Constellation Brands is a company that provides many brands of alcohol that many of us know. From Corona and Modelo, the consumption of alcoholic beverages will always be here to stay. A positive aspect of this company is that even when there is a market down turn, people still purchase alcohol as a coping method. Even though they still may be impacted by any recession or market slow down, they are less likely to be impacted as negatively as some companies.

 fundamentals food   constellation brands consumer beverage manufacturers consumer defensive beverages - wineries & distilleries

Smoking in America is becoming increasingly frowned upon, which is making it difficult for tobacco companies to thrive. Reynolds American is associated with brands such as Pall Mall. Even the cigar industry is trying to be regulated, which means hundreds of jobs and companies are in a position to be affected adversely. Although these negative factors are pressing on the industry, there are people that are addicted to smoking and this company is primed to take advantage of these addictions. Sure it is not the most ethical industries since it is damaging people’s health, but this is a business and they are there to make money.

 fundamentals retail   reynolds american consumer tobacco

This company is responsible for many of the diaper brands we see on store shelves, as well as feminine health products. What is positive about this industry is that people need these items on a daily basis and if the company can execute on brand image and a reputable product, people will keep coming back for more. Not only that, but that means this company’s stock could be more forgiving during a recession. Now, let us take a look at their most recent numbers to determine their financial health in the short term.

 fundamentals retail   kimberly clark consumer defensive household & personal products business supplies

As the tax season falls upon us and people file their returns hoping for a large return, H&R Block is a company that most recognize as they succeed in marketing their brand. The company specializes in ta preparation from individuals and small businesses. For people who want a painless process, this company serves that group. However, there are fees associated with this process and many people are not ready to pay. As long as there is a government, there will be people that need taxes done.

 fundamentals services   hr block consumer cyclical personal services

Public Storage is company that deals in the market of public storage, just as the name would suggest. How it works is people are charged a monthly fee in exchange for keeping their items in a secured facility that is sometimes temperature controlled. This is a great market to be in because as the population grows and people continue to accumulate more items, they are going to need a place to store them. Also, the cost to run one of these types of operations has to be lower than the average business. Enough about the background information let us take a look at their most recent numbers.

 fundamentals services   public storage real estate office commercial and industrial real estate reit - industrial

American Airlines is one of the better known names in airline travel and they continue to be a large player in this market. The airline industry is certainly a large part in the overall economy as hundreds of thousands of people fly across the country and around the world. Sure, technology has cut that down as there is Skype and other products that allow for video conferencing, but some meetings and agendas are better suited for face to face interactions. Enough about the general stuff, let us take a look at their recent quarterly numbers and see if they have potential.

 fundamentals industry   american airlines industrials airlines shipping containers

Exelon provides energy and other services to people across the country, which is always needed, but that means the company is subject to factors outside their control. I believe utilities are a solid choice for portfolios, but there reliance on so many outside factors is certainly a concern for some investors. There are several different options in this market place, but they all will affected in a similar manner. Take the time to read everything, and with that, let us jump right into the latest quarterly numbers and decide how the company is performing.

 fundamentals industry   exelon utilities utilities - diversified

Hormel Foods is responsible for many of our prepackaged meats and other consumable products. Brand that you will be familiar with are Jennie-O Turkey and Spam, which are all household names in their respective categories. Being in the industry is not all bad because foods such as Spam are what I would consider recession proof, and may even pick up sales when the market begins to retract. However, this is a highly competitive arena and there are many different players. Let us take a look at their most recent quarterly numbers to gain a better understanding of where the company currently stands.

 fundamentals food   hormel foods consumer defensive packaged foods food products

An essential part to any car are the wheels are what carry us to and from our destinations. Certainly one of the most trusted parts of the car, Goodyear has been a mainstay in this market for quite some time. However, in a not so distant past, Firestone had their issues with tires that certainly destroyed brand image. There is no room for error in product quality, and Goodyear has been a company to stand by their products time and time again. Let us take a look at a recent 8-K filing and we can how the company has done recently on a fundamental level.

 fundamentals cars   goodyear tire consumer cyclical rubber & plastics automobiles and trucks

You may not know the company by their corporation, but you certainly recognize some of their brands, Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger. Certainly those names have pull in the clothing market, but as people are always changing their fashion sense, it is crucial for these companies to stay on top of everything. Also, being the names they are, we connect those brands with quality, which in my personal experience is very accurate. However, as the retail climate begins shifting, it is important for them to understand what the consumer wants in order to succeed.

 fundamentals retail   pvh corp consumer clothing and shoe manufacturers consumer cyclical apparel manufacturing

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