fund Managers Ltd268,659,962
RBS Collective Investment Funds Limited137,627,500
Dalton Strategic Partnership LLP334,883,125
Fidelity (FIL Investment SVCS (UK) Ltd)509,917,591
Union KBC Asset Management Co. Pvt. Ltd.0.0
DBS Asset Management Limited31,786,000
NFU Mutual Unit Managers Limited145,075,185
Horizon Investments274,030,000
Cortina Funds Inc51,076,666
Cazenove Investment Fund Management Ltd0.0
Investors Mutual Limited484,878,571
IOOF Group249,260,957
Platinum Asset Management1,815,355,000
Cl Administradora SA de CV731,020,000
IDBI Asset Management Limited0.0
Fitzpatricks Dealer Group Pty Ltd74,210,000
BlackRock Investment Mngt (Taiwan) Ltd442,259,474
Mosaic Portfolio Advisers Limited408,552,353
Royal London Asset Management Ltd.265,530,000
Cavendish Asset Management69,046,250
Cheviot Asset Management (Capita)4,160,000
Investec Asset Management Ireland Ltd453,912,222
APN Funds Management Ltd397,393,333
Challenger Limited92,981,429
UBS Global Asset Management Funds Ltd99,485,956
Goldman Sachs Australia Managed Fds Ltd.90,814,284
Value Partners Concord Asset Mgmt Co Ltd172,840,333
Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited92,915,000
Select Investment Partners Limited42,324,596
Equity Trustees Limited10,507,692
Aberdeen Unit Trust Managers Limited80,010,000
Philadelphia Invmt Ptnrs New Generation8,330,000
Crow Point8,520,000
Allianz Popular Asset Management186,752,667
AlphaPro Management Inc23,422,500
Scotia Asset Management L.P.187,365,833
KDB Asset Management CO ., LTD.4,866,033,889
Close Asset Management (UK) Limited246,727,955
British and American28,230,000
Lincoln Indicators Pty Ltd122,085,000
Aviva Ltd (Singapore)41,143,300
Royal Bank of Scotland208,034,889
Cornelian Asset Managers Ltd (Capita)7,470,769
Industrial Alliance Insurance and Fin219,133,540
JPMorgan Funds (Asia) Limited366,122
AXA Versicherung AG0.0
Amundi Iberia18,663,333
Actinver Casa de Bolsa SA de CV759,745,000
Rothschild and Cie Gestion211,459,918
Sprott Asset Management L.P.74,236,667
GHC Fund Management Limited (Capita)51,136
IOF Foresters8,270,000
Barclays Multimanager Funds Plc650,879,396
Caixa Catalunya Gesti?14,512,857
Hunter Hall Investment Management Ltd83,782,222
Franklin Templeton Investments Aus Ltd238,917,647
GLG Partners Investment Funds Limited16,021,000
ROI Management364,521,667
Brookfield Investment Mgnt (UK) Ltd139,620,000
State Street Global Advisors France SA7,350,000
Baring International Fund Mgrs (Ireland)375,434,356
Lazard Fund Managers (Ireland) Ltd1,881,000,127
Skandia Fund Management (Ireland) Ltd283,195,000
Sanlam Asset Mgmt (Ireland) Ltd154,672,961
Nikko AM Limited265,068,824
Harvest Fund Mgmt Co.,Ltd0.0
Ontario Secs Inv Trust Co., Ltd314,052,500
Uni-President Asset Management Co., Ltd3,310,084,211
Fubon Securities Inv Trust Co Ltd1,943,766,215
Arca Vita0.0
Ennismore Fund Management Limited309,956,667
Bipiemme Vita S.p.A.0.0
Nikko Asset Management Asia Limited990,008,923
Acadia Asset Management2,930,000
HSBC Global Asset Mgmt (Canada) Ltd.271,542,500
UBS Hana Asset Management Co., Ltd43,729,157,108
Insight Investment Funds Mgmt (Glb) Ltd.267,753,611
Fund Quest (IFSL)20,469,083
Whitebox Advisors, LLC425,050,000
Cazenove Capital Management51,349,040
Henderson Group PLC469,781,876
Fiducian Portfolio Services Limited47,510,000
Aurion Capital Management Inc.0.0
Mirae Asset Management Co.,Ltd597,472,564
Amundi Singapore Ltd0.0
Putnam Investments (Ireland) Limited119,476,031
Sharefunds Limited16,451,429
Kleinwort Benson49,101,466
Henderson Investment Funds Ltd500,114,871
RBC Life Insurance Co.1,565,285
Mirabaud and Cie68,940,000
SV Life Sciences Managers LLP158,970,000
JP Morgan Investment Mgmt Inc.229,116,923
FFandP Unit Trust Mgmt Ltd57,362,569
Clarion PLC (Elite)24,611,905
Northern Venture Mngrs Ltd61,565,000
Martin Currie Investment Management Ltd.214,286
Ruffer LLP (Capita)0.0
Dimensional Fund Advisors Ltd.447,590,000
Legal and General Unit Trust Managers Ltd.404,860,000
Lazard Asset Management Ltd.77,234,855
Sand Aire Limited70,494,444
HBOS Investment Fund Managers Limited1,454,043,333
AEGON International BV0.0
Barclays Capital Fund Solutions2,240,670
Ecclesiastical Investment Management118,405,000
MT Fund Management Limited345,840,000
Vanguard Investments UK, Limited1,471,244,737
Macquarie Alternative Inv Ltd (Capita)0.0
Prudential Unit Trusts Ltd.62,319,522
JPMorgan Asset Managment (UK)78,326,667
Legg Mason Funds ICVC96,618,333
Shore Capital Stockbrokers11,370,000
J Rothschild Capital Management Limited2,410,000,000
CIBC Securities Inc.227,619,167
Heartwood Wealth Management Limited0.0
Nat West Unit Trust67,797,778
FundQuest UK Limited (Capita)0.0
FIL Investments International1,759,148,571
Taylor Young Investment Mgt Ltd (Capita)0.0
Eden Financial Limited (Capita)37,160,000
Henderson Investors Limited77,734,800
IM Russell ICVC (IFDSM)49,200,000
Rathbone Unit Trust Management Limited72,799,412
Direct Line Unit Trusts Ltd70,182,500
INSYNERGY Investment Management27,967,500
Virgin Money Unit Trust Managers Ltd.713,137,143
Tilney Collective Mgmt Ltd64,818,148
Investec Investment Management Limited4,510,000
Marlborough Fund Managers Limited128,217,384
Antonveneta Vita S.p.A.0.0
UBS Securities Invmt Advisory (TW) Ltd1,378,556,923
COURTIERS Investment Services Limited59,860,000
UBS Global Asset Management Limited571,665,000
Religare Asset Management Company Ltd.796,798,000
Albemarle Asset Management Ltd21,108,571
Mercer Global Investments Management Ltd685,238,530
Russell Investments1,589,176,161
Goldman Sachs Asset Mngmt Intl6,499,582,778
Arctic Fund Management AS1,020,633,846
DJE Kapital AG0.0
National Investor25,610,000
Monega Kapitalanlagegesellschaft mbH58,966,667
MM Asset Management Limited9,614,032
Cazenove International Fund PLC394,302,667
Sarasin Investment Funds Limited182,212,121
J O Hambro Investment Mgt Ltd (Capita)0.0
Invesco Global Asset Management Limited1,444,291,731
EPIC Asset Management Ltd.6,350,000
GLG Partners Asset Management Limited17,517,819,227
Vanguard Group (Ireland) Limited4,194,398,955
GAM Fund Management Limited802,471,131
Delaware Investment Advisers131,047,051
Penghua Fund Mgmt Co.,Ltd0.0
J O Hambro Capital Management Limited1,724,430,988
Franklin Templeton AM México SA de CV174,710,000
Clarity Fund3,950,000
Kennox Asset Management (SandW)26,170,000
Tilney (Ireland) Limited21,320,000
Barclays Wealth7,116,667
Schroder Investment Mgmt (Taiwan) Ltd1,447,236,286
Taishin Securities Investment Tr Co Ltd6,232,908,723
AXA Rosenberg Management Ireland Ltd3,090,307,398
Principal Global Investors (Ireland) Ltd8,510,432,256
Aviva Vita S.p.A0.0
AXA Life Insurance Singapore Pte Ltd28,304,167
Brown Advisory Funds plc364,585,269
Russell Investments Ireland Limited465,244,434
Prudential International Assurance0.0
Old Mutual Investment Management Limited309,747,928
Aberdeen Asset Management Asia Limited144,864,000
Marshall Wace Asset Management Ltd1,619,167
E.I. Sturdza Strategic Management Ltd4,855,552,692
Architas Multi-Manager Europe Limited45,729,524
Hexam Capital Partners LLP87,962,583
Ashmore Equities Inv Mgmt (US) LLC226,510,000
The Hartford1,792,808,529
BT Funds Management (NZ)79,440,000
GlobalReach Securities Limited7,118,266
AXA Investment Managers Ireland Limited90,818,333
Lindsell Train Ltd3,952,925,455
Da Cheng Fund Mgmt Co.,Ltd0.0
Parker Asset Management Limited21,330,000
Overseas Assurance Corporation2,710,000
Mutual Ltd0.0
Principal Global Investors (AUS) Ltd118,265,000
Empire Life Insurance Company218,132,147
FundLogic Alternatives plc134,746,701
Anima Asset Management Ireland Limited204,154,774
Custom Markets Plc24,780,218
Source Investment Management Limited6,744,107
Smarter Money Investments Pty Ltd150,630,000
Fortis Invmt Mgmt (India) Private Ltd5,480,000,000
Ping An of China Asset Management (HK)Co144,056,000
Inversis Gesti?n5,631,875
Taiwan International Investment Manageme246,210,000
RBS (Luxembourg) S.A.0.0
Aviva Gesti?n31,933,333
Lombard Odier Darier Hentsch Gesti?n4,866,667
Woori Asset Management Co., Ltd4,976,016,562
Hang Seng Investment Management Ltd4,390,360,357
BEA Union Investment Management Ltd189,296,952
AMTD Financial Planning Limited0.0
ARCA SGR S.p.A.430,817,314
HDI Assicurazioni S.p.A.0.0
Barclays Private Clients Investment Serv120,065,000
Atl 12 Capital Gesti?n19,680,000
Amundi SGR Spa42,186,407
Sun Life Global Investments263,431,600
Carige SGR Asset Management175,753,947
Aviva SpA0.0
Goldman Sachs Asset Mgmt (IND) Pvt Ltd969,288,889
Eastspring Investments (Singapore) Ltd291,841,273
First State Investments (Singapore)247,629,412
Soci?t? G?n?rale Gestion251,020,000
Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management119,934,815
Whitebox Mutual Funds86,286,667
Schroder Investment Management (HK) Ltd0.0
Goodman and Co,Investment Counsel Ltd.0.0
Bank of Communications Schroders0.0
Allan Gray Australia Pty Ltd702,333,333
AXA Asia Pacific4,833,508
Coutts Fund Managers Ltd492,111,574
Fundhost Limited80,820,000
Atrium Investment Management Pty Ltd149,103,333
ING Investment Mgmt (India) Private Ltd111,670,000
Aberdeen Asset Management Limited25,980,000
Popolare Vita S.p.A.0.0
Huet Capital Limited7,153,333
Co-operators Life Insurance Company36,672,584
Guinness Asset Management Funds plc44,460,176
Charter Hall Group94,226,145
CIBC Asset Management308,094,752
LimeStreet Capital2,960,000
Crédit Suisse Gestión1,800,000
Valuestream Investment Management Ltd11,825,000
JP Morgan Asset Mgmt (Korea) Co Ltd41,595,411,478
Pembroke Private Wealth Management75,393,750
Standard Life Assurance Co. of Canada131,623,702
Morgan Stanley Invmt Mgmt Private Ltd0.0
Desjardins Financial Security86,190,445
Consulnor Gesti?n10,402,636
90 West Asset Management Limited0.0
Principal Trust Company (Asia) Limited0.0
KGI Securities Investment Trust Co., Ltd596,962,551
Dimensional Fund Advisors Canada Inc317,268,500
Sprott Asset Management LP45,323,043
Invesco Hong Kong Limited1,215,140,000
SSQ-Societe dand#39;assurance-vie52,362,763
Waverton Investment Funds PLC188,022,941
Sanpaolo Invest (Ireland) Ltd12,645,037
Payden and Rygel314,500,336
Ignis Asset Management Limited57,550,606
Guotai Asset Mgmt Co.,Ltd0.0
Iveagh Ltd154,483,333
Fiduciary Asset Management, LLC147,200,000
IA Clarington Investments Inc.172,865,455
Credit Suisse, Zürich61,500,000
Schroder Unit Trusts (UK)28,385,000
Morgan Stanley Investment Funds1,114,907,273
Industrial Alliance Pacific Life Insuran8,150,000
Ashmore EMM, L.L.C.23,400,000
Allianz Global Investors Singapore Ltd0.0
AXA MPS Assicurazioni Vita0.0
Magellan Asset Management Limited1,241,282,143
CBG Asset Management Limited54,320,000
Zurich Australia Limited25,960,000
Martin Currie Investment Management Ltd66,179,231
Welzia Management19,595,000
Assumption Life5,645,196
Keren Finance36,744,385
Manulife (International) Limited187,928
BOCI-Prudential Asset Management1,192,575,159
Hyperion Asset Management592,955,000
YurieAsset Management Co., Ltd0.0
BNP Paribas Inv Partners (Aus) Ltd73,838,571
Sun Life Hong Kong Limited0.0
Dongbu Asset Management6,205,341,685
RCM Asia Pacific Limited0.0
K2 Asset Management Ltd97,897,333
First Asset Investment Management Inc.557,807
HSBC Investments (Hong Kong) Ltd1,492,792,222
Russell Investments Canada Limited287,940,882
Wellington Management Company, LLP3,357,682,187
First Financial Holding Company Ltd801,883,750
Investment House LLC74,930,000
Smallco Investment Manager202,760,000
Motilal Oswal Asset Management Co. Ltd0.0
Pengana Capital Limited243,835,714
Enhanced Investment Products Limited17,950,000
ETFS Commodity Securities Australia Ltd141,206
Taurus Funds Management Pty Ltd173,130,000
Apex Capital Management0.0
AIA Company (Trustee) Limited0.0
BNP Paribas TCB Asset Mgmt Co., Ltd.423,871,429
Alpha Asset Management.51,113,704,917
Bank Consortium0.0
Schroder Investment Management Australia146,530,000
Solventis Gesti?n4,670,000
NEI Investments127,928,029
Asia Asset Management Co., Ltd7,437,123,805
The Trust Company (RE Services) Limited148,251,667
IBK Asset Management Co., Ltd.12,976,021,248
FIL Investment Management (HK) Ltd0.0
Folkestone Maxim Asset Management16,030,000
NxT Funds14,285,000
Qwest Funds Corp.8,680,000
Manulife Asset Management(Tawian) Co Ltd1,160,273,500
Bankia Pensiones5,609,013
Partners Group (Guernsey) Limited3,880,000
Swita Investment Management Pty Ltd12,250,000
T. Rowe Price International Limited352,252,500
Middlefield Fund Management Limited0.0
Cattolica Gestione Previdenza0.0
Clime Asset Management Pty Ltd30,966,667
Perennial Investment Partners Ltd1,930,088
Prudential Financial Securities Investme227,200,000
Generali Investments Deutschland KAG mbH31,360,000
Equitable Life Insurance Co of Canada22,823,722
Arena Investment Management8,683,333
Multi Asset Global Investments17,621,276,364
Consus Asset Manageemnt Co., Ltd23,900,577,626
Value Partners Investment Inc273,103,500
First Trust Advisors L.P.0.0
Allianz S.p.A.0.0
Invesco Australia Ltd2,210,000
Maple-Brown Abbott Limited212,423,333
JC Clark Ltd0.0
Central Fund of Canada Ltd0.0
Columbus Investment Services Limited38,633,333
Taiwan Int Inv Mgmt Co., Ltd113,300,000
OC Funds Management Limited43,190,000
MFS Investment Management1,570,302,000
CTBC Securities Investment Tr Co. Ltd.1,390,941,429
Cathay Securities Investment Trust Co.,159,463,333
Grand Cathay Securities Investment Trust272,600,000
Taishin Securities Investment Trust125,492,222
BIM VITA S.p.A.16,433,333
FIL Securities Invmt Trust Co. (TW) Ltd977,273,750
Putnam Investments Australia15,760,000
Integrity Investment Management Aus Ltd90,270,000
Lion Global Investors Ltd36,808,145
Mutual Limited384,301,667
Reale Mutua0.0
FWD Life Insurance Company (Bermuda) Ltd0.0
LS Asset Management22,552,388,859
Lazard Korea Asset Management Co., Ltd.51,563,461,538
Vertex One Asset Management Inc.46,980,000
Natixis Asset Management595,330,763
NH-CA Asset Management15,878,767,340
North Growth Management Ltd.27,320,000
Fondo Pensione Eurofer0.0
Canoe Financial LP42,320,000
Seven Capital Management15,105,000
ERES SAS22,465,882
Dream Asset Management Co., Ltd.0.0
Yurie Asset Management0.0
OFI Asset Management98,897,270
CBT Gestion23,260,000
CCR Asset Management11,945,000
Uz?s Gestion16,468,571
Blue Sky Invt Science Asset Mgmt Pty Ltd20,920,000
Atlantis Investment Management Limited32,635,000
Alpha Fund Managers Pty Ltd40,565,000
JF Asset Management (Taiwan) Limited2,860,000,000
Abacus Property Group68,580,000
Treasury Group Investment Services (Aus)4,168,380
Bullion Management Services125,872,000
IOOF Investment Management Limited35,909,575
Zurich Investments Life S.P.A.1,710,000
Seilern Inv Mgmt Ireland Ltd122,096,667
Banc Of America Capital Mgmt Funds1,758,337,143
Commonwealth/Colonial Group71,887,778
Value Partners Hong Kong Limited126,165,625
Falcon Capital Limited1,970,000
FRM Investment Management Ltd1,560,000
KBL Richelieu Gestion46,909,722
Pioneer Investment Management SGRpA748,574,706
BancAssurance Popolari S.p.A617,008
Nomura Asset Management Taiwan1,658,569,758
Omega Global Investors Pty Ltd69,856,667
Kleinwort Benson Investors Dublin Ltd166,480,686
UTI Mutual Fund0.0
Donaldson Burston Pty Limited37,580,000
Generali Investments Europe542,965,000
Barclays Wealth Managers France60,018,000
Sycomore Asset Management231,205,455
La Fran?aise AM80,820,601
Hi Asset Management Co., Ltd.4,279,351,413
HSBC Global Asset Management (Taiwan) Limited1,310,791,577
Tongyang Asset Management Corp.5,465,447,451
Macif Gestion48,465,000
HSBC Life (International) Limited0.0
VentureLink Group of Funds70,831,667
Talence Gestion15,075,000
Vittoria Assicurazioni S.P.A.0.0
Veritas Investment GmbH81,391,111
ATAC Fund41,650,000
Manulife Asset Management (HK) Ltd0.0
Aletti Gestielle SGR S.p.A.3,277,388,500
Intesa Previdenza SIM SpA46,495,604
MC Gestioni S.G.R.p.A.7,764,545
Euromobiliare Asset Management SGR SpA191,972,083
AcomeA SGR SpA63,415,000
Collins Stewart CI Limited4,780,000
Empire Life Investments Inc0.0
Aberdeen SVG1,230,000,000
Crescent Funds Management (Aust) Limited29,300,000
Trilogy Advisors LLC848,660,000
Supervised Investments Australia Limited8,910,000
Nomura Asset Management Co., Ltd.31,559,708
Franklin Templeton Investments (Korea)17,169,616,610
Truston Asset Management Co., Ltd.29,569,034,074
Sarasin Funds Management (Ireland) Ltd.68,107,771
Aviva Investors France208,561,125
BNY Mellon Global Management Ltd1,230,650,372
UBS Asset Management (UK) Ltd377,798,883
Alpi Fondi SGR SpA7,662,000
SEI Global Master Fund PLC429,960,743
Russell Investment Ireland Limited5,074,341,426
Bedlam Asset Management10,586,667
Threadneedle Investment Services Ltd2,107,052,333
BBVA Pensiones EGFP71,739,664
Architas Multi-Manager Limited130,159,937
Eastspring Investments (Korea)43,842,037,021
AXA Pensiones7,161,429
Legg Mason Investments Europe Ltd676,404,014
UOB Global Capital (Dublin) Limited91,616,932
Neuberger Berman Europe Ltd10,654,104,758
Nomura Alternative Invt Mgnt (Eur) Ltd19,932,601
Fleming Family and Partners143,820,000
Alliance Trust Investments Ltd89,737,265
I A Michael Investment Counsel Ltd109,327,500
mperical Asset Management AG Switzerland8,040,000
Principal Asset Management Co (Asia) Ltd2,437,543,077
NorVega Sgr S.p.A.8,088,761
Comgest Asset Management Intl Ltd1,249,513,085
Janus Capital International Ltd512,471,435
Janus Capital Funds Plc315,001,905
MassMutual Trustees Ltd0.0
Zurich Investments Life SpA6,507,500
Treligga PLC256,858,889
Plus Ultra Seguros229,370
Consultinvest Asset Management S.p.A.SGR70,301,200
Allianz Global Investors Ireland Ltd220,480,278
Insight Investment Management (Glb) Ltd654,394,545
Phillips, Hager and North Inv Mgmt490,110,000
Promelys Participations297,000
FandC (BMO Global Asset Management)108,002,769
Aspect Capital Limited0.0
Assetplus Investment Mgmt Co Ltd74,781,037,159
Allianz Global Investors France188,146,892
Blackfriars Asset Management Ltd22,821,667
Occam Asset Management LLP5,205,751
Castlestone Management (Eu) Limited8,368,125
Sarasin Investment Funds Ltd133,510,796
Aurora Assicurazioni S.p.A.0.0
BNP Paribas IP (Ireland) Ltd386,766,000
Eurizon Capital SGR SpA325,800,060
Legg Mason Investment Funds Limited171,334,826
Kames Capital PLC589,987,585
CIMB Principal Asset Management Berhad0.0
Rural Pensiones9,958,050
Santander Asset Management SGIIC348,690,886
Muzinich and Co Ltd2,723,383,688
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce790,939,269
Nordkapp Gesti?n694,148
Seneca Investment Managers Limited0.0
BancoPosta Fondi S.p.A. SGR244,191,379
UOB Asset Management Ltd1,695,633,002
ING Investment Management Korea, Ltd.1,347,105,263
Troy Asset Management Limited199,135,385
Allianz Global Investors Italia SGR Spa219,084,444
AXA Investment Managers UK Ltd320,653,627
City of London Investment Mngmt Co. Ltd32,724,545
Charlemagne Capital (IOM) Ltd.16,534,091
Desjardins Investments Inc551,674,522
Gescooperativo SGIIC66,723,088
EdenTree Investment Management Limited162,341,333
Mutualitat Collegi Enginyers1,092,458
Barclays Multi-Manager Fund (UK Series 2)135,216,500
Daishin Asset Management Co., Ltd.169,069,783
Shinyoung Investment Management0.0
Allianz Popular Vida36,185,000
RBC Life Insurance Co37,480,000
SHINHAN BNP Paribas Investment Trust0.0
Bansabadell Inversi?n SGIIC246,355,441
Bank of Communications Trustee Ltd0.0
Natixis Canada53,276,832
Invercaixa Gesti?n33,128,738
Fund Partners Ltd52,153,931
HSBC Investments Funds Ltd8,617,403,333
WAY Fund Managers Ltd16,480,000
Cassa Di Risparmio Di Firenze Spa0.0
WandW Asset Management AG119,692,857
EdgePoint Wealth Management Inc1,809,555,882
Brown Advisory Funds PLC364,585,269
Nomura International plc115,460,512
Mercer Global Investments Man Ltd93,102,000
Mapfre Inversi?n Dos SGIIC64,398,000
Ges. Fibanc1,200,270
Nuveen Global Investors Fund PLC35,397,866
Deutsche Zurich Pensiones EGFP28,421,315
Charlemagne Capital (IOM) Ltd118,071,724
European and Global Investments Ltd.12,268,436
Liberbank Gesti?n43,806,154
Conseq Investment Management0.0
Bestinver Gesti?n SGIIC394,381,250
The Empire Life Insurance Co358,036,892
Caja Espa?a Fondos33,700,462
Argonaut Capital Partners LLP201,070,625
HIM Capital Limited45,620,000
Legg Mason Institutional Funds plc (Dub)1,206,041,000
Federated International Management Ltd689,249,643
BNP Paribas Investment Partners SGR130,161,200
New Capital Fund Management Ltd355,169,286
Alpha Plus Gestora SGIIC19,585,000
Barclays Asset Management Limited209,565,000
Promepar AM282,458,364
Franklin Templeton Services1,485,133,352
Quadris Environmental Fund PLC76,572,500
GVC Gaesco Pensiones EGFP8,056,667
Nemesis Asset Management18,284,943
Goldman Sachs Asset Management International15,503,643,719
Veritas Asset Management LLP1,353,259,268
AXA Rosenberg Inv Mgt Asia Pacific Ltd33,493,333
Mawer Investment Management Ltd1,102,908,889
Smith and Williamson Inv Mgt (Ireland) Ltd143,853,684
First Asset Management AS127,465,333
Legg Mason Global Funds PLC (Dublin)300,101,437
Schroder Investment Mgmt (Singapore) Ltd295,535,409
Barclays Portfolios PLC122,722,727
Smith and Williamson Ltd52,923,250
UBS Asset Management Funds Ltd104,328,846
Marriott Singer Ltd57,110,000
Omnis Investments139,155,182
COURTIERS Asset Management Ltd78,774,000
Metzler Ireland Ltd.18,387,143
Wise Investments Limited (T.Bailey)60,302,222
Zenit SGR SpA21,211,667
BNY Mellon Fund Managers Limited1,319,629,048
BNP Paribas Asset Management (ES)2,355,000
Querns Asset Managers6,880,000
Williams de Broe AssetMaster27,285,833
Nedgroup Investments (IOM) Ltd311,858,137
Kames Capital0.0
RenAsset Management69,834,000
Dimensional Fund Advisors Ltd1,111,381,176
UFC Fund Management PLC(IFSL)6,150,000
Lloyd George Management (Europe) Ltd60,066,667
Man Fund Management UK Limited12,439,200
Ferox Capital Management LP0.0
Liberbank Gesti?n SGIIC75,113,182
Fortis Investment Management UK Ltd163,567,143
Educators Financial Group Inc90,388,889
Rothschild HDF Investment Solutions47,609,853
IWI Fund Management Limited16,320,000
Natixis Global Asset Management856,007,414
HSBC Global Asset Management (UK) Ltd446,559,419
Turenne Capital Partenaires11,824,806
Scottish Friendly Asset Managers Limited22,725,000
Baring Asset Management Korea Ltd.24,297,282,178
Pheonix Asset2,006,196,250
La Banque Postale Asset Management361,606,562
LGM Investments Limited351,410,000
Third Avenue Captial PLC42,922,222
EDM Gesti?n3,155,000
Sanlam Asset Management (Ireland) Limited66,850,000
Brewin Dolphin (Capita)0.0
Lyxor Asset Management (Capita)0.0
Brooks Macdonald Funds Limited (IFSL)71,890,909
Smith and Williamson Fd Adm Ltd70,943,810
Bestinvest (Brokers) Limited (IFSL)218,496,083
Kleinwort Benson Private Bank (Capita)3,008,571
Skandia Investment Management Ltd63,682,500
Penderfund Capital Management Ltd49,510,000
Barclays Wealth Investment Funds(UK)39,962,941
Legal and General(Unit Trust Managers)Ltd719,187,741
Vida Caixa Se. y Re.101,355,951
Carvetian Capital Management Limited30,627,500
Bank of Scotland (OEIC)10,630,000
Cassa Centrale Raiffeisen delland#39;Alto Adige SpA34,673,333
Stonehage Fleming Investment Mgmt Ltd92,796,667
Pro-Financial Asset Management Inc.8,246,753
Calamos Advisors LLC69,753,333
Barclays Multi-Manager Fund PLC1,044,103,924
Lazard Fr?res Gestion157,086,756
Unicorn Asset Management Ltd209,839,333
Scottish Widows Investment Partnership23,483,750
Capita Financial Managers (Ireland) Ltd116,232,547
Aforge Gestion4,650,000
Swiss Life Asset Management (France)102,700,241
Intrinsic Value Investors (IVI) LLP,344,590,000
Aletti Gestielle SGR SpA358,195,196
Meritz Asset Management2,737,616,834
Caser Mediterr?neo Pensiones EGFP2,587,500
Controlfida Management Company Limited72,972,000
Shenyin Wanguo Asset Management (Asia) L0.0
CITIC Securities International Investment Management (HK) Ltd215,973,333
Catalunya Caixa Vida Se. y Re.14,579,412
Ngam Canada LP50,363,857
HDC Asset Management Co., Ltd.8,049,610,000
March Gesti?n de Pensiones EGFP32,099,913
Allianz Global Investors Korea Limited25,836,230,156
Manufacturers Life Insurance Company41,950,000
AllianceBernstein (Korea)84,581,022,979
Antonveneta Vita SpA0.0
Vestas Invest67,932,900,000
T. Bailey Asset Management Limited9,050,000
Wellington Management Company LLP2,288,771,973
SPEF VENTURE18,945,000
Hermes Investment Management Ltd450,657,312
T. Bailey Fund Services Limited153,579,778
Williams de Broe Limited (Capita)0.0
Odey Asset Management LLP419,866,785
Findlay Park Investment Management Ltd1,784,075,000
Gesti-re SGR S.p.A.3,925,000
Tressis Gesti?n SGIIC12,841,696
TwentyFour Asset Management LLP832,433,750
La Banque Postale Structured Asset Mngt38,201,026
Vega Asset Management SGR S.p.A.34,016,667
La Financi?re de land#39;Echiquier326,736,442
IBK Asset Management Co.,Ltd0.0
8a+ Investimenti SGR SpA25,203,333
My Asset Investment Management3,313,552,162
Solidariet? Veneto80,155,000
Oakseed Funds82,910,000
Mediolanum Gestione Fondi SGRp.A.0.0
Etoile Gestion104,954,088
Dongbu Investment Trust Management0.0
PT Indo Premier Investment Management0.0
Neptune Investment Management Ltd8,490
PIE Portfolio Index Evolution Co1,868,000
V?ga Investment Managers69,732,609
CM-CIC Asset Management334,301,143
Ecofi Investissements158,323,948
CA Indosuez Gestion73,339,848
Vega Investment Managers69,732,609
HSBC Global Asset Management (France)158,103,365
BFT Investment Managers530,067,778
GEFIP (Gestion Financi?re Priv?e)79,905,000
Conseil Plus Gestion4,776,667
BFT Gestion30,010,527
E Fund Management (HK) Co., Ltd1,091,111,111
EDM Gesti?n SGIIC31,664,762
Oakley Capital Management Limited64,245,549
Unipol Fondi Limited0.0
OceanRock Investments Inc.68,501,136
CABEI Central American Fund PLC107,100,000
Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management (France)385,688,724
PRIMA Asset Management Ireland Limited7,520,000
SVG Investment Managers Ltd14,030,000
Welzia Management SGIIC10,525,714
SOPRARNO SGR S.P.A.13,038,000
Caja Granada Vida (Aviva) Se. y Re.16,983,571
Eugene Asset Management Co., Ltd.11,737,368,037
Kyobo Axa Investment Managers Co., Ltd.2,660,000,000
MCG Wealth Management5,000,000
Tiburon Partners Limited8,988,338
Mirae Asset Global Investments Co., Ltd.0.0
Neuflize OBC Investissements72,839,333
Lindsell Train Ltd (Capita)0.0
OPTIMA S.P.A. - SGR72,262,143
Mediolanum Vita Spa0.0
Nestadio Capital1,843,111
Northern Trust Fund Mngrs (Ireland) Ltd70,535,502
Lantern Structured Asset Management12,261,765
J.P. Morgan Mansart Investments25,487,125
ARCA SGR SpA429,015,135
Vestra Wealth LLP (Elite)1,936,666
Miton Asset Management Limited14,254,552
Enhanced Investment Products Alpha Limited0.0
Agora Investments SGR Spa17,190,000
Cornelian Asset Managers548,281,288
Groupama Assicurazioni S.p.A0.0
Renta 4 Pensiones EGFP123,219,025
Standard Life Assurance Company0.0
Plus Asset Management Co., Ltd1,005,389,296
BlackRock Asset Management (Korea)0.0
Nevsky Capital LLP662,940,000
One Financial Group Inc0.0
Quilvest Asset Management S.A.49,762,727
Vittoria Assicurazioni SpA0.0
Concept Fund Solutions248,710,000
Eastspring Securities Invst Tr Co Ltd3,827,475,574
Citi Diamond Investments Plc.10,982,000
Quester VCT PLC36,190,000
Quadrus Investment Services Ltd234,496,685
Octopus Investments Limited (Elite)10,710,000
Scotia Asset Management772,767,555
Barclays Multi-Manager Fund (UK)293,508,182
JPMorgan Gesti?n SGIIC58,282,143
Global Growth Assets Inc.12,156,240
Goldman Sachs Management (Ireland) Ltd2,950,000,000
Meeschaert Asset Management51,563,200
Waverton Global Investment Funds plc.143,400,000
National Bank Investments Inc212,838,636
Orchard Wealth Management Limited83,188,333
Spearpoint Limited11,928,750
ACPI Shard Fixed Income Limited174,767,273
Newscape Capital Group Ltd7,060,000
European Wealth Group Ltd40,460,000
Bankia Pensiones EGFP80,899,978
LGT Capital Partners (Ireland) Limited0.0
KBL European Private Bankers S.A. Sucursal en Espa?a5,261,111
Aviva Liquidity Funds PLC110,926,667
Yuki Management and Research (YMR)1,237,157,917
JPMorgan Gesti?n17,082,000
RBS London3,660,000
AXA Investment Managers Paris167,976,058
SEB Life International911,688
UBS Alternative and Quantitative Investm137,492,500
Oasis Global Mgmt Co (Ireland) Ltd52,685,761
Soci?t? G?n?rale64,620,952
Augusta Vita S.p.A.0.0
PIMCO Canada1,600,722,917
North Growth Management Ltd79,170,000
GE Asset Management Funds PLC53,120,000
UBI Pramerica SGR S.p.A.370,776,000
Obiettivo Nordest Sicav5,090,000
AXA Investment Managers Paris S.A.24,564,348
Intesa Sanpaolo SpA0.0
Unigest SGIIC64,485,761
RREEF Limited319,130,000
BCC RisparmioandPrevidenza SGR PA140,944,286
Mediolanum Gesti?n SGIIC30,514,545
Republic Asset Management4,542,667
Fundlogic SAS611,286,671
Siparex Proximit? Innovation5,560,519
Cantillon Capital Management LLP0.0
SwissLife Gestion Priv?e98,332,000
European and Global Investments Ltd21,590,681
NH-Amundi Asset Management92,737,946,915
Deutsche Global Liquidity Series PLC8,791,578,947
Old Mutual Global Funds PLC745,770,000
UBS Hana Asset Management0.0
ACP Partners Invmt Mngr (Ireland) Ltd12,856,667
ABN AMRO Investment Solutions94,458,298
Brigata Capital Management Inc.12,710,000
Symphonia SGR SpA82,222,632
Sella Gestioni SGR S.p.A.17,961,429
UBI Pramerica SGR SpA366,325,641
Ersel Asset Management SGR SpA149,103,000
Marco Polo0.0
Banque d'Orsay0.0
Industrial Alliance Investment Mgmt Inc.137,505,199
Golden Bridge Asset Management Co., Ltd.8,654,110,000
ACG Management5,884,667
azValor Asset Management SGIIC28,656,667
Barclays Vida y Pensiones Cia. de Seguros23,715,556
Caldwell Investment Management Ltd19,570,000
Symphonia SICAV22,854,000
Kutxabank Gesti?n SGIIC144,146,916
Macquarie Investment Management Korea, Ltd.13,536,379,964
Symphonia SGR S.p.A.22,843,150
Sofia SGR SpA0.0
Investment Fund Services Limited40,231,905
Sinfonia (IFSL)20,260,526
ING Investment Management Korea0.0
Cardif Assicurazioni S.p.A.0.0
Anima SGR PA113,440,909
JF Asset Management Limited (HK)370,000,000
HSBC Management (Guernsey) Limited46,965,909
La Capitale, Ins and Financial Services13,864,695
NGAM Canada L.P.77,485,455
Arca Vita Spa0.0
Sella Gestioni SGR SpA76,330,667
Shinhan BNP Paribas Asset Mgmt Co Ltd62,449,942,183
Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corp9,030,000,000
AEGON Fund Management (UK) Ltd0.0
Waverton Investment Management Ltd. (Capita)0.0
Manulife Investments361,394,723
BlackRock Investment Mgmt (Korea) Ltd.19,893,803,610
Woori Credit Suisse Asset Management0.0
Schroders Korea Limited79,633,344,375
Black Rock Asset Management (Korea)0.0
Baring Asset Management Korea Ltd23,467,383,400
Arcalia Inversiones17,157,143
AUREO GESTIONI S.G.R.p.A.108,398,571
Cullen Capital Management, LLC386,229,500
Aviva Assicurazioni Vita S.p.A.0.0
Allianz Global Investors Selection Funds plc43,980,000
Carne Glb Fund Magers (Ireland) Ltd68,816,667
Fondaco Sgr295,832,000
Merchbanc SGIIC19,227,000
IRIS Finance14,930,000
Richmond Asset Management7,876,682,604
Guotai Junan Assets(Asia) Limited0.0
Heptagon Capital Limited615,154,571
Winton Capital Management202,570,000
Oand#39;Leary Funds Management LP32,980,870
Fondo Pensione Alifond394,580,000
Azimut Capital Management SGR S.p.A.36,125,238
Fischer Francis Trees and Watts, Inc89,710,000
Financi?re de land#39;Oxer29,825,000
State Street Global Advisors Ltd Funds123,187,500
MIDAS International Asset Management5,597,230,000
HOGEP - Hoche Gestion Priv?e20,525,000
Quilvest Gestion91,345,000
Diamant Bleu Gestion26,560,000
SMA Gestion72,970,000
Brickburn Asset Management Inc4,946,667
Premier Asset Management0.0
Handelsbanken Kapitalforvaltning AS567,680,000
Ulster Bank Wealth6,659,288
Quadriga Asset Managers SGIIC28,940,000
Generali Italia S.p.A.0.0
Lazard Asset Management Ltd185,700,838
Castlerock Investments0.0
Cov?a Finance188,269,545
Deutsche Asset Mgt (Asia)98,821,429
Carmignac Gestion9,000,941,852
CNP Partners Se. y Re.4,657,332
Wanger Investment Company Plc35,545,000
Swell Asset Management44,486,667
BirchLeaf Investments Inc.439,065
OFI Gestion Priv?e21,346,250
Babson Capital Europe Limited3,381,538,360
Excel Funds Management Inc.25,055,000
Paradice Investment Management Pty Ltd1,630,000,000
TT International26,555,588
Allianz Global Investors Singapore - Singapore0.0
European Investment Management Ltd2,650,000
How Asset Management Co Ltd8,042,000,000
Credemvita S.p.A0.0
Vertex One Asset Management Inc204,511,818
Fisher Investments, Inc. (Capita)0.0
Liberbank Vida y Pensiones Se. y Re.38,078,571
Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance Co. Ltd52,232,500
Aviva Life International Limited2,100,590
Groupama Assicurazioni SpA0.0
L.A. Vita S.p.A.0.0
Landry Morin Inc9,355,000
Gespensi?n Caminos EGFP26,052,200
Ahorro Corporaci?n Gesti?n SGIIC98,197,200
Middlefield Group1,140,000
Pzena Investment Management, LLC5,390,000
FundLogic Alternatives PLC134,746,701
Shenkman Capital Management, Inc.1,662,500,000
Milano Assicurazioni SpA5,717,273
Fineco Previsi?n EGFP2,415,561
Golden Opportunities Fund Inc142,956,667
IBK Asset Management Co Ltd112,384,451,887
PIMCO Fixed Income Source ETFs PLC0.0
Montanaro Asset Management Limited740,650,000
Leith Wheeler Investment Counsel Ltd.0.0
H2O AM LLP496,702,222
Fideuram Asset management (Ireland) Ltd14,262,500
Fineco Patrimonios11,134,000
Cantabria Fondos5,310,000
Sensible Asset Management Limited0.0
Union Bancaire Gestion Institutionnelle897,155,000
Invesco Asset Management201,776,000
Kairos Partners SGR S.p.A.367,990,000
Abante Asesores Gesti?n SGIIC66,731,765
Inversis Gesti?n SGIIC9,147,500
Capital International Ltd153,466,667
Bennelong Funds Management Ltd299,131,667
Inverseguros Gesti?n SGIIC12,732,000
Caja Laboral Gesti?n SGIIC45,416,786
Peters MacGregor Capital Management85,480,000
Aviva Life SPA0.0
Korea Investment Management Co Ltd0.0
BMO Asset Management Inc746,953,333
AandG Fondos SGIIC9,557,200
Ibercaja Gesti?n SGIIC129,496,622
Avestra Asset Management Ltd7,050,000
Axiom Alternative Investments157,785,000
Banca Popolare di Novara SpA2,005,000
Pru Life Assurance Limited58,666,449
TrusTeam Finance55,517,133
Oddo Meriten Asset Management SA497,049,388
Aviva Gesti?n SGIIC190,938,889
Seventure Partners13,183,059
BOCI-Prudential Trustee Limited3,016,421,765
Mutuactivos SGIIC107,078,157
Sandler Oand#39;Neill Asset Management, LLC16,050,000
State Street Global Advisors France2,080,783,000
Candriam France254,097,500
Generali Espa?a Se. y Re.18,426,471
Tangerine Investment Management Inc410,923,333
Entheca Finance38,535,000
Montpensier Finance216,489,412
Alienor Capital9,392,000
Fullerton Fund Management Company Ltd711,187,727
Hai Tong Asset Management (HK) Limited224,286,667
TOBAM SAS573,369,231
GaveKal Fund Management (Ireland) Limited0.0
GSAsset Co., Ltd.5,101,882,692
Essence Asset Management (HK) Ltd0.0
Abanca Vida y Pensiones Se. y Re.43,735,268
Amundi Hong Kong Ltd588,874,615
BMO Investments (Ireland) PLC435,311,432
RBS Asset Management (Dublin) Limited4,149,345,455
BNY Mellon Investment Management476,650,000
RCM Global Series Fund PLC227,436,667
Educators Financial Group Inc.82,222,000
Unicorp Patrimonio SV39,606,667
FundLogic Global Solutions p.l.c.0.0
Shenkman Capital Management Inc1,571,666,667
Milltrust International LLP16,420,000
Tokio Marine Asset Management Co Ltd9,349,043,333
S. W. Mitchell Capital LLP37,800,000
?baco Capital SGIIC9,405,000
Oldfield Partners LLP353,490,000
Metzler Ireland Ltd178,493,333
Sun Life Global Investments (Canada) Inc164,980,248
PFSL Fund Management Ltd.603,766,111
Absolute Capital Limited176,690,000
AXA China Region Investment Management L0.0
Banco de Madrid Gesti?n de Activos23,046,364
Morgan Stanley Funds (UK)306,125,714
CBRE Global Investors Korea Limited75,979,816,923
PNB MetLife India Insurance Co. Ltd.7,241,950,000
China Universal Asset Mgmt(HK) Co.Ltd0.0
GSASSET Co.Ltd.0.0
Risparmio and Previdenza SpA0.0
La Banque Postale19,000,000
KBL Richelieu0.0
PLUS Asset Management Co., Ltd1,005,389,296
Acer Finance14,772,500
European Investors, Inc.137,800,000
Ibercaja Pensi?n EGFP74,657,991
Royal London Asset Management Ltd881,210,938
Rivoli Fund Management13,717,500
Prudential Asset Management (Korea)0.0
M?tropole Gestion384,877,143
Oddo Asset Management88,638,501
Hawthorn Life Limited0.0
ALPHA Asset Management0.0
Shinyoung Asset Management190,619,088,245
Aberdeen Global Services SA1,420,000,000
Guardian Capital LP.0.0
Norrep Funds71,976,667
AXA China Region Investment Mgmt Ltd.0.0
Hartford International Funds (IRL)2,384,813,750
Prudential Asset Mgmnt (Singapore) Ltd4,780,000
Montag and Caldwell, LLC55,106,667
Wise Asset Management169,200,000
Cr?dit Agricole14,015,000
Aberdeen Emerging Capital Limited7,020,000
Manulife Asset Management(Taiwan) Co Ltd1,515,478,103
Redwood Asset Management17,312,816
Primasia Securities Investment Trust Co.157,430,000
Goldman Sachs Asset Mgmt LP (Korea)0.0
HDC Asset Management Co Ltd5,219,659,333
YCAP Asset Management5,726,398
BNP Paribas Investment Partners68,724,286
Coronation Global Fund Managers (Ireland) Limited441,746,000
Fleming Family and Partners CM LLP33,767,125
Eurizon Capital SGR S.p.A.382,872,500
UnipolSai Assicurazioni S.p.A14,584,691
Inverseguros Gesti?n27,520,000
Zeal Asset Management Limited0.0
Mirae Asset Global Investments (HK) Ltd0.0
Henderson Glb Investors (Sing) Ltd29,152,143
Cap West38,350,000
Matrix Money Management Limited15,240,000
Macquarie Investment Management Korea Ltd25,096,399,237
Deutsche Asset Management (Korea) Co Ltd5,426,407,037
Deutsche Asset Management (Korea)0.0
LS Asset management22,552,388,859
SHINHAN BNP Paribas Asset Management0.0
AskVeritas Asset Management0.0
AV Asset Management Co., Ltd.4,522,373,333
RAK Investment Management, Ltd.31,315,000,000
HSBC ETFs PLC34,755,702
Prusik Investment Management LLP290,827,895
Woori Asset Management0.0
RMJ SGR4,972,740
Oaks Field Partners51,206,667
UNIQA Previdenza0.0
Tailor Capital125,527,500
Custom Markets PLC24,780,218
Charlemagne Capital (UK) Ltd18,755,000
BNP Paribas Private Equity20,333,333
Comite Syndical National retraite Batire77,595,556
HSBC Investment Funds (Canada) Inc.18,207,778
Goldman Sachs Asset Management (Korea)0.0
Soprarno SGR SpA47,346,667
China Asset Management (HK) Limited333,750,000
La V?li?re Capital3,975,000
D?m Finance5,656,667
Gesconsult SGIIC37,408,182
Primerica Life Insurance Co of Canada272,537,619
8a+ Investimenti SGR9,400,000
Shin Kong Investment Trust Co Ltd1,023,135,833
BPVi Fondi SGR S.p.A28,920,833
Acropole AM185,440,000
Ellipsis Asset Management293,241,250
Ascendas Pte Ltd.58,650,000,000
Saint Olive Gestion60,749,231
IM Asset Management Ltd (Capita)0.0
Mediolanum Gestione Fondi SGR PA823,277,200
IA Clarington Investments Inc246,513,830
FIL Asset Management (Korea) Limited52,512,204,823
Zenit SGR S.p.A.21,460,000
SaskWorks Venture Fund Inc239,620,000
Degroof Petercam Gestion42,226,000
IDInvest Partners23,540,952
MetLife Europe Ltd9,401,073
Truston Asset Management Co Ltd81,738,345,300
Winton Capital Management Ltd.668,660,000
UBS Global Asset Management (UK) Ltd539,706,250
Manulife Asset Mgmt (Singapore) Pte Ltd29,729,579
Gresham Asset Management11,295,556
Babson Capital Global Umbrella Fund PLC138,285,000
BNP Paribas (IFSL)6,800,000
Lion Global Investors Limited.1,930,000
PINK Capital9,688,333
Alleanza Toro S.p.A.0.0
Rothschild and Cie21,170,000
Hedge Invest749,552,000
Rensburg Sheppards Inv Mgt/New Sq(Capi)0.0
Nextam Partners SGR SpA91,870,000
Northern Trust Secs Sers (Irel) Ltd0.0
Nomurarifa Asset Management Co., Ltd.28,559,797,500
Banco Madrid Gesti?n de Activos SGIIC11,225,500
Kairos Partners SGR SpA501,570,000
Generali Investments Europe SpA297,741,905
Longleaf Management Company (IE) Ltd515,620,000
GGOF - Guardian Group of Funds40,213,957
Eugene Asset Management0.0
Golden Bridge Asset Management Co.,Ltd.0.0
Hyundai Wise Asset Management0.0
Nomura Asset Management U.K. Limited36,710,387,584
Cramer Rosenthal McGlynn UCITS PLC236,783,333
Morgan Stanley and Co Interna Plc(Capita)0.0
PineBridge Investments Singapore Ltd255,140,000
APS Asset Management Pte Limited18,243,333
Lyxor Asset Management (Ireland) Limited298,332,446
IFDS (UK) Ltd69,139,000
Bridgehouse Asset Managers126,528,500
J de Demandolx Gestion8,680,000
Zarifi Gestion12,200,000
Cardif Vita0.0
Fundsmith LLP5,830,000,000
Amundi SGR SpA42,186,407
Advam Partners SGR SpA9,687,898
NewSmith Asset Management LLP0.0
Edmond De Rothschild Sgr SpA0.0
Arrow Capital Management Inc54,875,714
Guinness Asset Management Limited51,370,240
Barometer Capital Management Inc25,910,000
Aviva Investors0.0
IGIS Asset Management51,087,627,619
Sigefi Ventures Gestion751,667
Octo Asset Management22,210,000
Sentry Investments577,671,429
Bansabadell Pensiones EGFP40,515,186
PRIMA SGR39,625,000
Korea Investment Management Co,. Ltd.0.0
Acofi Gestion30,295,000
Kennox Asset Management Ltd1,140,000,000
Abante Pensiones EGFP29,080,000
KDB Asset Management0.0
Franklin Templeton Investments Asia Ltd0.0
Sigma Gestion4,184,000
Rouvier Associ?s91,343,333
Unnim Vida12,409,380
Da Cheng International Asset Mgmt Co Ltd0.0
First Asset Funds Inc.19,670,000
Banques Populaires29,360,000
Schelcher Prince Gestion218,389,000
Lutetia Capital SAS40,407,500
CxG Aviva Caixagalicia Se. y Re.32,946,250
Dexia Asset Management38,421,667
Thornburg Investment Management Inc11,020,000
Saracen Fund Managers Ltd45,223,333
Sigmalog Capital628,000
Midi Capital3,381,143
Barclays Wealth Managers Espa?a SGIIC41,325,385
Montello Private Fin Gen Partners0.0
Mandarine Gestion154,525,556
Church House Investment Management263,600,000
VP Finance Gestion9,401,328
Prudential Financial Sec Inv Trust Ent2,107,169,189
Allianz Popular Asset Management SGIIC227,443,529
Caja Ingenieros Gesti?n SGIIC31,279,286
Rural Funds Management Limited11,700,000
Inocap SA5,830,350
Samsung Investment Trust Mgmt Co., Ltd.0.0
Alico Italia S.p.A.0.0
STANLIB Asset Management Limited28,300,000
Hixance Asset Management1,000,000
Tregunter Management Limited46,150,000
Alleanza Assicurazioni Spa0.0
360Hixance am14,068,466
ACM Advisors Ltd649,610,000
HSBC Global Asset Mgmt (Canada) Ltd364,492,131
Baillie Gifford and Co Limited0.0
McInroy and Wood Portfolios Limited229,316,250
UTI International (Singapore) Pvt. Ltd.285,410,000
Aequam Capital5,280,000
Artisan Partners Limited Partnership574,678,571
Clay Asset Management14,143,333
Fideas Capital52,123,333
Egerton Capital LP0.0
HDFC Standard Life Insurance Co. Ltd.4,093,224,545
Myria Asset Management157,044,971
Tokio Marine Asset Management Company258,630,000
PineBridge Investments Hong Kong Limited4,756,300,556
Veritas Asset Management UK Ltd507,070,000
Chiara Vita0.0
Hyundai Asset Management Co., Ltd.10,970,971,667
Financi?re de land#39;Echiquier238,762,222
Daishin Investment Trust Management0.0
Prudential Unit Trusts Ltd89,001,000
Financi?re de Champlain6,864,000
FIATC Seguros Se. y Re.3,213,363
Sara Vita S.p.A.0.0
Optimum Investment Management Limited24,038,750
Société Générale0.0
Consus Asset Manageemnt0.0
Gemway Assets91,270,000
Tocqueville Finance69,712,294
Capstone Asset Management Co.,Ltd.23,326,386,667
Degroof Gestion4,810,000
Phileas Asset Management99,230,000
Amistra SGIIC11,010,000
ML Capital Asset Management (Ireland) Ltd58,839,814
Heungkuk Asset Management Co., Ltd.11,152,419,600
EdgePoint Wealth Management Inc.0.0
Epsilon SGR SpA87,263,704
Altimeo Asset Management2,160,000
Scotia Managed Companies12,565,000
SH Asset Management0.0
ING Asset Management B.V.0.0
Aberdeen Fund Management Ireland Limited3,260,000
BluMont Capital Corporation28,004,762
Tongyang Investment Trust Management0.0
Hanwha Investment Trust Management0.0
Lyxor Asset Management21,100,000
Humanis Gestion Dand#39;actifs56,011,818
BNP Paribas Asset Mgmt Singapore Ltd7,950,000
Gesti?n de Previsi?n y Pensiones EGFP9,659,648
Itas Vita SpA0.0
Alpro Funds Management Limited22,980,000
Banco Etcheverr?a SA2,900,000
Asia Asset Management Co., Ltd.0.0
Extend AM7,228,571
BNP Paribas Inv Partners40,290,000
Intermoney Gesti?n29,270,000
Total Return SGR S.p.A.2,723,766
RCM (UK) Limited208,600,000
CPR Asset Management347,417,000
Etica SGR SpA515,575,556
Seguros Catalana Occidente Se. y Re.49,118,000
Stone Asset Management Limited108,225,833
Lothbury Investment Management Ltd1,540,000,000
First Financial Holding Co Ltd5,266,842,906
SSQ-Societe d'assurance-vie0.0
Cheyne Capital Management (UK) LLP90,175,000
BC Advantage Fund (VCC) Ltd.6,530,000
Jupiter Asset Management Ltd.278,920,000
Nextam Partners S.G.R. spa0.0
Canaccord Genuity Wealth (Intl) Ltd60,737,813
RARE Infrastructure Limited165,960,000
Amiral Gestion195,097,500
Discretionary Unit Fund Managers103,120,000
CG Asset Management Ltd303,290,000
Bell Asset Management Limited12,065,000
Atl 12 Capital Gesti?n SGIIC18,169,091
Bankia Banca Privada Gestión2,906,000
Omnes Capital11,428,000
Federated Investors (UK) LLP1,195,497,179
ERES Gestion31,239,243
CatalunyaCaixa Inversi? SGIIC19,932,353
Messieurs HottinguerandCie Gestion Priv?e34,873,333
Skylar France SPGP48,763,333
NRP FUNDS PLC132,880,000
Aberdeen Asset Management Gestion13,986,667
Enovara PLC8,945,025
McLean Budden Limited.1,117,710
GG Investment Management4,746,962,500
Progressive Developing Markets Limited3,210,000
Cr?dit Agricole Mercagesti?n10,664,195
CSOP Asset Management Limited2,345,555,556
UK Portfolio Management Limited (Elite)1,270,000
UBS Asset Management (France) SA54,076,250
Packer and Co Limited1,380,000,000
Arca Vita International Ltd1,621,506
Les Fonds Dand#39;Investissement FMOQ Inc296,075,000
Turner Investments, L.P46,043,958
Van Arbor Asset Management Ltd.8,875,000
Threadneedle Investments328,645,000
Merrion Capital Investment Managers Ltd12,680,000
Gestifonsa SGIIC21,090,833
Jih Sun Financial Holding Co Ltd2,838,457,297
Egeria Activos SGIIC5,475,000
Henderson Rowe Limited (Elite)2,150,000
Caisse d'Epargne0.0
MW Gestion8,880,000
Return On Innovation Advisors Ltd18,044,545
Cajamar Vida Se. y Re.45,473,532
Hermitage Gestion Priv?e22,570,000
SG 29 Haussmann134,014,667
EdRIM Gestion9,782,637
Catalunya Caixa Vida8,096,530
Towry Fund Managers Ird Ltd1,008,466,000
Ama?ka Asset Management25,440,000
Monts?gur Finance24,973,333
Haas Gestion94,846,667
OTC Asset Management3,269,000
Caixabank France4,970,000
Pelayo Vida571,597
Barmac Asset Management Ltd (Capita)0.0
Finance SA10,165,500
HSBC Glb Asset Mgmt (Singapore) Ltd.8,490,000
Tikehau Investment Management298,695,833
Sandell Asset Management Corp128,289,999
Martin Maurel Gestion69,683,929
Caja Espa?a Fondos SGIIC36,687,778
Naxicap Partners3,660,909
T.E. Investment Counsel Inc.0.0
Swen Capital Partners7,838,333
Mirabaud Gestión0.0
Plus Ultra Seguros Generales y Vida Se. y Re.3,380,000
Harvest Portfolios Group Inc.19,972,500
FM Capital Partners Ltd44,350,000
Hamon Ireland Limited15,315,000
Lincluden Investment Management Ltd66,510,000
Midas International Asset Management5,597,230,000
Ark Fund Holdings Ltd0.0
Odyss?e Venture28,151,111
Avenir Finance Investment Managers16,576,667
Oudart Gestion37,308,000
Reech AiM Partners LLP160,893
AssetFi Management Services9,510,000
DWS Investments Distributors, Inc73,363,333
Assicurazioni Generali SpA0.0
FOUR Capital Partners Ltd1,198,243
Concord International Investments LP14,770,000
CreditRas Vita SpA0.0
Unofi-Gestion dand#39;Actifs62,056,000
Charles Schwab Investment Management Inc1,810,000,000
Schroders Investment Mngmt (Guernsey)0.0
Legg Mason Asset Mgnt Singapore Pte Ltd141,885,000
Truswell Secs Inv Trust Co., Ltd101,950,000
Leith Wheeler Investment Counsel Ltd352,538,571
Stadia Fund Management Limited32,816,000
Julius Baer Funds6,020,000
Allianz Global Investors0.0
Allianz Gesti?n8,857,500
Agrupaci?n Bankpyme Pensiones8,020,000
Tressis Gesti?n23,300,000
Bankinter Seguros de Vida Se. y Re.74,332,000
KBL European Private Bankers2,810,000
Navina Asset Management Inc.1,825,000
Lawrence Asset Management Inc.4,387,500
Phillip Capital Management (S) Ltd28,849,000
McKinley Capital Funds28,020,000
Kutxa Gesti?n Privada2,640,000
Hanwha Asset Management Co. Ltd0.0
Pro BTP Finance108,514,322
KTB Asset Management0.0
Auris Gestion Priv?e144,000,000
Barclays Multimanager Funds PLC650,879,396
F?d?ris Gestion dand#39;Actifs145,654,000
QIC Limited21,385,000
Palatine Asset Management91,268,462
AIB Investment Managers Limited18,597,917
DSM Capital Partners LLC (Capita)0.0
Caja Madrid Pensiones30,040,000
AlphaNorth Asset Management980,000
Professionals Financial Mutual Funds Inc.12,280,000
Marks and Spencer Unit Trust Limited348,587,500
CMS Asset Management (HK) Co., Ltd0.0
Sofia SGR S.p.A.0.0
Swedbank Asset Management AS478,895,000
MFS McLean Budden Ltd976,667
Julius Baer International Ltd (Elite)5,300,000
Ark?on Gestion1,106,000
Permal Investment Management Svs Ltd0.0
Calamos Global Funds PLC48,510,000
HNA Gesti?n de Pensiones2,000
BMN Gesti?n de Activos6,739,438
Taiwan Cooperative Securities Investment Trust Co., Ltd.3,638,643,333
Mansartis Gestion38,432,500
Amilton Asset Management17,571,429
RBC Global Asset Management Inc357,765,000
Assimoco Vita S.p.A.3,466,667
Ocea Gestion50,966,666
Standard Bank Fund Managers Jersey Ltd6,950,000
Arquipensiones EGFP12,312,500
Fubon Securities Inv. Trust Co., Ltd.4,330,000,000
Alcis Gestion29,560,000
Nexar Capital SAS3,474,000
Isis Asset Management17,472,500
Jarislowsky Fraser Ltd61,760,000
Liontrust Investment Partners LLP23,105,000
APS Asset Management Pte. Ltd.24,630,000
Apollo Multi Asset Management LLP (IFDS)25,730,000
Canara HSBC Orient BankofCom Life Ins Co2,955,714,286
Isatis Capital18,370,000
Exane Asset Management204,437,995
Emerging Markets Management LLC249,600,000
INVESCO Fund Managers Ltd109,790,000
Sella Gestioni0.0
G.I.I.C. Fineco SGIIC194,606,000
BPA Global Funds Asset Management52,407,500
Polaris Securities (Hong Kong) Limited0.0
Allianz Popular Pensiones EGFP61,786,441
HSBC Investments7,213,333
Lombard Odier Funds (Europe) SA68,262,500
CIMB-Principal Asset Mgmt (S) PTE LTD0.0
Kiplink Finance10,987,500
Investisseurs dans land#39;Entreprise35,385,000
Conservateur Gestion Valor120,332,857
Thiriet Gestion119,360,000
Jupiter Unit Trust Managers Ltd110,957,500
Montbleu Finance18,555,000
City Of London Investment Group Plc1,260,000
FIDEURAM Vita189,930,000
Banque de Gestion Priv?e Indosuez24,600,000
MCA Finance8,004,000
Optimum Gestion Financi?re14,137,500
Openmind Asset Management21,570,000
Raymond James AM International33,875,385
Northern Rivers Capital Management Inc.4,720,000
Counsel Portfolio Services Inc129,274,993
Dorval Asset Management120,060,000
HMG Finance76,230,000
C?r?s Asset Management2,480,000
DDF Exclusive3,140,000
A Plus Finance11,265,625
Seguros el Corte Ingl?s Vida y Pensiones8,900,000
Martin Maurel Gestion Institutionnelle54,029,167
Aviva Life Insur Co. India Pvt. Ltd.1,384,750,000
HSBC Investment Funds (Luxembourg) S.A.23,845,000
Aju Asset Management Co., Ltd.28,660,000,000
Allianz Global Investors France S.A.19,100,000
Anthilia Capital Partners SGR Spa40,920,000
Gemini Investment Management Ltd7,600,000
Amalth?e Gestion60,220,000
Bank of Ireland Global Markets0.0
BNP Paribas Asset Management, Inc1,775,813
BCC RisparmioandPrevidenza S.G.R.p.A.34,483,333
BNP Paribas Investment Partners SGP Ltd0.0
Alkimis SGR S.p.A2,520,000
CAI Vida y Pensiones Se. y Re.15,337,500
GF Asset Management (Hong Kong) Limited0.0
Robeco Gestions33,776,000
BNK Asset Management Co Ltd31,509,468,947
Chirin Absolute Alpha Ltd243,460
Titan Funds Incorporated0.0
Ionian Investment Management6,475,000
Ersel Asset Management SGR S.p.A.16,330,000
Alto Invest7,799,667
Galileo Global Equity Advisors Inc44,810,000
Fonditel Pensiones EGFP85,495,000
Swiss and Global AM (Italia) SGR SpA0.0
Artisan Partners Global Funds PLC225,735,000
Orchard Funds Management9,750,000
Renasset Select Funds PLC478.0
Banca C?vica Gesti?n de Activos56,790,000
Neuflize Private Assets59,125,000
Heungkuk Investments Trust Management0.0
IXO Private Equity8,323,333
Caixa Pened?s Pensions1,210,000
Singapore Consortium Inv Mgt63,500,000
Laffitte Capital Management61,484,286
Sh?nti Asset Management48,770,000
Egeria Activos10,680,000
Insight Investment Funds Mgmt (Glb) Ltd1,671,885,000
March Gesti?n de Pensiones23,085,000
Diapason Commodities Management51,730,000
Fideuram Investimenti SGR SPA94,414,615
Third Avenue Captial Plc42,922,222
Connaught Asset Management0.0
FPP Asset Management LLP93,430,000
State Street Global Advisors Ireland Ltd237,477,486
LJM Funds290,740,000
Principal Global Investors (Asia) Ltd4,420,000
Gestiohna Dise?o Patrimonial2,445,000
PCA Investments Trust Management Co.,Ltd0.0
Nordkapp Gestión14,620,000
DNCA Finance S.A468,911,667
Mineralfields Fund Management Inc.0.0
Popular Gesti?n12,397,820
EEA Fund Management Limited51,052,000
Turgot Asset Management4,452,611
Interfund S.A.40,530,000
Bankinter Gestión de Activos13,910,000
Credit Suisse Asset Management187,270,000
Danske Bank (Capita)0.0
LFPI Asset Management7,010,000
Resolution Capital Limited226,987,500
ING Investment Management Europe251,340,000
GreenEffects Investment PLC52,730,000
HDI Assicurazioni SpA0.0
Hugau Gestion322,905,555
Privat Bank Patrimonio SGIIC14,210,000
Primonial Asset Management83,012,000
Banco Etcheverr?a35,650
Twenty First Capital26,224,286
CCLA Investment Management Ltd181,477,500
Host Capital Limited29,435,833
Apulia Previdenza S.p.A.0.0
Collins Stewart (CI) Limited1,697,500
Mapfre Vida Pensiones EGFP186,655,000
Legg Mason Global Funds plc (Dub)197,270,000
JP Morgan Mansart Management Ltd532,500
Harvest Global Investments Limited0.0
Qwest Funds Corp8,690,000
Brandes Investment Partners (Europe) Limited201,012,500
SPARX Asset Management Co Ltd23,825,000,000
Ocean Dial Asset Management Limited158,420,000
Portzamparc Gestion24,751,278
Solventis AV9,960,000
Lakeview Asset Management Inc0.0
Bryan Garnier Asset Management6,952,500
Vivienne Investissement6,040,000
Saltus Partners LLP188,550,000
HSBC Private Bank France1,694,063
La Fran?aise Inflection Point102,300,000
Palos Management Inc46,175,000
La Fran?aise des Placements27,094,286
International Capital Gestion9,740,000
Generali Investments Europe S.p.A.126,335,000
JOHIM Global Investment Fund PLC.118,445,000
Union-Vie, compagnie mutuelle dand#39;assuranc3,032,464
Jih Sun Securities Investment Trust Co.,44,670,000
National Bank Investments Inc.140,641,818
Kyobo Investment Trust Management0.0
First Securities Invmt Trust Co., Ltd146,780,000
FairView Asset Management540,000
Euler Hermes Asset Management France7,490,000
Acacia Inversi?n SGIIC12,175,714
EFG Asset Management27,170,000
GPK Finance1,570,000
Griffin Capital Management Ltd240.0
Gesinter SGIIC5,623,333
ING Life Insurance Company (Bermuda) Ltd0.0
Syquant Capital169,950,000
Pastor Vida18,000,000
Pl?iade AM45,130,000
Metagesti?n SGIIC95,256,667
Exane Derivatives170,280
Cyb?le Asset Management126,656,667
Roche Brune5,480,000
Delubac Asset Management27,514,286
Financi?re Arbevel76,875,000
Eastspring Investments0.0
Alphaport Asset Management357,255
Lyxor Asset Management S.A.S961,679,091
Canada Life Asset Management Limited5,658,108
Steadyhand Investment Funds Inc51,345,000
Focus Asset Managers146,880,000
Fonditel Gesti?n30,520,000
Natixis Multimanager6,970,000
Trea Asset Management SGIIC63,859,231
La Financi?re Desselligny8,433,333
Rh?ne-Alpes PME Gestion1,291,500
Mitsubishi UFJ Asset Management UK Ltd2,700,000,000
1818 Gestion11,982,547
Gaspal Gestion37,897,500
Fourpoints Investment Managers2,280,000
Ardian France12,385,000
BlueAlpha Investment Advisory Limited0.0
Gestion FERIQUE190,682,500
Mirae Asset Global Invt Co., Ltd.0.0
Jih Sun Securities Inv Trust Co Ltd439,260,000
FT Portfolios Canada Co.4,590,000
Rivage Investment17,633,333
Polaris International Securities Investm201,000,000
Hyundai Investment Co Ltd24,038,985,625
Arca Sgr Spa429,015,135
Trilogy Global Advisors Llc39,780,000
EII Capital Management, Inc61,448,000
IBKSG Asset Management0.0
Banesto Banca Privada Gestión6,453,333
Ausbil Dexia Limited691,050,000
Athymis Gestion2,876,667
DMS FUNDS465,883
Generis Capital Partners1,180,000
CAI Vida y Pensiones28,320,000
HFT Investment Management (HK) Limited0.0
Hyundai Investment Co., Ltd..13,585,066,552
Patrimoines and S?lections6,593,333
M D Barnard and Co. Limited4,330,000
Pheonix Asset Management0.0
Thesis Asset Management PLC1,350,000
Mplus Asset Management Co., Ltd.46,953,333,333
Franklin Templeton Investments Corp.2,210,000
CM-CIC Capital Priv?13,780,000
Sodero Gestion4,362,500
Advenis Investment Managers31,344,000
Amundi Private Equity Funds10,453,018
PCA Asset Korea0.0
InverCaixa Gestión5,830,000
Royal Bank of Scotland NV0.0
Duero Pensiones4,170,000
Entrepreneur Venture Gestion3,867,333
Pensplan Invest Sgr S.P.A.0.0
Venture Gesti?n1,150,000
Heungkuk Asset Management Co Ltd40,196,093,827
JP Asset Management1,070,000,000
Friedland Gestion8,182,000
AEGON Fund Management Inc.11,263,333
Intermoney Gesti?n SGIIC5,940,000
North American Income Fund PLC88,540,000
China Life Trustees Limited0.0
Erasmus Gestion19,330,000
Crédit Agricole Private Equity1,530,000
DNCA Finance67,166,667
Smart Investments Ltd.1,691,165
Samsung Investment Trust Management0.0
Caja de Ingenieros Vida1,850,000
Caja Espa?a Vida7,970,000
ING (HK) Life0.0
YCG FUNDS111,910,000
Dodge and Cox Worldwide Funds PLC578,033,750
Christian Brothers Inv Srvc Inc84,953,333
F.I.T.-Galileo Investment Trust Ltd2,970,000
Miraeasset MAPS Investment Mgmt Co. Ltd.0.0
Lazard Asset Management Pacific Co.589,990,000
Unnim Gesfons98,032,500
Baring Asset Management Ltd6,310,000
Ellerston Capital Limited429,600,000
JPMorgan Asset Mgt (Europe) S.? r.l.70,360,000
Korea Investment Value asset mgmt Co Ltd42,213,333,333
Lysander Funds Ltd.180,382,857
B.E.S.T. Funds31,355,000
Caixasabadell Vida23,440,000
La Financi?re de land#39;Europe19,225,000
Marshall Wace GaveKal Capital Asia Ltd0.0
Unicorp Vida18,685,000
Hi Asset Management Co Ltd62,538,446,798
Kyobo Axa Investment Managers Co Ltd132,911,990,000
Kotak Mahindra Old Mutual Life Insu Ltd.310,912,500
Sunny Asset Management95,914,000
Hoche Gestion Priv?e16,590,000
State Street Unit Trust Mgmt Ltd92,500,000
JM Finn 7 Co (Capita)11,450,000
Invesco Canada Fund Inc.30,226,667
Montaigne Capital7,620,000
CCM Vida y Pensiones Se. y Re.37,700,000
Lloyds Investment Espa?a19,630,000
Chelsea Asset Management2,333,333,339
Absolute Asia Asset Management Ltd2,880,000
Tradex Management Inc44,562,500
Auriga Global Investors SV, SA29,000,000
Numen Investments Limited47,850,000
SEI Investments Global Limited276,390,000
HanaUBS Asset Management0.0
BofAML Invest Funds Plc42,590,769
Banque Jean-Philippe Hottinguer27,420,000
Schroder Investments Limited13,870,000
Boussard and Gavaudan Gestion SAS122,140,000
Scottish Equitable278,580,000
Phillip Capital Management (S) Limited17,340,000
Vatel Capital10,275,000
Reliance Life Insurance Company Limited.949,798,000
Caja Murcia Vida y Pensiones Se. y Re.20,171,613
Mirae Asset Global Invst Co., Ltd.0.0
Landry Investment Management Inc11,345,000
Algebris Investments (uk) LLP368,757,778
Merchbanc Pensiones3,220,000
Nuveen Fund Advisors, LLC.34,246,000
Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company Ltd2,277,131,739
Quilter Cheviot Ltd7,906,667
Merchbanc EGFP9,420,000
Galaxy Asset Mgmt Co.,Ltd0.0
MIDAS Asset Management0.0
Hana Asset Management Co., Ltd.23,560,978,182
Groupama Sgr S.p.A.19,760,000
Investitori SGR92,260,000
Novo Banco Pensiones EGFP8,609,523
Fubon Securities Inv. Trust Co.3,810,000,000
Midas Investment Management Ltd90,530,000
Invesco Trimark33,548,000
BNP Paribas-AXA0.0
Plus Asset Management0.0
Bilbao Se. y Re.29,250,000
St Andrews Asset Management (Capita)0.0
Prudential Assurance Co. Singapore Ltd353,686,666
BBVA Pensiones30,912,748
Brandes Investment Funds P.L.C.521,760,000
Millinium Capital Managers Limited7,793,333
Tyndall Investment Management Limited0.0
Hygea VCT PLC7,190,000
FFandP, Schroders (Capita)0.0
Clerical Medical Inv Group Ltd8,780,000
Muzinich and Co. Ltd.1,564,403,333
Seed Co., Ltd.1,780,000
Citic Securities Intl Inv Mgt(HK) Ltd524,500,000
Babson Capital Global Umbrella Fund plc138,285,000
BPM Fund Management (Ireland) Ltd7,748,571
SEI Asset Korea Co., Ltd0.0
Henderson Global Investors Limited1,194,212,500
China Intl Capital Corp HK Asse Mgt Ltd.0.0
I Investment Trust Management0.0
2 CG Limited21,920,000
Swan Capital Management2,870,000
Dream Asset Management0.0
JPMorgan Asset Management (Korea)0.0
Wellington Luxembourg S.? r.l.3,520,206,667
KB Asset Management0.0
Primand#39; Finance24,906,667
Financi?re Galil?e583,000
Edmond de Rothschild Investment Partners10,719,870
LS Asset. CO. KR0.0
Lutheran Life Insurance (FaithLife Finan1,578,890
Ibercaja Pensi?n6,045,000
Mercados y Gesti?n de Valores AV SA3,105,000
Webb Asset Management0.0
Jarislowski Fraser Ltd0.0
MandB Capital Advisers SV3,370,000
Thornmark Asset Management Inc.0.0
BMO Investments Inc129,688,000
UBP Investment97,693,333
Aviva Previdenza S.p.A.0.0
Arquigest SGIIC32,135,000
Matrix Asset Management Inc.1,840,978
The Value and Co48,010,000,000
Pinetree Investment and Mgmt Co Ltd49,636,000,000
Sara Life S.p.A.0.0
Principal Global Investors (Asia) Limite0.0
Cholet Dupont Asset Management28,823,750
SPARX Asset Management Korea Co., Ltd.9,953,750,238
Penderfund Capital Management Ltd.50,162,000
Stamina Asset Management9,870,000
COGEFI Gestion41,972,500
Nm?s 1 Gesti?n1,240
Wormser Fr?res Gestion17,650,000
Lion Fund Mgmt Co.,Ltd0.0
Persimmon Capital Management LP27,700,000
Merrion Capital Investment Managers Ltd.49,980,000
Nationale Suisse Vita SpA0.0
Star Union Dai-ichi Life Insurance841,450,000
Brickburn Funds Inc2,255,000
Fonditel Gesti?n SGIIC136,610,000
Equitis Gestion SAS2,390,000
Edmond de Rothschild Investment Managers6,720,000
Fondo Pensione Concreto79,630,000
Julius Baer Gesti?n38,070,000
N?ville Gestion2,520,000
Asset Value Investors Limited0.0
Nuveen Fund Advisors, Inc.6,825,000
ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Co. Ltd.4,893,752,783
FCS Asset Management Ltd5,000,000
CandM Finances23,610,000
BOCHK Asset Management Limited584,768,750
Thornburg Investment Management, Inc.3,450,000
ACE Management4,920,000
Bharti AXA Life Insurance Pvt. Ltd.1,443,775,000
Auriga Global Investors SV14,430,000
LFP-Sarasin AM18,930,000
Hillsdale Investment Management16,300,000
Financière des Professionnels Inc.118,965,000
Viveris Management0.0
Concept Fund Solutions plc3,390,000
GT Finance106,650,000
EMS Capital LP52,230,000
Octopus Investments Limited (IFDSM)2,590,000
Alma Capital and Associ?s5,045,000
GSD Gestion5,556,000
Kiwoom Asset Management5,725,000,000
Truffle Capital34,703,333
Core Capital LLP6,704,376
Middlefield Limited9,012,500
Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financ9,920,000
Front Street Capital8,310,000
Bosera Asset Management(Intl) Co., Ltd.0.0
Criterion Investments Inc.40,670,000
BDF - Gestion95,935,000
Financi?re de land#39;Arc9,200,000
Cr?dit Mutuel-CIC36,960,000
Fortis Gesbeta2,710,000
HSBC Insurance (S) Pte Ltd2,890,000
Aforge Finance3,920,000
Invest AM36,630,000
360 Asset Managers10,980,000
CCB International Asset Management Ltd797,000,000
CNP Partners Se. y Re17,045,184
Herald Investment Management Limited17,140,000
Hang Seng Investment Management Limited0.0
Hanjoo Asset Management0.0
Turcan Connell Asset Mgmt Ltd (Capita)0.0
Financi?re de la Cit?121,980,000
Miraeasset Maps Investments0.0
Truston Asset Management0.0
Soci?t? de Gestion Pr?voir14,825,000
REYL and CIE (FRANCE) S.A.S.4,360,000
Bernheim Dreyfus and Co.5,096,250
Professionals Financial Mutual Funds Inc93,740,000
Haber Trilix Advisors, LP0.0
Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc69,881,429
Royal Bank of Scotland (Ireland)10,137,500
Agrica Epargne12,900,000
Cinnamon Capital Management LLP19,360,000
Tg Investment Funds Plc4,520,000
Life Insurance Corporation of India739,192,000
Aegon Life Insurance Company Ltd.0.0
Sprott Asset Management Inc.50,130,000
Financi?re Lamartine1,204,500
Haussmann Investissement Managers4,280,000
Swiss Life Asset Management France10,280,000
Generali Investments Op?ra145,983,333
Lloyd Adriatico SpA0.0
Link Securities SV3,280,000
Cosmo Asset Management Co., Ltd.4,930,000,000
JB Asset Management Co., Ltd.72,500,000,000
Pine Asia Asset Management Inc.1,894,805,455
Hyundai Swiss Asset Mgtmt Co Ltd0.0
IdeaBridge Asset Management39,633,333,333
Daol Asset Management0.0
BofAML Invest Funds PLC42,590,769
Stratton Street Capital LLP0.0
Flornoy and Associ?s Gestion53,970,000
KTB Asset Management Co Ltd17,277,982,222
Ingenious Asset Management Ltd33,733,333
Liberbank Vida y Pensiones Se y Re207,520
Pine Asia Asset Management Inc2,016,011,111
Vanguard Investments Canada Inc0.0
Solsten Investment Funds PLC0.0
CNP Barclays Vida y Pensiones Cia. de Seguros24,158,333
Mirae Maps Investment Management0.0
Connor Clark and Lunn Financial Group0.0
CJ Asset Management0.0
Legal and General909,740
Brompton Funds Limited3,465,000
Nationale-Nederlanden Vida Se. y Re.262,140,000
Capital International Asset Mngmt332,760,909
Insight Investment Funds Management Ltd14,240,000
Engage Mutual Assurance144,260,000
McKinley Capital Management Funds, PLC10,387,500
Western Asset110,840,000
Sanlam International Investment Ltd33,616,223
CG Portfolio Fund PLC278,895,000
Caja Espa?a Vida Se y Re18,650,000
Gartmore Fund Managers Ltd11,800,000
Odey Asset Management0.0
Galia Gestion1,750,000
Generali Investments Luxembourg SA10,310,000
Gestora de Fondos del Mediterr?neo3,530,000
Manulife Asset Management Limited273,373,929
Polar Capital Funds Plc277,603,000
Sinopia Soci?t? de Gestion1,700,000
PowerShares Canada0.0
Pythagore Investissement BP439,230
Actis Asset Management23,393,333
Hazel Capital LLP23,670,000
Harding Loevner LP27,070,000
Spixworth Asset Management (Elite)6,130,000
Charlemagne Capital5,430,000