Horse racing in the United States typically kicks into high gear during the first leg of the triple crown or as many know it as the Kentucky Derby. Churchill Downs is the name of the home for the Kentucky Derby and Churchill Downs Inc. is the company that is traded on the stock market. The holdings company also owns a track by the name of Fairgrounds in Louisiana as well as Arlington International Racecourse in Illinois.

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It is important to get a feel for how the overall market is doing because this can be a indication of what is coming. With the introduction of ETF products, the ability to track sectors or overall markets without having company specific risk has greatly increased and only continues to grow in popularity.

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As all of you probably already know, Amazon rocked the grocery market by purchasing Whole Foods, indicating they are ready to enter the food industry. Blue Apron is a company that is looking to go public very soon, and their business is they deliver ingredients to your front door that when assembled create a meal. It’s easy to see why they may cut their IPO price, but that won’t keep them out of the game. Here are a few points to note while the company continues to prepare for their initial public offering.

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In the news most recently, there has been a ransom wear cyber attack happening throughout the world. People are having trouble pin pointing who the attackers are, but they are certainly making their presence known. Ransom wear is an attack that infects a computer and demands some sort of payment to have the computer unlocked. Typically the payment is requested in Bitcoin or something similar, as this is difficult and nearly impossible to trace back to the requestor.

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Since the housing market crisis beginning in 2008, U.S. Steel’s stock has had a difficult time rebounding to their previous highs, which could be due to the over inflated housing market. Now, the pressure seems to be coming from the Chinese and their ability to produce and ship steel at a cheaper price.

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If you take a look at the stock chart, you can see that the chart has been fairly range bound and is currently sitting at the lows. For those who are unfamiliar with Dicks Sporting Goods, the company sells sporting equipment and clothing items. With the recent conditions of the market, it would make sense why the price is at where it’s at.

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Illinois is about to become the first state to be rated as a junk grade investment if the government is unable to pass a budget for the third straight year. This is going to be new territory for all and could cost taxpayers noticeably more for those living within the state. For overall investments, this may not mean a whole lot as people who are running bond funds can simply overlook the state and move on to the next one. However, people who can stomach a little risk, this may provide an opportunity for higher returns.

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With the changing landscape in retail, Sears is holding on by a thread, and a thin thread at that. In the new for closing twenty more stores, one has to wonder how much longer can a store such as this continue. There are going to be large implications if, and looking more like when, Sears closes for good. You have to remember the malls that Sears is the anchor in and shopping centers where Sears occupies a large space.

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Goldman Sachs and other large banks are beginning to reap higher returns as the Fed continues to raise interest rates. There are two parts to this equation that involve the lenders and the consumers. The lenders are going to want interest rates higher as that means they can earn higher interest rates. On the other hand, the borrower is not enjoying the interest rate hikes as they want to borrow at lower interest rates. With the rate the way they have been, people are going to become uncomfortable with the higher rates, but it is necessary for a variety of reasons.

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Staples is in the news for potentially being bought by a private equity firm, which would allow the company to continue on into the future. Retail has been in rough shape recently and Staples is not immune to these effects. For those who don’t know, Staples is a company that sells office supplies and often has specials during back to school season.

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