TLKR Fundamental Relationships

The Drivers Module shows relationships between TLKR's most relevant fundamental drivers and provides multiple suggestions of what could possibly affect the performance of TLKR over time as well as its relative position and ranking within its peers. Also please take a look at World Market Map.

TLKR Current Liabilities vs. Current Asset Fundamental Analysis

TLKR is rated fourth in current asset category among related companies. It is rated fourth in current liabilities category among related companies creating about  0.67  of Current Liabilities per Current Asset. The ratio of Current Asset to Current Liabilities for TLKR is roughly  1.50 
Current Asset is all of company's assets that can be used to pay off current liabilities within current fiscal period or over next 12 months. Current Asset includes cash or cash equivalents, accounts receivable, short-term investments, and the portion of prepaid liabilities which will be paid within next 12 months. Because these assets are easily turned into cash, they are sometimes referred to as liquid assets.
Current Asset 
Liquid Assets 
Current Asset is important to company's creditors and private equity firms as they will often be interested in how much that company has in current assets, since these assets can be easily liquidated in case the company goes bankrupt. However it is usually not enough to know if a company is in a good shape just based on current asset alone; the amount of current liabilities should always be considered.
Current Liabilities is company's short term debts. This usually includes obligations that are due within next 12 months or within one fiscal year. Current liabilities are very important in analyzing a company's financial health as it requires the company to convert some of its current assets into cash.
Current Liabilities 
Accrued Debt 
Current liabilities appear on the company's balance sheet and include all short term debt accounts, accounts and notes payable, accrued liabilities as well as current payments due on the long-term loans. One of the most useful applications of Current Liabilities is the current ratio which is defined as current assets divided by its current liabilities. High current ratios mean that current assets are more than sufficient to pay off current liabilities.

TLKR Current Liabilities Comparison

TLKR is currently under evaluation in current liabilities category among related companies.
TLKR is currently under evaluation in revenue category among related companies.