QVC Fundamental Relationships

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The Drivers Module shows relationships between QVC's most relevant fundamental drivers and provides multiple suggestions of what could possibly affect the performance of QVC Group over time as well as its relative position and ranking within its peers. Please see also Stocks Correlation

QVC Group Operating Margin vs. Gross Profit Fundamental Analysis

QVC Group is rated below average in gross profit category among related companies. It is rated below average in operating margin category among related companies . The ratio of Gross Profit to Operating Margin for QVC Group is about  359,483,615 
Gross Profit is the most basic measure of business operational efficiency. It is simply the difference between sales revenue and the cost associated with making a product or providing a service. It is calculated before deducting administrative expenses, taxes, and interest payments.
Gross Profit 
Cost of Revenue 
Gross Profit varies significantly from one sector to another and tells investor how much money a business would have made if it didn't have to pay any overhead expenses such as salary, taxes, or rent.
Operating Margin shows how much operating income a company makes on each dollar of sales. It is one of the profitability indicators which helps analysts to understand whether the firm is successful or not making money from everyday operations.
Operating Margin 
Operating Income 
A good Operating Margin is required for a company to be able to pay for its fixed costs or pay out its debt which implies that the higher the margin, the better. This ratio is most effective in evaluating the earning potential of a company over time when comparing it against firm's competitors.

QVC Group Operating Margin Comparison

QVC is rated below average in operating margin category among related companies.