MFS Diversified Fundamental Relationships

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The Drivers Module shows relationships between MFS Diversified's most relevant fundamental drivers and provides multiple suggestions of what could possibly affect the performance of MFS Diversified Income Fund Cla over time as well as its relative position and ranking within its peers. Additionally see Investing Opportunities

MFS Diversified Income Net Asset vs. Equity Positions Weight Fundamental Analysis

MFS Diversified Income Fund Cla is rated below average in equity positions weight among similar funds. It is rated below average in net asset among similar funds making up about  100,886,340  of Net Asset per Equity Positions Weight.
Percentage of fund asset invested in equity instruments. About 80% of global funds and ETFs carry equity instruments on their balance sheet.
MFS Diversified 
Stock Percentage 
% of Equities 
in the fund 
Funds with most asset allocated to stocks can be subclassified into many different categories such as market capitalization or investment style.
Net Asset is current market value of a fund less its liabilities. In a nutshell, if the fund is liquidated or all of the assest is sold out, the net asset will be the amount that the shareholders would demand back from the fund.
MFS Diversified 
Net Asset 
Current Market Value 
Current Liabilities 
3.87 B
Net Asset is the value used in calulating NAV of a fund. NAV (or Net Asset Value) is computed once a day based on the formullay that uses closing prices of all positions in the fund's portfolio.

MFS Diversified Net Asset Comparison

  Net Asset 
      MFS Diversified Comparables 
MFS Diversified is currently under evaluation in net asset among similar funds.

MFS Diversified Fundamental Comparison