over a year ago at Macroaxis 
By Nathan Young

With the latest news that has been around the airline industry, it might be a great opportunity to take some time and see if there is any value. Boeing is a company that builds airplanes for the major airlines across the world. Typically when something goes wrong with an airplane, odds are Boeing is the company responsible. With that, it is important they have quality products and nothing is wrong with them.

 fundamentals manufacturing   boeing industrials aerospace & defense aircraft
  over a year ago at Macroaxis 
By Nathan Young

As you may already know, the retail space is getting hammered and stores continue to close at an alarming pace. Nordstrom is a company that sells high end retail goods from clothing to furniture accessories. With the retails space the way it currently is, Nordstrom is struggling and as a result, their stock has recently taken a hit.

 fundamentals retail   nordstrom consumer cyclical department stores
Electronic Arts
  over a year ago at Macroaxis 
By Nathan Young

EA has provided us with many different games from Madden to FIFA, allowing us to enjoy many of our favorite sports on our chosen gaming consul. Not only sports, EA has created one of the most well known combat games, the Battlefield series. As the rise of E-Sports continues to take hold, companies that are in the space of Electronic Arts are in a position to succeed.

 fundamentals entertainment   electronic arts technology electronic gaming & multimedia business services
3M Company
  over a year ago at Macroaxis 
By Nathan Young

3M is a technology company who operates in many different segments, which include automotive, paper and printing, construction, and even food and beverage. A company as diverse as 3M means there are many ways the company can sustain their business, but it equally means there are risks independent of each segment. 3M has been around for quite some time and you have probably used a product or two from their production line.

 fundamentals manufacturing   3m industrials diversified industrials medical equipment
  over a year ago at Macroaxis 
By Nathan Young

Tesla is the car company of the future, no question about it. As we begin to push towards driverless cars and electronic vehicles, this company is leading the way. The person behind the ideas, Elon Musk is certainly positioning the company to succeed tomorrow and beyond. However, one of the issues that could arise is their products are no cheap, limiting the people who can obtain them.

 fundamentals cars   tesla vehicles car truck and bus manufacturers consumer cyclical auto manufacturers
  over a year ago at Macroaxis 
By Nathan Young

Hershey is a staple in the lives of many and has memories associated with many of their products. Some of the most recognizable names in the food industry, Hershey has been serving sweets for generations and continues to do so to this day. There are many brands under the umbrella, but the most notable is the Hershey rectangle with the name display proudly in the stores across the country.

 fundamentals food   hershey consumer defensive confectioners food products
  over a year ago at Macroaxis 
By Nathan Young

If you’ve noticed, many people are going cashless and even cardless. With that being said, I want to bring you a few companies to watch as we transition in the world of finance. Taking a look at the various companies, we can start with PayPal as they are leading the way in money movement. Others to keep in mind and take note of are Visa and Master Card, along with up and coming companies such as Venmo and Robinhood.

 fundamentals finance   visa services business services financial services credit services
Monster Beverage
  over a year ago at Macroaxis 
By Nathan Young

Monster Energy is a company that sells energy drinks to consumers, with many different variations. Recently, the company has become the face of NASCAR as they are one of the largest sponsors of the sport and who they’ve named the series after. This is wonderful advertising as it gets their name out there and widely exposed, but that does not change the fact that there is pressure against the company and their product. Many people are fighting the company because their drinks are unhealthy and have been linked with deaths after consuming the beverage.

 fundamentals food   monster beverage consumer defensive beverages - soft drinks candy and soda
  over a year ago at Macroaxis 
By Nathan Young

The fashion industry has always been a competitive environment, and Coach is certainly not excluded. Close competitors such as Fossil and Michael Kors keep close tabs on this fashion brand. One reason the company has been successful over the years is they have been able to sustain their brand image as a status symbol and be at a price point the majority of people can obtain. If you remember though, every lady walking seemed to own a Coach bag, which takes away from the exclusivity of the product, ultimately hurting brand image.

 fundamentals retail   tapestry consumer cosmetics jewellery and luxury products
  over a year ago at Macroaxis 
By Nathan Young

If there is ever a company more talked about, please let me know. Apple is the perfect child in terms of stock references and the only one that comes close would be Amazon, and it could be argued that Amazon is the better, but we will save that for a later date. Apple is in a great position but they do have a few weaknesses and potential issues and we are going to expose them here.

 fundamentals technology   apple consumer electronics computers

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