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Quarterly Earning Report: October 30, 2019  

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Apple Profit Margin Analysis

Profit Margin measures overall efficiency of a company and shows its ability to withstand competition as well as defend against adverse conditions such as rising costs, falling prices, decline in sales or management distress. Profit margin tells investors how well the company executes on its overall pricing strategies as well as how effective the company in controlling its costs.
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Apple Profit Margin Over Time Pattern

 Apple Profit Margin 

About Profit Margin

In a nutshell, Profit Margin indicator shows the amount of money the company makes from total sales or revenue. It can provide a good insight into companies in the same sector, as well as help to identify trends of a company from year to year.
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Apple Profit Margin Assessment

Operating Margin
Based on latest financial disclosure Apple has Profit Margin of 0.091219%. This is 107.02% lower than that of the Technology sector, and 97.83% lower than that of Consumer Electronics industry, The Profit Margin for all stocks is 107.18% lower than the firm.

Apple Fundamental Drivers Relationships

Apple is rated fourth in current liabilities category among related companies. It is rated fifth in shares owned by insiders category among related companies . The ratio of Current Liabilities to Shares Owned by Insiders for Apple is about  1,128,657,142,857 

Apple Price to Earnings To Growth Peer Comparison

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Apple is currently under evaluation in price to earnings to growth category among related companies.

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