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Quarterly Earning Report: November 14, 2019  

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Globus Medical Earnings Per Share Analysis

Earnings per Share (EPS) denotes the portion of a company's earnings that is allocated to each share of common stock. To calculate Earnings per Share investors will need to take a company's net income, subtract any dividends for preferred stock, and divide it by the number of average outstanding shares. EPS is usually presented in two different ways: basic and diluted. Fully diluted Earnings per Share takes into account effects of warrants, options, and convertible securities and is generally viewed by analysts as a more accurate measure.
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Earnings per Share is one of the most important measures of the current share price of a firm, and is used by investors to determine the company overall profitability; especially when it is compared to the EPS of similar companies.
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Globus Medical Earnings Per Share Assessment

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According to company disclosure Globus Medical has Earnings Per Share of 1.4 times. This is 83.27% lower than that of the Healthcare sector, and 4566.67% higher than that of Medical Devices industry, The Earnings Per Share for all stocks is 55.13% higher than the company.

Globus Medical Fundamental Drivers Relationships

Globus Medical is rated # 4 in short ratio category among related companies. It is rated # 3 in cash per share category among related companies fabricating about  0.46  of Cash per Share per Short Ratio. The ratio of Short Ratio to Cash per Share for Globus Medical is roughly  2.18 

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Globus Medical is currently under evaluation in market capitalization category among related companies.

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