Portfolio Theme Optimizer is a 3-step process that allows you to optimize your selected theme. Macroaxis themes use dynamic set of algorithms to aggregate related companies, funds, and ETFs based on several common attributes such as their riskiness, expected returns, areas of operation, size and others. Themes are evaluated daily and may exclude significant number of statistical outliers. To optimize selected theme you first need to be registered and active Macroaxis user (either freemium or premium). Once your account is activated, optimizing a portfolio from a selected theme is easy:
Accept existing or select new theme from theme select box
Specify your investing mood
Set Budget and hit "Optimize Idea" button
You do not need to worry too much about which of the optional attributes to select when creating portfolios. As you continue using our service you will learn and develop your own methodology on how to utilize various filtering options to create your personal and unique portfolio management system.
Please note, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and American Stock Exchange (AMEX) have recently merged. Although Macroaxis has implemented solutions to handle this transition gracefully, you may still find some securities that may not be fully transferred from one exchange to another.

Sometimes investors prefer to allocate their assets around a certain investing idea or a particular concept. Macroaxis Idea Optimizer uses standard mean-variance optimization techniques to compute optimal weights of assets from the selected investing idea. By using this technique one eliminates non-systematic (i.e. company specific) risks both on the level of individual position as well as at the level of the idea. More Info

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