“I’m not surprised at the investor reaction”, CEO John Flannery stated in relation to the markets reaction to the company’s dividend cut and performance. General Electric produces many different items including appliances and parts used in everyday life. A few short days ago, the company came out with results that were less than stellar, along with the news of cutting the dividend.

 fundamentals manufacturing   general electric industrials diversified industrials electrical equipment

Chipotle Mexican Grill is a fast food restaurant that prides itself on using clean foods, locally grown ingredients and meats. Offering this option on a simple menu and quick service continues to be the backbone of this company. However, recent times have proven to be difficult, as people have claimed the food chain is making them ill or the facilities themselves are unsanitary.

 fundamentals food   chipotle mexican consumer cyclical restaurants restaurants hotels motels

Snap Inc., the name responsible for the social media platform Snapchat is in trouble as their latest numbers were below estimates and this has investors looking the other way. For those unfamiliar, this social platform works by sending images that eventually disappear. You can even post Snapchat stories that stay posted for 24 hours for your friends to see. These features have been mirrored on Instagram and Facebook, which Facebook owns Instagram, but many say that is not the reason for their issues with Snap Inc.

 fundamentals technology   snap internet content & information

Target is a prominent name in the retail space providing everything from food to clothing for their shoppers. Retail has struggled in the wake of online shopping, more specifically ecommerce giant Amazon. With that being said, now is the time to hunt for gems and Target could be one. The reason now is the time is because solid companies that will continue to perform have been devalued as a result of the macro conditions, but now have a chance to rebound back just as strong or stronger than before.

 fundamentals retail   target consumer diversified wholesale and retail consumer defensive discount stores

For current investors of Under Armour, the recent news is not too reassuring. The company has cut full year guidance and that has caused the share price to pull back. Under Armour is an athletic apparel company that is used for both sports and casual wear. Not too old compared, the company is innovative in designs and marketing. However, the market is beginning to signal that the company may be losing their edge and it is costing the company.

 fundamentals retail   under armour consumer cyclical apparel manufacturing

If you take a look at the news you may notice that right now, many of the household names in social media are going to Capital Hill to talk about Russian connections and interference in the election. This should bring to light a larger issue that these social media platforms have many users and are unable to control every aspect of the platform. Certainly they have processes in place, but the length of time it takes for them to catch the issue compared to the speed at which information is shared differs greatly.

 fundamentals technology   macroaxis

For the Halloween season, Starbucks has introduced a zombie drink that contains greens and purples to mimic the look of a zombie. Similar to the unicorn drink earlier this year, it is aimed to bring more people into the stores. However, there is an issue with slowing demand in the American marketplace. Starbucks is global and services many, but a large portion of their portfolio is Americas. With slowing demand and a growing company, this could spell trouble for the company down the road.

 fundamentals food   starbucks consumer restaurants consumer cyclical

General Motors is a leading name in the auto industry and today was downgraded by Goldman Sachs from a neutral to a sell. This is due to cylical pressures and potential issues with North American product changeover, as cited by Goldman. Purchasing vehicles is a very cyclical item because people are only making big ticket purchases if they are financial stable and they have job security.

 fundamentals cars   gm consumer cyclical auto manufacturers automobiles and trucks

There are several different sectors out there and each of them bring their own unique differences to the table. One of the more popular sectors is the healthcare sector. This includes pharmaceuticals, hospitals, and other similar companies. People always says death and taxes are certain, so there will always be a need for healthcare. However, the way these companies operate and how people invest in them can vary and often times be difficult. The intricate workings of big pharma and beyond can take long hours of research to understand.

 fundamentals services   health care spdr state street global advisors health

The moment many iPhone enthusiasts have been waiting for, and that is the preorder of the iPhone X, which is going to be a complete change from what we’ve known the iPhone to be. This is going to be the phone that people may line up days before to get their chance at being one of the first to own the device. The reason for such importance on the newest iPhone is that Apple gains a large portion of their revenue from phone sales.

 fundamentals technology   apple consumer electronics computers

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