PNC Infratech Fundamental Relationships

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PNC Infratech Limited Cash Flow from Operations vs. Operating Margin Fundamental Analysis

PNC Infratech Limited is regarded fifth in operating margin category among related companies. It is rated below average in cash flow from operations category among related companies making about  135,456,274  of Cash Flow from Operations per Operating Margin.
Operating Margin shows how much operating income a company makes on each dollar of sales. It is one of the profitability indicators which helps analysts to understand whether the firm is successful or not making money from everyday operations.
PNC Infratech 
Operating Margin 
Operating Income 
21.04 %
A good Operating Margin is required for a company to be able to pay for its fixed costs or pay out its debt which implies that the higher the margin, the better. This ratio is most effective in evaluating the earning potential of a company over time when comparing it against firm's competitors.
Operating Cash Flow reveals the quality of a company's reported earnings and is calculated by deducting company's income taxes from earnings before interest, taxes and depreciation (EBITDA). In other words, Operating Cash Flow refers to the amount of cash a firm generates from the sales or products or from rendering services. Operating Cash Flow typically excludes costs associated with long-term investments or investment in marketable securities and is usually used by investor or analyst to check on the quality of a company earnings.
PNC Infratech 
Operating Cash Flow 
2.85 B
Operating Cash Flow shows the difference between reported income and actual cash flows of the company. If a firm does not have enough cash or cash equivalents to cover its current liabilities, then both investors and management should be concerned about company having enough liquid resources to meet current and long term debt obligations.

PNC Infratech Limited Cash Flow from Operations Comparison

PNC Infratech is currently under evaluation in cash flow from operations category among related companies.