Diamond Hill One Year Return vs. Minimum Initial Investment

DHMAX -- USA Fund  

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The Drivers Module shows relationships between Diamond Hill's most relevant fundamental drivers and provides multiple suggestions of what could possibly affect the performance of Diamond Hill Small Mid Cap Fund over time as well as its relative position and ranking within its peers. Additionally see Investing Opportunities.

Diamond Hill Small Minimum Initial Investment vs. One Year Return Fundamental Analysis

Diamond Hill Small Mid Cap Fund is rated below average in one year return among similar funds. It is rated # 4 fund in minimum initial investment among similar funds .
One Year Return is the annualized return generated from holding a security for exactly 12 months. The measure is considered to be good short-term measures of fund performance. In other words it represents the capital appreciation of fund investments over the last year. However when the market is volatile such as in recent years, One Year Return measure can be misleading.
Diamond Hill 
One Year Return 
(Mean of Monthly Returns - 1) 
Although One Year Fund Return indicator can give a sense of overall fund short-term potential, it is recommended to look at mid and long term return measure before selecting a particular fund or ETF. The great way to validate fund short-term performance is to compare it with other similar funds or ETFs for the same 12 months interval.
Minimum Initial Investment refers to minimum amount the fund family or category will require an investor to deposit to acquire the very first position in the fund or to open an account. In other words, Minimum Initial Investment is a guarantee that any investment from a purchaser of a fund meets the minimum requirement of the fund.
Diamond Hill 
Minimum Initial Investment 
First Fund Deposit 
2.5 K
Fund managers put minimum investment restrictions on fund investments in order to allow the fund to function properly. Minimum restrictions allow fund managers to regulate cash flows of the fund, while guarding it from random trades that may negatively affect fund strategy.

Diamond Hill Minimum Initial Investment Comparison

  Minimum Initial Investment 
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Diamond Hill is currently under evaluation in minimum initial investment among similar funds.

Diamond Hill Fundamental Comparison

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