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About Your Watchlist

The Watchlist Module is where you keep track of your favorite stocks. Your watchlist is limited to 20 equities (stocks, ETFs, funds, or cryptocurrencies) that you may have in your portfolio or express interest to research. You can add additional equities to your watchlist by merely visiting an equity profile or by adding it explicitly using the search feature below.
Your watchlist is the perfect module to start exploring Macroaxis. It may help you to make faster, informed decisions across multiple brokerages by keeping track of positions you are managing or equities you are following. In other words, your watchlist is a collection of equity instruments you either already have in your portfolios or want to bookmark for future research.
Building a practical watchlist should be an essential component of your investing habits. Your watchlist is not necessarily a list of equities you already have in your portfolios; instead, the purpose of a well-maintained watchlist is to get a quick idea about any instrument you are considering buying, purchased in the past, or already holding. An investor with multiple portfolios, for example, will usually be watching several equities. When one of his or her positions is sold, another can be purchased immediately from the watchlist. The goal is to understand when a stock is at a low point and when it reaches this low point, it is time to buy. Also, since you have already done your research, you will probably have a good idea of how high the stock will go, and when would be the best time to sell. Remember, it is not always easy to keep track of too many positions, and we suggest having no more than 20 equities in your watchlist. You can still create portfolios as watchlist, which will make it much easier to manage.