AMIDEX35 Israel Minimum Initial Investment

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AMIDEX35 Israel Minimum Initial Investment Analysis

Minimum Initial Investment refers to minimum amount the fund family or category will require an investor to deposit to acquire the very first position in the fund or to open an account. In other words, Minimum Initial Investment is a guarantee that any investment from a purchaser of a fund meets the minimum requirement of the fund.
Minimum Initial Investment 
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About Minimum Initial Investment

Fund managers put minimum investment restrictions on fund investments in order to allow the fund to function properly. Minimum restrictions allow fund managers to regulate cash flows of the fund, while guarding it from random trades that may negatively affect fund strategy.
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Based on recorded statements AMIDEX35 Israel Mutual Fund Cla has Minimum Initial Investment of 500. This indicator is about the same for the AMIDEX average (which is currently at 500) family, and about the same as Miscellaneous Region (which currently averages 500) category, The Minimum Initial Investment for all funds is 99.95% higher than the company.

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AMIDEX35 Israel is currently under evaluation in minimum initial investment among similar funds.

Fund Instrument Allocation for AMIDEX35 Israel

The fund invests 99.33% of asset under management in tradable equity instruments, with the rest of investments concentrated in cash (0.67%) .
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