Apple Payout Ratio Trend from 2010 to 2020

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Apple Payout Ratio yearly trend continues to be considerably stable with very little volatility. Payout Ratio may rise above 0.27 this year. During the period from 2010 to 2020, Apple Payout Ratio yarly data series regression line had median of 0.26 and sample variance of  0.0000315. Apple Gross Profit is considerably stable at the moment as compared to the last year. The stock current value of Gross Profit is estimated at about 98.39 Billion. Net Income is projected to rize to about 55.3 B this year, although the value of Consolidated Income will most likelly fall to nearly 48 B. Check Apple fundamental indicators over time to gain insight into the future company performance. Apply historical fundamental analysis to find patterns among financial statement drivers such as Direct Expenses of 122.6 B, Consolidated Income of 48 B or Cost of Revenue of 136 B, as well as many exotic indicators such as Long Term Debt to Equity of 0.6252, Calculated Tax Rate of 26.63 or PPandE Turnover of 10.2. This can be a perfect complement to check Apple Valuation or Volatility. It can also complement various Apple Technical models. Please continue to the analysis of Apple Correlation with competitors.

Apple Payout Ratio Marginal Breakdown

Showing smoothed Payout Ratio of Apple with missing and latest data points interpolated. Payout Ratio is the proportion of Apple earnings paid out as dividends to shareholders. Payout Ratio is typically expressed as a percentage but can be shown as dividends paid out as a proportion of cash flow. The payout ratio is used to determine the sustainability of Apple dividend payments. A lower payout ratio is generally preferable to a higher payout ratio, with a ratio greater than 100% indicating Apple is paying out more in dividends than it makes in net income. The percentage of earnings paid as dividends to common stockholders. Calculated by dividing Dividends per Basic Common Share by Earnings per Basic Share USD.
Payout Ratio10 Years Trend
 Payout Ratio 

Apple Regression Statistics

Arithmetic Mean 0.26
Geometric Mean 0.26
Coefficient Of Variation 2.17
Mean Deviation 0.004263
Median 0.26
Standard Deviation 0.005612
Sample Variance 0.0000315
Range 0.017967
Mean Square Error 0.0000342
R-Squared 0.022893
Significance 0.66
Total Sum of Squares 0.00031497

Apple Payout Ratio Over Time

2016  0.25 
2019  0.26 
2020  0.27