UPS is a company that is most known for the shipping and handling services. However, they also help small businesses with having mailboxes available for rent, shipping and packing supplies, and even printing abilities. As the holiday season has come and gone, that is the busiest time for companies similar to UPS, and it is where a company can rise and shine. FedEx is the biggest competitor, and with the growth of Ecommerce, market space is becoming more and more valuable. Let us jump into the latest 8-K report and see how the most recent quarter faired.

 fundamentals services   united parcel transport transport logistics and distribution industrials integrated shipping & logistics

Fifth/Third Banking Corporation is a larger, regional bank out of the Chicago area stretching through to Ohio and Pennsylvania.  It is a traditional bank offering businesses and customers financial services and banking needs.  And, like all of the other financial companies in the world, their stocks were sold sharply during the financial crisis.  These companies have yet to see their stock prices return to pre-recession earnings-per-share averages.  


 fundamentals finance   fifth third financial services banks - regional - us banking

Every Monday, you wake up and have to take the trash to the curb. After that, Waste Management may be the company that rolls by and picks up your trash. People will never stop making trash, and Waste Management is in a prime position to excel. Not only is there trash, but there is recycling, portable restrooms, and the large commercial garbage bins that need tending too. As the world becomes more populated, there will only be a greater need for these services. Let us take a look at their most recent quarterly earnings and formulate an opinion on their fundamental healthy.

 fundamentals services   waste management industrial waste and water management industrials

Walgreens is a national company that many of us have had some exposure to, but right now they are in danger of not getting approval to purchase Rite Aid. The reason for the potential unwinding is that the FTC does not think that selling off 865 stores is enough to keep the market competitive. Shares of Rite-Aid have since falling sharply the last few days on fear of the deal falling through. Walgreens has been in a holding pattern and will only have to wait a few more days. The deadline has already been extended to this coming Friday, which indicates this is the final deadline.

 fundamentals retail   walgreens boots consumer diversified wholesale and retail consumer defensive pharmaceutical retailers

The Procter and Gamble Company is responsible for many well known products such as Tide, Gillette, Bounty, and Dawn. When you step back and think about it, this is a well rounded company because even in a recession, people need to clean dishes, maintain personal hygiene, and clean clothes. Even though this is a recession resistant company, it is important to watch out for faults within the fundamentals or price of the stock. This can be achieved through detailed research and comparisons to other companies.

 fundamentals retail   procter gamble consumer defensive household & personal products consumer goods

Simon Property Group is a global leader in retail real estate and is known for owning upscale retail mall spaces as one of their many investments. As the era of malls is arguably coming to a close, Simon has been able to withstand the pressures and continue to succeed. My exposure to their retail spaces personally is they own an outlet mall near me and I must say it is very nice and they just expanded. However, this is still a risk area to be in a brick and mortar shops are becoming more and more pressured.

 fundamentals retail   simon property real estate retail and malls real estate reit - retail

Since the great recession of 2008, hotels have bee more than happen to see the stronger economy. People were not traveling and certainly not staying in pricey hotels. Marriott is well known for their hotels, and they certainly felt the slow down and financial crisis of 2008. The hotel industry is great when the economy is going, but can certainly be adversely affected when to economy slows. Having an equity in this sector is certainly good for your portfolio, but let us take a look at their most recent numbers to verify if things are still on the right track.

 fundamentals services   marriott international consumer cyclical lodging restaurants hotels motels

According to Yahoo, Intuit is a company that provides business and financial management solutions for small businesses, consumers, and account professionals. This is a great niche to be in and if you look carefully, you have probably has some sort of exposure to the company’s products. Catering to the needs of the smaller businesses is key because the large company products may not fit their needs, or be able to scale down to their needs. Money management is always needed and this is a solid market place to be in. 

 fundamentals services   intuit technology software - application business services

There is an old adage that you should invest in what you know.  You probably know this company better than you think, but have never considered it an investment opportunity.  Neither have I.  

Build-A-Bear is a specialty retailer where you build a stuffed bear.  Whenever I have done any kind of stock screening this one always pops up.  But, I have had a tough time bringing myself to looking at the numbers.  Finally, this morning, I did.  And, start building a bear.  Chances are if you live in a major city and have children, you know this company.  But, like me, you may not have considered the company as an opportunity to create wealth.  Neither did I.

 fundamentals services   build a consumer cyclical specialty retail retail

Estee Lauder is a big name in the skin care, makeup, and fragrance industry and has been for quite some time. With the boom of YouTube stars that video blog about make and what works best, this could be a decent time to have the company’s products put out there. The company does operate in the retail space, and with that comes the ups and downs of traditional retail. However, if the company is fundamentally healthy, it should be able to handle the swings of the overall economy. Let us take a look at their most recent financial numbers to gauge where they are currently sitting.

 fundamentals retail   este lauder consumer defensive household & personal products consumer goods

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