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Quarterly Earning Report: October 30, 2019  

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Annaly Capital Manag Price to Earnings To Growth vs. Gross Profit Fundamental Analysis

Annaly Capital Management is regarded second in gross profit category among related companies. It is rated below average in price to earnings to growth category among related companies .
Gross Profit is the most basic measure of business operational efficiency. It is simply the difference between sales revenue and the cost associated with making a product or providing a service. It is calculated before deducting administrative expenses, taxes, and interest payments.
Annaly Capital 
Gross Profit 
Cost of Revenue 
442.86 M
Gross Profit varies significantly from one sector to another and tells investor how much money a business would have made if it didn't have to pay any overhead expenses such as salary, taxes, or rent.
PEG Ratio indicates potential value of an equity instrument and is calculated by dividing Price to Earnings (P/E) ratio into earnings growth rate.Most analysts and investors prefer this measure to a Price to Earnings (P/E) ratio because it incorporates future growth of a firm. The low PEG ratio usually implies that equity instrument is undervalued; where as PEG of 1 may indicate that an equity is reasonably priced under given expectations of future growth.
Annaly Capital 
PEG Ratio 
PE Ratio 
EPS Growth 
Generally speaking, PEG ratio is a 'quick and dirty' way to measure how the current price of a firm's stock relates to its earnings and growth rate. The main benefit of using PEG ratio is that investors can compare the relative valuations of companies within different industries without analyzing their P/E ratios.

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Annaly Capital is currently under evaluation in price to earnings to growth category among related companies.

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