If you have seen the news here in the recent days, you would have likely heard of the gentleman being forcibly taken from a United Airlines flight that was overbooked. The manner of how this person was removed has people angry at the company and a public relations nightmare. People are going to stop flying on the airlines and sales are certainly going to fall. For investing, the long term may still be intact, but you will have to wait and see the impact this news has. In the short term, you can see the stock dropped on the reaction but recovered within a few days.

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If you have ever worked in an office or owned home computing products, you are probably more than familiar with HP. Most notably the printers, HP has provided businesses and the individual person with products that enhance our computer experience. The company has been able to stand the test of time and continue to evolve in a way that keeps up with the demands of the end user. That doesn’t guarantee they can continue to do this into the future, but it certainly shows they have the ability to change.

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Whole Foods is a higher end grocer that sells foods that are organic and healthier compared to the average store. Recently, there was an investor that took a percentage stake in the company that allowed them to voice their opinion on how the company should continue. With pressure coming from competitors, sales and traffic have been slowing, which could indicate that the market is shifting. There has been some news on the company that they should look for a sale, but that is too early to tell. If you’re looking to invest for the long term, that certainly is something to keep in mind because it could affect your returns.

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If you’ve been reading the news lately, you’ll know that Starbucks, a large competitor of Dunkin Donuts, has implemented mobile ordering which expedites the process of obtaining your morning coffee. That is a major game changer as Dunkin Donuts will need to implement this technology if they want to maintain pace with their competitors. Not only that, their products has to maintain their quality because if that slips, people are going to switch.

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If you have been at the gas pump lately, you may have noticed that gas prices have increased. This could be a result a few different factors, and increasing oil prices is one of them. Exxon Mobile is a company that operates within the oil industry and has been negatively impacted by the consistently low oil prices. Of course as a consumer of gasoline, you want to see oil prices stay low, but for the benefit of your portfolio and investments into oil, you want to see prices increase. Over the long term, price will stabilize and remain fairly constant despite the recent volatility due to an over supply.

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The hotel industry can be closely tied to factors in the market such as job security, overall market trends, and companies that are vacation destinations. For this article, we will focus on the company of Marriott, which is one of the well known brands in the hotel industry. Hotels are not only used for staying they night, many business will hold conferences at these hotels, bringing in hundreds of people from out of town. Certainly this company is affected when the economy slows because people no longer wish to travel and would rather save their money for the needs in life.

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If there is an industry that could potentially provide explosive returns, pharmaceuticals is it. How many times do you check the news and see a pharmaceutical company up double digit percent and think how did that happen? The reason for this is these companies react to approval of their products, which allows them to sell their products to the public. The amount of money that goes into research and development is large, which means if their product gets approved, they’ll have the ability to sell and cover the costs.

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Costco is a well known store in the United States that sells everything from clothing to electronics, food to construction needs, and everything in between. People enjoy shopping at the store because they offer bulk items for a discounted price compared to competitors. Certainly this fits the large family because items that are used quickly are cheaper in bulk. However, for the person who lives alone, there isn’t much value to shop at Costco because everything is large quantity. Sure they have clothing and other deals, but Costco is not the first place people think of to purchase a couch or a pair of jeans.

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T-Mobile is a cell phone service provider in the United States and their main competition include Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint. With the recent reintroduction of unlimited data by Verizon, this has certainly leveled the playing field and could hurt T-Mobile. A large bank recently downgraded they stock, citing this reason as a factor in the downgrade. A few companies have tried to purchase T-Mobile but have been stopped due to a monopolization of the market. This company appears to have always been behind in the overall market, but it still offers value in that it is less expensive compared to the competition.

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