NTT DATA Net Income

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NTT DATA Net Income Analysis

Net income is the profit of a company for the reporting period which is derived after taking revenues and gains and subtracting all expenses and losses. Net income is one of the most watched numbers by money managers as well as individual investors.
Net Income 
(Rev + Gain) 
(Exp + Loss) 
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NTT DATA Net Income  =
680.89 M
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About Net Income

Because income is reported on the Income Statement of a company and is measured in dollars some investors prefer to use Profit Margin which measures income as a percentage of sales.Compare to competition
Based on recorded statements NTT DATA CORP reported net income of 680.89 M. This is 26.33% higher than that of the Technology sector, and 11.16% lower than that of Information Technology Services industry, The Net Income for all stocks is 19.25% lower than the firm.

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