The video game industry is in a place of rapid growth and expansion, thanks in part the growth of E-Sports or videogame sports. Yes, video games are becoming a mainstream sport that outlets are following and reporting on. What that means is there is new light being shed on this industry, however, since there is a shift in technology game stores such as GameStop could be in a undesirable space.

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Groupon is a hit in major cities as it allows people to find deals and experience places they otherwise would look over. For those unfamiliar, Groupon is used by business who have a deal they want to promote or advertise a way that would entice people to enter their store. For example, if there was a business known for selling good pies, they may offer a Groupon where you can get two pies for the price of one. The difference is you purchase this through Groupon and show up with the proof of purchase.

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If you are a watch person, then you have probably heard of Fossil, as they are known for there watches, wallets, and other fashionable accessories. Located in malls, outlet malls, and other locations across the country, Fossil continues to provide competition to others in the industry such as Coach and Michael Kors.

 fundamentals retail   fossil consumer cyclical footwear & accessories consumer goods

If there is an area of the market that seems interesting it is the technology sector. It has been performing well over the year, and you can look at companies such as Tesla, Facebook, and Netflix to start. I keep driving this point home, but just look at retail, as you can see, technology is changing the landscape of that market in a way we have never seen.

 fundamentals technology   technology select spdr state street global advisors

If you have looked at the fashion industry or shoe industry, then you will have likely heard of the Yeezy shoe from Adidas. This has been the latest in the shoe industry and everybody wants these highly sought after items. Now Adidas has the ability to ride this wave, but they have to be careful to maintain the exclusivity of these shoes, otherwise everyone will have them and then they will lose their special brand appeal.

 fundamentals retail   adidas ag consumer cyclical footwear & accessories

If you haven’t noticed, people are slowly beginning to cut the cord and move to an on demand area of the cable market, and companies such as Dish are in a place where they have to adapt, otherwise they will be left in the dust. Dish is a company that sells equipment and services that allow the consumer to view television and entertainment avenues.

 fundamentals services   dish network communication services pay tv communication

Alibaba was one of the most highly anticipated IPOs in recent history and the stock recently in the news for going above and beyond the numbers people thought they would post. Alibaba is a retailer and business that operates in the B2B, B2C, and C2C space. If there is a company to compare it to in the aspect of what it does, Amazon would more than likely be the best.

 fundamentals retail   alibaba group consumer cyclical specialty retail business services

Apple was in the news for their latest conference where the company released the latest upgrades and now there is a new product to look forward too, and that is the HomePod. This will be the competition to Amazon’s and Google’s new home devices. However, the price is something that had people talking as Apple is going to sell their HomePod at $349.

 fundamentals technology   apple consumer electronics computers

Amazon is king of the hill in retail and shipping as they are putting the traditional retail environment into a real pinch. This is not necessarily bad as it is flushing out the companies that are unable to adapt. Recent, Apple released their new product the HomePod and this is a direct competitor of Amazon’s Echo.

 fundamentals retail   amazon consumer cyclical specialty retail

People have a variety of reasons they invest in gold, from their Uncle said it was a good investment to they fear the economy is going to crash. A simple way to look at gold could be hedging against a volatile market. Gold is something everyone knows so for many it is something they flock to without doing enough research.

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