GlobalAccess Emerg Fundamental Relationships

The Drivers Module shows relationships between GlobalAccess Emerg's most relevant fundamental drivers and provides multiple suggestions of what could possibly affect the performance of GlobalAccess Emerg Mkt Equity Z Acc over time as well as its relative position and ranking within its peers. Please also check Risk vs Return Analysis.

GlobalAccess Emerg Mkt Year to Date Return vs. Cash Position Weight Fundamental Analysis

GlobalAccess Emerg Mkt Equity Z Acc is currently considered the top fund in cash position weight among similar funds. It is currently considered the top fund in year to date return among similar funds creating about  0.75  of Year to Date Return per Cash Position Weight. The ratio of Cash Position Weight to Year to Date Return for GlobalAccess Emerg Mkt Equity Z Acc is roughly  1.32 
Percentage of fund asset invested in cash equivalents or risk free instruments. About 40% of all global funds carry cash on their balance sheet.
GlobalAccess Emerg 
Cash Percentage 
% of Cash 
in the fund 
2.04 %
Funds or Etfs that have over 40% of their value invested in low risk instruments or cash equivalents typically attract conservative investors.
Year to Date Return (YTD) is the total return generated from holding a security from the beginning of current fiscal year. In other words YTD Return represents the capital appreciation of your investments from the start of the current fiscal year.
GlobalAccess Emerg 
YTD Return 
(Mean of Monthly Returns - 1) 
1.54 %
Year-To-Date typically refers to a period starting from the beginning of the current year, and continuing up to the present day. Investors should becareful when comparing YTD ratios if not much of the year has occurred as research shows that YTD measures are more sensitive to early periods than late.

GlobalAccess Emerg Mkt Year to Date Return Comparison

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