We all have known Amazon to be this giant that was untouchable, but now Walmart has stepped up their game. The have increased their online shopping options as people now can order online and have it sent to stores for discount, and these discounts are now going to rival Amazon. A difference to keep in mind is that Walmart is using physical store locations to their advantage as Amazon does not have the large brick and mortar footprint.

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Adidas is in the news following an email that was sent out to people who completed the Boston marathon that contained a title that was insensitive to the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings. Something such as this is not how you want to be perceived in the public eye, but it should not be detrimental to their core business because their product quality and out put has not been affected. Maintaining brand image is certainly difficult in todays environment because one slip up will be head and seen by millions as the Internet lets news travel fast.

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Snapchat and their company recently went public as people were excitedly waiting for this even. Since then, Facebook has been stepping up their game and boosting the features both Facebook and Instagram has, competing fiercely against Snapchat. Instagram can essentially do what Snachat can do and Facebook appears to be not far behind. This has put a real pressure on Snapchat going forward because they have to innovate not only on a user base, but continue to provide value for their advertisers and companies that post stories on their platforms.

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Back in the day, IBM used to be the name everyone knew for home computing, but now it has transitioned into hardware and cloud software. Even more, it is known for their product named Watson, that can interact similar to that of a human. Today, the company came out with year over year numbers that have decreased yet again, causing the stock to fall. The issue with this company is they are having trouble switching over to a new product and service area. Technology is one of the most competitive market places and it doesn’t take much for company to lose their dominance.

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As many of you recall, there was the large issue of the Samsung phones catching fire, which hurt the brand and potentially shifted sales to competitors. Recently, they have been promoting the new era of phones, hoping that consumers come back and give the company a second chance. With a second chance comes more scrutiny because if they phones repeat as a failure, then they will certainly lose customers and sales for good. Apple was a beneficiary of their last issue, so if something happens, look at Apple to pounce.

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If you have read previous articles here on Macroaxis, then you will likely know that pharmaceutical stocks or any drug creating stocks can be volatile, with today proving that point. When the FDA decides to reject a product, it essentially costs the company hundreds of millions of dollars because they put so much time and energy into research and development, as well as experimentations. So when that happens, you can see a stock drop dramatically out of the sky, causing long term investors to worry because they are not looking for the volatility.

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As the attention of the media is shifting to a more mobile arena, Dish Network is a company that is positioning itself to stay ahead of the curve. If you have noticed, many people either go to YouTube, utilize free or low cost streaming services, or eliminate the television all together. This is a growing concern as people fight for the attention of millions of people. Ask any one of your friends, and they watch popular television shows, the difference is they watch it on their own time. Not only is attention getting difficult, but drawing people to use a specific platform is becoming more difficult as well.

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For someone doesn’t look at the market often, it can be intimidating to catch up because the market moves so quickly and stops for no one. Many retail investors are unable to properly gauge the market and the market sectors because they don’t take the time to really get an in depth understanding of where the market is at. Thanks to the wonderful people that create products, ETF’s have allowed the retail investor to enter markets and market sectors without taking on company specific risk. The most popular is the SPY and that follows the S&P 500 index.

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If you have not heard of Disney, simply visit your nearest store or flip on the television and you will see the impact this company has on the entertainment world today. Disney operates two amusement parks in the United States and has graced us with so many movies that we’ve all lost count. A reason this company does so well is they cause us to gain an attachment to their products and movies because we associate them with memories. Now, they are brining back the popular movies of the late 1990’s and 2000’s as people who were kids then, are no beginning to start families of their own.

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As the financial world evolves and the way money is transferred changes, Visa is one of the leaders in the money business. The way we used to send money was through cash and wire transfers, but now we have the ability to essentially text money and receive money within seconds. The debit card transformed how we use and spend money, and with the addition of Bitcoin, there are new technologies in the works that will continue to evolve the way we transfer money.

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