Fidelity Contra Cash Position Weight

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FCNTX -- USA Fund  

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Fidelity Contra Cash Position Weight Analysis

Percentage of fund asset invested in cash equivalents or risk free instruments. About 40% of all global funds carry cash on their balance sheet.
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About Cash Position Weight

Funds or Etfs that have over 40% of their value invested in low risk instruments or cash equivalents typically attract conservative investors.
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In accordance with recently published financial statements Fidelity Contra Fund has 0.69% in Cash Position Weight. This is 70.89% lower than that of the Fidelity Investments family, and 71.01% lower than that of Large Growth category, The Cash Position Weight for all funds is 93.5% higher than the company.

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Fidelity Contra is currently under evaluation in cash position weight among similar funds.

Fund Instrument Allocation for Fidelity Contra

The fund consists of 98.53% investments in stocks, with the rest of investments allocated between different money market instruments and various exotic instruments.
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