Hanes Brands is a company that can be linked to the basketball legend Michael Jordan as he has appeared in many of the commercials. The brand image this company is going for is comfort along with the cool factor many people may associate with the brand. Of course the clothing industry is difficult, but luckily the company has proved to the marketplace that they are solid and here to stay for awhile. Some competitors could be Fruit of The Loom and other clothing brands that deal in the underwear market. 

 fundamentals retail   hanesbrands consumer cyclical apparel manufacturing

As people begin to change their shopping habit from brick and mortar stores to online shopping, many retailers are finding that changing is necessary to keep up with the change in behavior. JC Penney is a store that was following the track of Sears in that it is becoming obsolete. Recently, they have made the changes to slowly begin the transition back into competition, but there is still a long road ahead as people begin shopping there less and less. Unlike Sears, this company still has a chance.

 fundamentals retail   jc penney consumer cyclical department stores

With the recent news that Gander Mountain is nearing bankruptcy, many people are wondering what will be left of outdoor retail stores. Minus the local stores in communities across the country, Dicks Sporting Goods is one of the last few that are benefiting from the closing stores. With the growth of online shopping, the cost of maintain a brick and mortar retail space is becoming more and more of a burden. In order for Dicks to continue on their current path, they will have to join the online community in a larger presence.

 fundamentals retail   dicks sporting consumer cyclical specialty retail

With YouTube taking off and turning into a huge platform, many people being vlogging, or video blogging. For companies such as Ulta, this is a great time to advertise because there are many people out there that vlog about makeup and get millions of views. This is a great way to give them free products and have them exposed to millions of people. Even if they are not buying that product, it certainly puts the companies name in front of people and that could make them more likely to enter one of their stores. Now, let us see how their fundamental health is according to their latest numbers.

 fundamentals retail   ulta beauty consumer diversified wholesale and retail consumer cyclical specialty retail

Frontier Communications Corporation provides Internet access and other regulated Internet products and services to people and businesses. Being an Internet provider is almost a sure thing because people will always need the world wide webs, and the only reason a company should fail is the quality of service suffers or the brand image suffers for one reason or another. It is well worth your time to look at companies in this field because they should also have the ability to adapt and evolve with the ever changing times.

 fundamentals technology   frontier communications communication services telecom services communication

In the world today, you have the option to pay in many different ways. From debt card to credit card, Global Payments Inc. services and products allow businesses to accept and process electronic payments. With companies such as this, we would all be stuck in the days of check and cash. Of course checks and cash still have their place in the finance world, they are slowly being removed and technology and payment processes become adopted by all. Now, let us take a look at their fundamental health to gain a better understanding of the health of the company.

 fundamentals services   global payments industrials business services

As people begin to develop and evolve in the world of engines and how things are powered, BorgWarner will be there to produce the parts necessary to keep these goods running. This type of company could flow into a few different categories from services to manufacturing, but they certainly cover a sector of the market that is worth looking into. Now, let us take a look at their most recent numbers and determine the fundamental health of the company. 

 fundamentals manufacturing   borgwarner consumer cyclical auto parts automobiles and trucks

This company has been around for awhile and as of today is a publically traded company. With price surging over 40% right out of the gate, many people are excited. Snapchat is a mobile phone app that allows you to post short 10-second clips or photos and send them to your friends or post them as a story. The short clips, if sent directly to a friend or friends, will be deleted immediately after. The other option is posting to your story, which that will stay up for 24 hours, and then being deleted after. There are many people that are worried the stock wont do well, but I just want to give you an overview of the situation that lies ahead. 

 fundamentals technology   spdr sp spdr state street global advisors large blend

As people begin to transition the way they consume information, Comcast is a company in the best position to capitalize on the movement. They are able to adjust to the changing environment by putting their content on mobile devices, streaming services, and continue using the traditional television. Not only that, the Internet is something very few people can function without and providing the quickest Internet will allow them to maintain the market share. Now, let us take a look at their most recent numbers to determine the overall health of the company.

 fundamentals services   comcast communication services pay tv communication

Genuine Parts Company is located in Atlanta, Georgia and they are responsible for producing parts for a large variety of categories. As we all know, things are not built like they used to be, which means people are needing repairs for their various products. This company fulfills that need in certain sectors and this is a great place to be because people will always buy products, of which, some will need repairing at some point in the future. Now, let us take a look at the most numbers and see how the fundamental health of the company is.

 fundamentals manufacturing   genuine parts consumer cyclical specialty retail wholesale

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