With the latest IPO of Snap, the parent company of Snapchat, people have refocused on many of the leaders in the tech and social media space such as Twitter, Facebook, and Amazon. As we as a society have switched over to Internet based tasks, these leaders are going to influence many aspects of the market.

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Staples are a retailer that provides companies and individuals with office supplies and other similar products. During back to school season, Staples strives to be one of the most well known names out there. However, with the recent trends in retail, we can see that many companies are struggling.

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The parent company for TJ Maxx and Marshalls reported and their numbers were a miss, which should come at no surprise given the current market conditions. These companies focus on discount brand name items such as clothing, jewelry, and cosmetics. With discounted prices, it entices people to come in and get their brand name products at just a fraction of the cost.

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When you think of American cars, many will yell Ford or Chevy, and when you bring up the subject of motorcycles, the brand many think of is Harley Davidson, with their iconic orange and black logo. Many people collect these beautiful bikes and many people use them as their weekend riding machines. Since the economy has been on this bull run, it certainly helps the vehicle industry because lending is easier and jobs are more secure.

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If you have watched the news at any point in the last few weeks, you would have noticed Nvidia, which has moved to the upside creating huge returns for investors who entered early enough. Nvidia is a tech company that makes chips and other products for the computer industry, and has been citied for beginning to compete directly with Amazon.

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If you tuned into the news today, then you will have likely noticed retail is being pushed down further as JC Penny and other retail stores have posted numbers that have come up short. I know the news and everyone else is stating the same thing, but this is important because you do not want to be caught on the wrong side of this. However, this latest movement has provided the opportunity to look for value.

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T-Mobile posted growth of subscribers is the millions which is putting Verizon in a bind. Recently, Verizon has reintroduced their unlimited plans because the others have been taking market share at a quick pace. The mobile phone market continues to be extremely competitive and with the recent changes, T-Mobile looks primed to be sold, even though they’ve run into issues in the past.

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With the latest news that has been around the airline industry, it might be a great opportunity to take some time and see if there is any value. Boeing is a company that builds airplanes for the major airlines across the world. Typically when something goes wrong with an airplane, odds are Boeing is the company responsible. With that, it is important they have quality products and nothing is wrong with them.

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As you may already know, the retail space is getting hammered and stores continue to close at an alarming pace. Nordstrom is a company that sells high end retail goods from clothing to furniture accessories. With the retails space the way it currently is, Nordstrom is struggling and as a result, their stock has recently taken a hit.

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EA has provided us with many different games from Madden to FIFA, allowing us to enjoy many of our favorite sports on our chosen gaming consul. Not only sports, EA has created one of the most well known combat games, the Battlefield series. As the rise of E-Sports continues to take hold, companies that are in the space of Electronic Arts are in a position to succeed.

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