The JM Smucker Company is most known for their Smucker jelly that is widely used and in many households. They also provide other food items along side the well known products. Being in this sector of the market shields them from direct impact of a market downturn. However, the company has to ensure that the quality of food and products are above standards because if they slip, people will switch to a competitor. Also, they can retain their current customers with brand loyalty and appeal to new ones with their diverse product line.

 fundamentals food   j m consumer food manufacturers consumer defensive packaged foods

Chevron is a company that operates in the oil industry by exploring and extracting oil to be used as fuel and other purposes. Being in this industry certainly has it’s ups and downs as they are at the mercy of the price of the underlying commodity. However, with the recent news of OPEC slowing production into a highly saturated market, this certainly will help the fundamental numbers of the company. Also, be sure to look a gross profit when looking at these companies.

 fundamentals other   chevron energy oil & gas integrated petroleum

Motorola was once known for their popular phone, the Razor. Coming in different colors and being the thinnest flip phone, they were changing the way we all used cell phones. Once Blackberry and Apple jumped into the market, the company struggled to keep up in demand and changing taste, thus were forced to change their game plan as phones were no longer their strong suite. If we jump into their latest 8-K numbers, we can see how the company’s been doing and if their worth your time and research for a potential investment. 

 fundamentals technology   motorola solutions communication equipment electronic equipment

Stanley Black & Decker provide tools and power equipment to the weekend warrior or the professional. You can spot them with their yellow and black design in any hardware store. Recently, the company purchased Craftsman, which Sears unloaded in hopes that the company can survive long enough to let their business plan work. Even though Sears may not survive, this is a solid purchase by the company as this is a brand many recognize and trust as a solid product. With that in mind, let us take a look at their latest numbers and see how they recently have been doing.

 fundamentals construction   stanley black industrial industrial equipment and light machinery industrials tools & accessories

I have been bullish on the housing industry for some time now.  There are a few reasons.  First, the economy, in general, is expanding firmly, and doing so more than anticipated.  Job growth has been very steady over the past several years.  Not only have jobs been printing decent numbers, but the unemployment rate is well below what most economists consider full employment at 5%; U.S. unemployment is at 4.6%.  Having the economy well past full employment means that employees are able to demand higher wages.  Those higher wages turn into higher spending.  

Then there is the interest rate environment; The Federal Reserve has started to systematically raise interest rates.  As interest rates move higher this will prompt many to buy a home before these ultra-low interest rates make it too encumbering for some to afford a home.  Home buyers are going to be busy in that kind of environment.  


 fundamentals manufacturing   meritage homes consumer cyclical residential construction construction

General Mills is primarily in the cereal and baking section of our grocery stores and they provide us with the delicious treats we all know and love. Being in this market place is a decent position to be in because it allows them to withstand a recession or market pullback a little better. People will still buy cereal and cake items as they are relatively cheap and they do not damage a persons budget. Enough about the company, let’s take a look at their recent numbers and see how they are performing.

 fundamentals food   general mills consumer defensive packaged foods food products

Invesco is your standard investment banking firm that invests peoples money in hopes to have it grow at an acceptable level. If you take at reports, you can get a feel for what they are heavily invested in and how they invest. It’s important to compare these types of companies because they all do similar investing but one may have better returns than another. As for investing in the company itself, check the chart and see how stock price has been performing as well as the fundamental numbers.

 fundamentals finance   invesco ltd financial services asset management trading

Coors is one of the most popular beers in the United States, and can be easily identified by either the silver bottles or the short glass bottles. Up until just recently, many people did not care about what beer they drink, but then came the craft brewer who made beer for a slightly higher price with exponentially better taste. This has certainly cut into the margins of large corporations and they have to adjust accordingly. Of course the craft brewery scene will cool down eventually, but right now this large company has to adjust.

 fundamentals food   molson coors consumer beverage manufacturers consumer defensive beverages - brewers

Texas Instruments Inc. is known by many for their TI line of calculators, which range from simple to graphing. Not only is the company known for calculators, they design and manufacture semiconductors to electronic designers. Being in the tech space is certainly the place to be as the world continues to evolve and grow in this direction. The only issue is that being in the tech industry, products have to be perfect or you’ll lose people to competitors very quickly. Enough talk about the company, let us see what the latest quarterly numbers were and if it can give us a sense of direction.

 fundamentals technology   texas instruments electrical, electronic electronic components semiconductors

I have been bullish on certain industries over the past few weeks.  More and more the economic data is showing that the economy in the United States is firm and improving strongly.  Personal incomes in the United States are increasing and that drives spending.  Because of that factor, I like looking for buying opportunities that could be considered a second-tier.  Automobiles would be a first tier consumable item.  But, the parts makers would be thought of as a second-tier.  I am bullish on the auto industry.  I am also very bullish on the secondary companies, companies that provide parts to the auto industry.  Tenneco is one of these companies.

 fundamentals manufacturing   tenneco vehicles auto parts and components consumer cyclical auto parts

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