As people travel and want to go places, they are always in need of hotels and travel accommodations. TripAdvisor services help the person find everything they need with one easy website. If you take a step back, certainly the services they offer are great, but they really are helping people save time. Saving time is crucial because people don’t want to sit around finding everything when someone can do it for them. Check out the website and take a look for yourself. Now, let us jump over to a recent 8-K filing and look at their most recent quarterly numbers.

 fundamentals services   tripadvisor consumer hotels travel and leisure consumer cyclical leisure

The recent year has proved to be a solid one for investors, and provides optimism for potential investors. 3M is in many different areas of the market place, but many people know them for simple items such as adhesives for wall mounts and other simple household items. This company has a healthy stock price and has been around for quite some time. Certainly there are others that are within the same industry, but 3M is almost a household name to some. Let us take a look at their most recent 8-K filing for detailed numbers on fourth quarter and full year highlights for 2016.

 fundamentals other   3m industrials diversified industrials medical equipment

Aflac is the insurance company that we all know by the duck that quacks saying “Aflac”. One of the most well known brands in the game, they certainly are up there with the highest of brand recognition. However, they are exposed to the same risks that other players in the insurance industry. Aflac is a company that certainly has to live up to expectations and seems to be doing so, but let us take a look at their most recent numbers and let the fundamentals do the talking.

 fundamentals services   aflac incorporated financial services insurance - life insurance

Church and Dwight Co. is the company that brings us the Arm & Hammer branded products. We use these for our clothes and other cleaning situations, as well as personal hygiene. According to the President and CEO Matthew T. Farrell, he is pleased with organic sales and earnings growth. Certainly there is more to company than just a brand, but when the brand is well known and has been around, it is crucial that the brand image stays healthy, otherwise people may begin switching to the competition.

 fundamentals retail   church dwight consumer defensive household & personal products consumer goods

Conagra Brands sells food products with familiar brands such as Slim Jim. Being in this category and in this market sector is great for investors because they sell products that most need on a regular basis. I would not go as far as saying the company is recession proof, but they certainly will fair better than other companies and could be a great addition to your portfolio. Also, it is important to compare this company against others as many are in the same market place. 

 fundamentals food   conagra brands consumer defensive packaged foods food products

Motorcycles have been a staple in America for years and popularity grows as new models and faster bikes are created. Harley Davidson has been able to dominate their market with brand image and product quality. People tend to have a certain mindset towards a Harley Davidson motorcycles and it allows them to stand out among their competition. There are even clubs and communities that are created around the brand, allowing people to show off their custom and limited edition creations. A brand that has this following has done something right for a long time. Now, let us take a look at their fundamentals and see if the numbers are matching the brand image. 

 fundamentals cars   harley davidson consumer cyclical recreational vehicles consumer goods

Humana is a company that is in the healthcare insurance industry. Insurance covers many different market sectors and products, but what makes the healthcare sector more volatile is that the new Trump administration is going to repeal Obamacare, changing the landscape of insurance coverage once again. Sure the company has to contend with the obvious competition and regulation, but having to contend with the government is just another aspect you have to keep in mind before investing. Now, let us take a look at their most recent quarterly number to see if they are on the right track.

 fundamentals services   humana healthcare health care plans insurance

Being in one of the most regulated sectors, Merck is one of the names in big pharma and distributes many different types of medications and drugs. This industry is a go big or go home industry as that research and development costs large sums of money to complete, and if they drug does not get FDA approval, all of that work was for not. Also, it is important to keep an eye on the medical marijuana market as this is a direct threat to companies that produce medications.

 fundamentals drugs   merck healthcare drug manufacturers - major pharmaceutical products

The Priceline Group is most known for their website that allows people to find the cheapest deals for travel, but they also have other companies that are under their umbrella. With technology, there is a niche for a company such as this to filter through all the junk and find the cheapest alternatives for the consumer. If you step back and take a look, the company isn’t selling tickets, but rather selling time, because it is a faster avenue then shopping for yourself. We’re going to hop into the 8-K report and see how their most recent quarter went.

 fundamentals services   booking holdings consumer hotels travel and leisure

Progressive is known for their commercial star that can save you money on bundling your insurance. Everyone needs insurance and Progressive is in the market to fulfill the demand of the service. There certainly many different insurance companies that trade publicly, so as we go through their most recent numbers, it is a wise idea to compare them with others in the industry because the value may lay elsewhere. Some main competitors are State Farm, Farmers Insurance, and even your regionally established names. Now, let us jump into one of their latest 8-K filings and see if their recent numbers prove reliable.

 fundamentals services   progressive financial services insurance - property & casualty insurance

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