JPMorgan SmartRetirement Fundamental Relationships

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The Drivers Module shows relationships between JPMorgan SmartRetirement's most relevant fundamental drivers and provides multiple suggestions of what could possibly affect the performance of JPMorgan SmartRetirement 2035 F over time as well as its relative position and ranking within its peers. Also please take a look at World Market Map

JPMorgan SmartRetirement Bond Positions Weight vs. Cash Position Weight Fundamental Analysis

JPMorgan SmartRetirement 2035 F is rated fifth largest fund in cash position weight among similar funds. It is rated third largest fund in bond positions weight among similar funds creating about  4.18  of Bond Positions Weight per Cash Position Weight.
Percentage of fund asset invested in cash equivalents or risk free instruments. About 40% of all global funds carry cash on their balance sheet.
JPMorgan SmartRetirement 
Cash Percentage 
% of Cash 
in the fund 
Funds or Etfs that have over 40% of their value invested in low risk instruments or cash equivalents typically attract conservative investors.
Percentage of fund asset invested in fixed income securities. About 30% of U.S. mutual funds invest in bonds.
JPMorgan SmartRetirement 
Bond Percentage 
% of Bonds 
in the fund 
Funds that have over 60% of asset value invested in bonds or or other fixed income securities would usually attract conservative investors.

JPMorgan SmartRetirement Bond Positions Weight Comparison

  Bond Positions Weight 
      JPMorgan SmartRetirement Comparables 
JPMorgan SmartRetirement is currently under evaluation in bond positions weight among similar funds.

JPMorgan SmartRetirement Fundamental Comparison