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BJs Wholesale Current Ratio Analysis

Current Ratio is calculated by dividing the Current Assets of a company by its Current Liabilities. It measures whether or not a company has enough cash or liquid assets to pay its current liability over the next fiscal year. The ratio is regarded as a test of liquidity for a company.
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 BJs Wholesale Current Ratio 

About Current Ratio

Typically, short-term creditors will prefer a high current ratio because it reduces their overall risk. However, investors may prefer a lower current ratio since they are more concerned about growing the business using assets of the company. Acceptable current ratios may vary from one sector to another, but generally accepted benchmark is to have current assets at least as twice as current liabilities (i.e. Current Ration of 2 to 1).
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In accordance with recently published financial statements BJs Wholesale Club Holdings I has Current Ratio of 0.79 times. This is 65.2% lower than that of the Consumer Cyclical sector, and 55.62% lower than that of Specialty Retail industry, The Current Ratio for all stocks is 63.43% higher than the company.

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