over a year ago at Macroaxis 
By Nathan Young

When you think of the fast drink industry, there are a few companies that come to mind and Starbucks is certainly one of them. Starbucks has begun to innovate and attract new customers with their pre-ordering options and their very artistic new drinks. Dunkin Donuts is essentially their main competitor, selling similar style drinks and products that appeal to the same group of people.

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Best Buy
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By Scarlett Kathleen
Filed transaction by Best Buy Co Inc officer. Unconventional Insider trading
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  over a year ago at Macroaxis 
By Nathan Young

Moving averages are a great way to gauge where your equity is trading in relation to the averages over specified time periods. Typically there is the 200 period moving average, the 100 period moving average, and then the 30 period moving average.

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  over a year ago at Macroaxis 
By List Teri L
Filed transaction by Microsoft Corp director. Grant, award or other acquisition pursuant to Rule 16b-3(d)
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  over a year ago at Macroaxis 
By Nathan Young

Citigroup and many of the other financial companies were the first to feel the effects of 2008. Since 2008, Citigroup has yet to recover back to pre-recession levels which investors who held on to the stock through everything may not be happy. Citigroup is a bank that deals in retail banking, credit card services, and many other areas of the banking industry.

 fundamentals finance   citigroup financial services banks - global banking
  over a year ago at Macroaxis 
By Nathan Young

If you take a look at any mutual fund, odds are you will see that it is being compared to a benchmark in the industry. For example, the S&P mutual funds are compared with the S&P 500 as the benchmark.

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YUM Brands
  over a year ago at Macroaxis 
By Nathan Young

Yum! Brands is the parent company for many famous brands such as KFC and Taco Bell. The fast food industry here in the United States is highly competitive as the race for the top spot is crucial. With companies such as McDonalds selling all day breakfast and Chipotle offering a healthy alternative, it does not take much to swing the tide.

 fundamentals food   yum brands consumer restaurants consumer cyclical
Simon Property Group
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By Nathan Young

With the retail sector hitting a wall and stores closing, threatening the malls, you may wonder what will happen to the buildings. Simon Property Group is a real estate company that focuses on mall properties on which shopping centers or constructed. Thought to be one of the more reliable companies out there, even they are no immune to the change in retail that is currently happening.

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  over a year ago at Macroaxis 
By Nathan Young

When looking at stock and their fundamentals, people tend to get held up on the past and use that too much in predicting the future. If you are looking to invest in a company or equity, you want to know how it is going to do in the future.

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  over a year ago at Macroaxis 
By Nathan Young

This is fairly straight forward, as the lowest value over a specific period is the lowest price, price level, or data point over a specified period you have chosen.

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