If you have not been living under a rock, then odds are you have heard of the retail giant of Walgreens. On the corner of many street corners, the company operates convenience stores that sell everything from simple food items to pharmaceutical products. The appeal with Walgreens is that if you need something quick, you can hop into their store and typically find what you need.

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When you think about shipping there are three major names, the United States Postal Service, UPS, and FedEx. FedEx ships just about anything and everything, allowing people to send items around the world. FedEx operates on the ground and the air, giving people the ability to have things overnighted and received next day. Shipping in the United States is a serious business, especially during the holiday season. With that, any little slip up or disruption can bring serious delays to products.

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When you ask anyone who listens to music, there are typically three sources they cite and it is either Spotify, iTunes Radio, or are subject in review Pandora. Pandora is a music app for mobile device that allows users to create customer radio playlists that will play music geared towards their taste. They also have different subscriptions that will allow unlimited skips, replays, and elimination of advertisements.

 fundamentals services   pandora media consumer cyclical broadcasting - radio communication

With the recent headlines regarding the airline industry, it would come at no surprise to see people boycotting or traveling with different airlines that have a better brand image. Delta is an airline industry for commercial travel that flies to many different destinations. Airline companies have many different aspects to keep in mind and many different factors that can affect the stock price and profitability.

 fundamentals services   delta air industrials airlines shipping containers

When you think of the fast drink industry, there are a few companies that come to mind and Starbucks is certainly one of them. Starbucks has begun to innovate and attract new customers with their pre-ordering options and their very artistic new drinks. Dunkin Donuts is essentially their main competitor, selling similar style drinks and products that appeal to the same group of people.

 fundamentals food   starbucks consumer restaurants consumer cyclical

Citigroup and many of the other financial companies were the first to feel the effects of 2008. Since 2008, Citigroup has yet to recover back to pre-recession levels which investors who held on to the stock through everything may not be happy. Citigroup is a bank that deals in retail banking, credit card services, and many other areas of the banking industry.

 fundamentals finance   citigroup financial services banks - global banking

Yum! Brands is the parent company for many famous brands such as KFC and Taco Bell. The fast food industry here in the United States is highly competitive as the race for the top spot is crucial. With companies such as McDonalds selling all day breakfast and Chipotle offering a healthy alternative, it does not take much to swing the tide.

 fundamentals food   yum brands consumer restaurants consumer cyclical

With the retail sector hitting a wall and stores closing, threatening the malls, you may wonder what will happen to the buildings. Simon Property Group is a real estate company that focuses on mall properties on which shopping centers or constructed. Thought to be one of the more reliable companies out there, even they are no immune to the change in retail that is currently happening.

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In the United States, people drive nearly everywhere and some people commute near an hour to work. That means there is a lot of time spend in the car, and in steps Sirius, which is a satellite radio provider, giving people many choices for talk shows, sports, and different types of music.

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If you are learning about Bitcoin for the first time this week, you have probably missed the train and that is fine. Bitcoin is a crypto currency that has become the face of a new digital currency. There are many different crypto currencies out there, and the idea is pushed with a decentralized currency and new technology such as the blockchain.

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