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    Number of Shares Shorted is total amount of shares that are currently sold short by investors. When stock is sold short, the short seller assumes the responsibility of buying the stock back at a lower price. The speculator will make money if the stock goes down in price or will experience loss if the stock price goes up.
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    If a large number of investors decide to short sell an equity instrument within a small period of time, their combined action can significantly affect price of the stock.Compare to competition
    Based on recorded statements Alphabet has 1.65M of outstending shares currently sold short by investors. This is 58.75% lower than that of the Technology sector, and 80.97% lower than that of Internet Content & Information industry, The Number of Shares Shorted for all stocks is 64.93% higher than the company.

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    Alphabet is currently under evaluation in number of shares shorted category among related companies.

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