Earnings season can be a nervous time for some and a wonderful time for others. Earnings season is when companies post their quarterly results and investors take the news and run with it. Sometimes it will greatly move price depending on the news and how well or poor of a number is posted. With that in mind, if you follow a stock closely enough you can begin to sense when numbers may not be as planned or better than planned. Traders can potentially make money off of these moves using a variety of tactics.

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Blue Apron is a company that specializes in meals that are sent your door. However, Amazon is now entering this space with the news of trademark regarding meal kits. Blue Apron is very new to the public market and they are only getting pushed down and honestly, that couldn’t have been any worse timing with Amazons purchase of Whole Foods. What this means going forward for Blue Apron is they are going to have to step up their brand game and word of mouth game.

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There was an article posted by Visa and it stated that the company wants to eliminate cash. Eliminating cash for a procession company is the dream because it would force people to use cards or applications that transfer money electronically. Visa is a transaction processing company that is in the top group in the United States and the world. With the rise of Bitcoin and electronic payment systems, this may not be a far-fetched idea.

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There are mindsets people have when it comes to rising interest rates. If you are an investor, then you may want to see the rising interest rates because that means higher returns on products such as bonds and debt. For people who are looking to get a mortgage, car, or other type of consumer loan do not want to see higher interest rates. With that being said, Ford could begin to feel negative pressure from rising interest rates.

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What sets Bitcoin apart from the more well known markets is that there are minimal large players which means the retail trader has the edge, for now. With the recent moves to the upside that are down right unheard of, Bitcoin has been pushed into the public light any people are taking note. However, now that Bitcoin is gaining more attention, now may not be the best time to enter the market and I’m here to tell you why.

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The hottest and latest technology to hit the skies is drones and they seem to only be gaining to attention of consumers. Drones are personal aircrafts that can be handled via cell phone or remote control, typically having a camera attached for wonderful cinematography. Running across multiple price ranges, there are drones out there to fit every budget. Now, you may be wondering what that has to do with investments. The reason you should be paying attention, as this could be a niche space that begins to take off here in the not so distant future.

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For investors who are passive about finance and rely on the help of a manager or advisor, you may not understand what the interest rate of the Fed has to do with your portfolio or life in general. Certainly we all know the interest rates on loans and those are certainly affected, but when it comes to equities, there are some that enjoy and some that dislike a higher interest rate.

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The retail sector is a place no one wants to touch and people are saying that it may still not be over. When in doubt, stay away, but there is certainly value to be had and this should not be ignored. Amid all of the closures and bankruptcy’s taking place, now is the time to head into the fire and see which companies are beaten down in price but are financially sound. Being affected by the surroundings but remaining healthy allows for the value investor to step in and ride out the storm to the other side.

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As many people know, Apple is widely known for their iPhones, which have been around about 10 years. The company is considered a leader in the tech space and continues to prove this by providing consumers with state of the art products that allow people to take their game to the next level. With the introduction of a new iPhone, people begin to speculate and guess what the new product will have.

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The golden arches and famous clown are one of the most recognizable symbols in fast food. McDonalds has been around for quite some time and continues to stand tall in the face of stiff competition. With the addition of all day breaks and fresh burgers, they are attempting to maintain their relevance in an ever shifting market.

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