GlobalAccess Glbl Fundamental Relationships

The Drivers Module shows relationships between GlobalAccess Glbl's most relevant fundamental drivers and provides multiple suggestions of what could possibly affect the performance of GlobalAccess Glbl Hi Yld Bd B Acc over time as well as its relative position and ranking within its peers. See also Risk vs Return Analysis.

GlobalAccess Glbl Three Year Return vs. Annual Yield Fundamental Analysis

GlobalAccess Glbl Hi Yld Bd B Acc is currently considered the top fund in annual yield among similar funds. It is currently considered the top fund in three year return among similar funds reporting about  6.87  of Three Year Return per Annual Yield.
Yield generally refers to the amount of cash that is paid back to the owner of a security over a specific time (usually one year). It is expressed as a percentage of current market price, and usually amounts to all the interests and/or dividends paid over a given period. A higher yield allows the shareholders to generate returns on their investments sooner. However, investors should also be aware that a high yield may be a result of market turmoil or increased price volatility.
GlobalAccess Glbl 
Income from Security 
Current Share Price 
Small firms, start-ups, or companies with high growth potential typically do not pay out dividends or distribute a lot of their profits. These companies will have small yield. Alternatively, more established companies, ETFs, and funds that invest in bonds will have a higher yields.
Tree Year Return shows the total annualized return generated from holding a fund or ETFs for the last three years. The return measure includes capital appreciation, losses, dividends paid, and all capital gains distributions. This return indicator is considered by many investors to be solid measures of fund mid-term performance.
GlobalAccess Glbl 
Three Year Return 
(Mean of Monthly Returns - 1) 
Although Three Year Fund Return indicator can give a sense of overall fund mid-term potential, it is recommended to compare fund performances against other similar funds, ETFs, or market benchmarks for the same 3 year interval.

GlobalAccess Glbl Three Year Return Comparison

GlobalAccess Glbl Fundamental Comparison