BlackRock is a financial company that offers a variety of investing products and financial services. As the financial landscape is changing and people are looking for creative ways to enter the market, the investors need someone to offer the products. Not only is the need for products increasing, people’s retirements are on the shoulders of the individual more and more. With all of these moving parts going on, these types of financial firms are certainly in a position to succeed. Now, let us take a look at the recent numbers and get a feel for the fundamental health of the company.

 fundamentals finance   blackrock financial services asset management trading

A company that has a lower stock price than most, but certainly is on the radar of many, is the company of Chesapeake Energy Corporation. The company deals with oil as well as natural gas, which is becoming a more and more popular alternative for energy consumption. As the population continues to grow, we will always be needing these resources, which means if these types of companies learn to withstand market slow downs and warmer winters and cooler summers, they should be able to be in the game for the long haul. Now, let us take a look at their most recent numbers and see if their fundamental health is well.

 fundamentals industry   chesapeake energy energy oil & gas e&p petroleum

As the American people become more and more busy with careers, children, and day to day activities, we rely on quick and efficient meals to get us through the days. Sysco is responsible for transporting many of these goods to a location that we may purchase them. This type of business is always in need because people have to eat and there needs to be a reliable way to transport these goods. Of course there’s slow downs when the economy slows, but people continue to purchase frozen goods. Now, let us take a look at the company’s recent numbers and see how the fundamental health may look.

 fundamentals services   sysco consumer diversified wholesale and retail consumer defensive food distribution

Duke Energy Corporation is a company that operates primarily through three different areas, regulated utilities, international energy, and a commercial portfolio. Having such a large presence in the energy sector has its benefits and disadvantages, but are certainly a great sector to consider for a portfolio. The largest influence in my opinion would be commodity prices, and that could have a quick and large affect on the company’s numbers. Now, let us take a look at the company’s most recent numbers and get an idea of how their financial health is.

 fundamentals other   duke energy utilities utilities - regulated electric

Tesla is a leading maker of the newest generation of automobiles. As we progress into new energies that power our day to day lives, this company is becoming the poster child of how to make a great vehicle. However, they are running into potential issues of needing capital as well as not being profitable. At some point, these are going to become a larger problem then they are now, even though the stock is being corrected by a large sell off. Let us take a look at the most recent numbers and see if we can gauge where the company stands.

 fundamentals cars   tesla vehicles car truck and bus manufacturers consumer cyclical auto manufacturers

As the television is changing, there have been a few large companies responsible for the content we view, and Twenty-First Century Fox is one of them. With channels such as Fox and Fox Sports 1, we utilize these for shows and live sports viewing. However, as we begin shifting our attention away from the television and into mobile devices, this company has to learn to adapt, otherwise they will be left behind in the shift of technology. Now, let us take a look at the recent numbers to get a general understanding of the company’s health.

 fundamentals services   twenty first consumer entertainment and broadcasting consumer cyclical media - diversified

The television industry is slowly shrinking and losing ground to alternatives, but there is one item that many want to watch real time, and that is sporting events. Time Warner, Inc. owns channels such as TBS and TNT, which will play hose to the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. Until there is a streaming services that offers live sports, these companies will produce content because people want to watch sports in real time. By the time the game is over, news of the results are spread everywhere, which eliminates the need to watch it after the fact.

 fundamentals entertainment   time warner consumer entertainment and broadcasting consumer cyclical

Viacom is a company that owns many different channels on cable that many of us enjoy on a regular basis. Being in the television industry certainly had its advantages, but now is slowly being pressured from new alternatives in television viewing. Of course this way of consuming content is not going to vanish, but it certainly could take a back seat to these new outlets. Before investing in a company similar to this, it is important to see what each has to offer and determine what the best fit for your portfolio would be.

 fundamentals entertainment   viacom consumer entertainment and broadcasting consumer cyclical media - diversified

Mead Johnson Nutrition Company does exactly what their name implies, which is they specialize in nutrition and specifically with baby formula and other children’s nutritional products. These types of companies can certainly add a level to your portfolio that you may have never thought of, but these companies may also be subject to risks such as government regulations. However, people will always be having babies and these types of products will always be in need. Now, let us take a look at their most recent numbers to get a glance at their fundamental health.

 fundamentals food   mead johnson consumer food manufacturers

In the food market, there are many different brands and types of food and snacks that people can choose from. Mondelez International is the company that produces that brands such as Oreo, which is one of America’s most iconic cookies. Being in the snack space certainly has its own competitive nature and unique set of risks, but people have attachments to many of these brands which allows them to have continual sales. Now, let us take a look at their recent numbers to get a quick view of how their health is.

 fundamentals food   mondelez international consumer defensive confectioners food products

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