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Menora Mivtachim Hol Current Liabilities vs. Z Score Fundamental Analysis

Menora Mivtachim Holdings Ltd is regarded fourth in z score category among related companies. It is regarded fifth in current liabilities category among related companies creating about  95,000,000  of Current Liabilities per Z Score.
Z-Score is a simple linear, multi-factor model that measures the financial health and economic stability of a company. The score is used to predict probability of a firm going into bankruptcy within next 24 months or two fiscal years from the day stated on the accounting statements used to calculate it. The model uses five fundamental business ratios that are weighted according to algorithm of Professor Edward Altman who developed it in late 1960s at New York University..
Menora Mivtachim 
Z Score 
Sum Of  
5 Factors 
To calculate Z-Score one would need to know current working capital of the company, its total assets and liabilities, amount of latest retained earnings as well as earnings before interest and tax. Z-Score can be used to compare the odds of bankruptcy of companies in similar line of business or firms operating in the same industry. Companies with Z-Scores above 3.1 are generally considered to be stable and healthy with low probability of bankruptcy. Scores that fall between 1.8 and 3.1 lie in a so-called 'grey area' with scores of less than 1 indicating the high probability of distress. Z Score is used widely by financial auditors, accountants, money managers, loan processers, wealth advisers, as well as day traders. In the last 25 years many financial models that utilize z score has been proved to be successful as a predictor of corporate bankruptcy.
Current Liabilities is company's short term debts. This usually includes obligations that are due within next 12 months or within one fiscal year. Current liabilities are very important in analyzing a company's financial health as it requires the company to convert some of its current assets into cash.
Menora Mivtachim 
Current Liabilities 
Accrued Debt 
Current liabilities appear on the company's balance sheet and include all short term debt accounts, accounts and notes payable, accrued liabilities as well as current payments due on the long-term loans. One of the most useful applications of Current Liabilities is the current ratio which is defined as current assets divided by its current liabilities. High current ratios mean that current assets are more than sufficient to pay off current liabilities.

Menora Mivtachim Hol Current Liabilities Comparison

Menora Mivtachim is regarded fourth in current liabilities category among related companies.