This deal has been going on for quite some time, and just recently the FTC has stated that Walgreens would be unable to purchase all of the Rite Aid stores due to the potential lack of competition. While competition in the market is healthy, Rite Aid is left with Walgreens on purchasing some of their stores, leaving them with others that they may not want, need, or are able to operate.

 fundamentals retail   rite aid consumer diversified wholesale and retail consumer defensive pharmaceutical retailers

Beer in America is going through a revival of sorts and micro brewing has taken off to levels unseen. With that, the market is becoming overcrowded and there is a potential for the scene to scale back. Until then, Constellation brands is continuing to fight these little brands that are taking valuable market share all across America. Premium beer has a new look and taste and that does not bode well for these large companies that produce brands we know, but their quality is subpar compared to others.

 fundamentals food   constellation brands consumer beverage manufacturers consumer defensive beverages - wineries & distilleries

Despite beating on nearly everything on their Q2 earnings, the stock has begun to pull back and many believe it could just be profit taking or fear the company will not continue their success. Either way, many agree that Hasbro is still one of the top stock in the toy industry and with the holiday season rapidly approaching, this can only mean there will be a greater wind in the company’s stock potential.

 fundamentals retail   hasbro consumer cyclical leisure recreation

As the next generation is leaving college, they not only have bright futures ahead of them they also are carrying debts that could cripple their ability to spend and continue feeding the consumer economy we have created. The average student loan debt level is around the $30,000 mark, and that does not seem like much, but for someone starting out that can drive dollars away from spending and instead into areas such as food and shelter.

 fundamentals finance   macroaxis

The large purple company that advertises themselves as an exercise facility and not a gym, promoting a judgment free zone, enables people to join a health facility without the pressures of not knowing how to navigate a gym. A traditional gym intimidates many people and this company hopes to eliminate that fear.

 fundamentals services   planet fitness consumer cyclical leisure entertainment

With minimum wage being discussed more and more, people fail to mention there are going to be business implications. Of course the living conditions and wage benefits are extremely valid, but business will adjust in ways that cause people to begin finding a new issue, and that is lack of minimum wage jobs.

 fundamentals services   macroaxis

McDonalds has been around for decades and continues to provide America their fast food needs. With the push for fresher and healthier options, McDonalds has gone to a few sandwiches that are fresh and unfrozen beef. The hopes is that will boost sales, but relying on one meal alone wont be enough as the pressures continue to grow for healthier and fresher options. Now that Amazon may be entering the food market it could lead to a tighter space than it already is.

 fundamentals food   mcdonalds consumer cyclical restaurants restaurants hotels motels

When people are unfamiliar with the financial markets or the financial industry as a whole, they may begin to use trading and investing interchangeably, but there is a large different between the two. Trading can be used as a verb as can investing, but in this cause we’re going over the fundamental definition of both words.

 fundamentals finance   macroaxis

In a not so distant future, Chipotle was in the news for their food issues that tanked the stock price and scared people. Now there has been an article posted that a norovirus may have been linked to a Chipotle in Virginia causing the stock to tank. We have all been through this once before and if this is the case and ends up being more widespread, this could spell disaster for the company.

 fundamentals food   chipotle mexican consumer cyclical restaurants restaurants hotels motels

Netflix impresses again with higher than anticipated subscribers meaning people are still flocking to the streaming service. That is good and all, but you have to wonder when everyone joins Netflix, what are they going to do to generate more money. There are finite amounts of people who watch television and once they are the platform they might stall and investors could get bored with the returns.

 fundamentals technology   netflix consumer cyclical media - diversified entertainment

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