MFS Diversified Revenue vs. Cash Position Weight

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The Drivers Module shows relationships between MFS Diversified's most relevant fundamental drivers and provides multiple suggestions of what could possibly affect the performance of MFS Diversified Income Fund Cla over time as well as its relative position and ranking within its peers. Additionally see Investing Opportunities

MFS Diversified Income Cash Position Weight vs. Revenue Fundamental Analysis

MFS Diversified Income Fund Cla is currently under evaluation in revenue among similar funds. It is one of the top funds in cash position weight among similar funds .
Revenue is income that a firm generates from business activities such us rendering services or selling goods to customers. It is a crucial part of business and is important item when evaluating financial statements of a company. Revenues from a firm's main business operations can be reported on the income statement as sales revenue, net sales, or simply sales, depending on the industry in which given company operates.
MFS Diversified 
Money Received 
Discounts and Returns 
Revenue is typically recorded when cash or cash equivalents are exchanged for services or goods and can includes product or services discounts, promotions, as well as early payments on invoices or services rendered in advance.
Percentage of fund asset invested in cash equivalents or risk free instruments. About 40% of all global funds carry cash on their balance sheet.
MFS Diversified 
Cash Percentage 
% of Cash 
in the fund 
Funds or Etfs that have over 40% of their value invested in low risk instruments or cash equivalents typically attract conservative investors.

MFS Diversified Cash Position Weight Comparison

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MFS Diversified is currently under evaluation in cash position weight among similar funds.

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